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Cogent Stumbles Yet Again
Raynman | 8/8/2008

Company loses 25% of its value in one day

New Vonage CEO Next Week?
Raynman | 7/25/2008

The 15-month search could be over

It's a Dry Heat
Raynman | 6/20/2008

Please stop saying that

RIP Tim Russert
Raynman | 6/13/2008

Sunday mornings will never be the same

Google Lunch
Raynman | 6/10/2008

How to get fat

FiOS Evolves Again
Raynman | 5/29/2008

But not enough

I'm Sorry
Raynman | 5/22/2008

James Crowe is sorry for the 100% stock gain

The Best Telecom Analysts
Raynman | 5/20/2008

Who made the best calls in 2007?

Light Reading Does Radio
Raynman | 5/14/2008

Monkeying around on NY's No. 1 music station

Does Piracy Aid Content Owners?
Raynman | 5/13/2008

One Internet video exec suggests it might

Wiretapping Update
Raynman | 5/12/2008

Are Democrats about to give in?

Telepresence in Iraq
Raynman | 5/8/2008

Troops reconnect with loved ones

Cable Leaps Past Telcos?
Raynman | 5/7/2008

Sprint/Clearwire venture changes competitive landscape

Defining Telepresence
Raynman | 5/2/2008

A rough definition

Wireless Growth Slowing?
Raynman | 4/30/2008

1.2 million fewer adds in Q1 2008

Raynman | 4/29/2008

More earnings season lingo fun

Heading for a Fall?
Raynman | 4/29/2008

Are T and VZ doomed?

Level 3's Upswing
Raynman | 4/23/2008

Should we have seen it coming?

Juniper Disses Cisco Telepresence
Raynman | 4/22/2008

Umm, duh!

FiOS Myth Disspelled
Raynman | 4/21/2008

Another 'copper cutting' type rumor

Yahoo Gains on Google
Raynman | 4/16/2008

Will Microsoft care?

Name That Stadium
Raynman | 4/15/2008

A required investment for telcos

Why Is VZ Paranoid?
Raynman | 4/11/2008

If you can beat them, still sue them

Nice Lobby
Raynman | 4/10/2008

Verizon paid for it

Landline Life Support
Raynman | 4/8/2008

Embarq refuses to pull the plug

More PONdering
Raynman | 4/3/2008

Tier 2/3 market is getting crowded

Microsoft Stands Firm
Raynman | 4/1/2008

Will not budge on Yahoo offer

RCN Calls Out Verizon
Raynman | 3/28/2008

Says it's playing smokescreen games

Wiretapping on Tap Next Week?
Raynman | 3/27/2008

The Senate will soon return to weigh in

A Qwest/VZ Marriage?
Raynman | 3/25/2008

Another recession inducing idea

Where Is FiOS TV?
Raynman | 3/24/2008

NYC still waits

Guilty Telcos?
Raynman | 3/14/2008

So says the House of Representatives

Telco Home Security
Raynman | 3/10/2008

Qwest's new idea isn't new

Proxy Time, Part II
Raynman | 3/5/2008

The MSFT/YHOO war is back on

I Admire You
Raynman | 3/4/2008

Yes, you AT&T

Opposite Day
Raynman | 2/21/2008

A different price war than we expected

Have You Heard About the Fiber?
Raynman | 2/15/2008

Time Warner did 10 years ago!

A Giant Parade
Raynman | 2/6/2008

Drunk people outside my window

More 'Legal Issues' at Vonage
Raynman | 2/6/2008

Chief Legal Officer departs

Tandberg Telepresence
Raynman | 1/31/2008

The latest installment of our telepresence tour

You're Fired
Raynman | 1/28/2008

Verizon quietly lays off thousands

AT&T's Speed 'Increase'
Raynman | 1/23/2008

When will a real increase happen?

Canada Loves Microsoft
Raynman | 1/17/2008

MSFT scores an IPTV win

Stock Market Ironies
Raynman | 1/11/2008

Tellabs a big winner out of a lot of losers

Let's Go to Prison
Raynman | 1/10/2008

For affordable phone calls

Whoa Mama Bell!
Raynman | 1/8/2008

AT&T CEO sends stock into tailspin

Is Telepresence Worth the Money?
Raynman | 1/8/2008

Many say 'yes'

A Cable Victory
Raynman | 12/27/2007

The mighty NFL blinks

Oldest. Telepresence. Ever
Raynman | 12/19/2007

A look at the original

My Lame Vacation
Raynman | 12/14/2007

I'm glad to be back

Cisco's Telepresence
Raynman | 12/6/2007

How does it stack against Nortel?

Attention Drug Dealers
Raynman | 12/3/2007

Where have all the payphones gone?

Ready for Some Football?
Raynman | 11/29/2007

Only a third of you really are

AlcaLu Is Down!
Raynman | 11/28/2007

No, not the stock!

Broadband Ups & Downs
Raynman | 11/28/2007

Coming soon: more ups

Nortel Trumps Cisco?
Raynman | 11/21/2007

Claims telepresence victory

Football and FiOS
Raynman | 11/16/2007

I asked and VZ delivered

Is 100 Mbit/s Possible?
Raynman | 11/15/2007

Sure, but is it a good idea?

Interactive TV Wish List
Raynman | 11/7/2007

5 interactive services I'd want from FiOS or U-verse

Lagging RBOCs
Raynman | 11/6/2007

Bad day for telco stocks

TelcoTV Tidbits
Raynman | 11/5/2007

With visual aids

Class Trip to the VZW Store
Raynman | 10/31/2007

It was a trick, not a treat

CACS: Be Patient
Raynman | 10/30/2007

M&A could take 60 to 90 days

Redneck Tradeshow
Raynman | 10/25/2007

Mullets, Bud Lite, HS Football, and TelcoTV

AT&T's 3 Screens Update
Raynman | 10/24/2007

Are they getting any closer to the Holy Grail?

Fun With FTTH Data
Raynman | 10/23/2007

Numbers don't lie

Fiber to the Hairpiece
Raynman | 10/17/2007

FiOS comes to Trump

Ethernet Expo Jokes
Raynman | 10/15/2007

Hilarity ensues... sorta

Qwest Downgraded
Raynman | 10/11/2007

But is IPTV coming?

Ethernet Expo Keynote Preview
Raynman | 10/9/2007

A day-by-day glance

Strange M&A
Raynman | 10/5/2007

Verizon's 'Trendy' Play
Raynman | 10/3/2007

Cellphones and MLB Playoffs

Can I Use It Now?
Raynman | 10/1/2007

Screwing with Verizon

Smiley Face Turns 25
Raynman | 9/24/2007


BCE Holders Cry Foul
Raynman | 9/21/2007

Canadians hate making money

Embarq's Copper TV
Raynman | 9/20/2007

No Fiber in Embarq's Diet?

Calix Strikes Back
Raynman | 9/19/2007

Was Pannaway deluded?

Classy New York Post
Raynman | 9/18/2007

For 25 cents, why not?

Market Bubbleology Revisted
Raynman | 9/17/2007

Different industries. Same old crap

FiOS Tracker
Raynman | 9/12/2007

State Franchises Matter

C'vision Boss Buys FiOS?
Raynman | 9/10/2007

Some grainy evidence

Net Neutrality & the NFL
Raynman | 9/7/2007

Taking sides on both issues

Verizon Attacks Old Folks
Raynman | 9/6/2007

True story

Photo Phun
Raynman | 8/31/2007

A night out in The Bronx

CACS on the Move Again
Raynman | 8/27/2007

Is it for real this time?

Sir Charge!
Raynman | 8/23/2007

The hilarity of cable vs telco

Demand Density
Raynman | 8/22/2007

The demographics of FTTx demand

Raynman | 8/15/2007

West Virginia gets broadband

Market Meltdown
Raynman | 8/9/2007

A few winners amongst a lot of losers

Rush Hour Nightmare
Raynman | 8/8/2007

Subway + Rain = Commuter Pain

Is Verizon Buying YES?
Raynman | 8/2/2007

The Verizon FiOS Yankees!

Do You IM at Work?
Raynman | 7/31/2007

IM is invading the workplace. Has it invaded yours?

Defining U-verse in CT
Raynman | 7/27/2007

Does U-verse = Cable?

A Void at Vonage
Raynman | 7/25/2007

Where's Brooke Schulz?

Raynman IPO
Raynman | 7/20/2007

The Initial Public Offering of yet another LR blog

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