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The Long Goodbye Finally Ends
Rewired | 12/13/2018

Two years after first announcing my retirement plans, I'm really doing it. No, really.

Can Telecom Business Services Bounce Back?
Rewired | 11/16/2018

There was surprising optimism in the sector at the MEF18 event, but will it be reflected in revenues going forward?

Is Virtualization a DIY Deal for Telcos?
Rewired | 10/22/2018

Many larger network operators are bringing software development in-house, developing their own orchestrators and other tools, and using more open source to get the results they want, without vendor dependence.

Key Takeaways From NFV & Carrier SDN
Rewired | 9/28/2018

Here's a quick snapshot of my impressions from this week's NFV-Carrier SDN: Automation and Monetization event in Denver.

Net Neutrality Controversies Yield No Clarity
Rewired | 8/8/2018

The FCC lies about getting hacked and net neutrality proponents cheer when Alex Jones is censored, but so what?

Get Off My Wireline Lawn!
Rewired | 7/17/2018

Consumers are now shifting away from wireline for broadband, as well as for phone, as more people either prefer wireless access or don't really care.

Google Leads New SDN Charge
Rewired | 3/13/2018

Web giant contributes seed code to new open source group within ONF that is redefining SDN and promising faster innovation and upgrades.

Is Paid Prioritization the New Privacy?
Rewired | 2/28/2018

Internet users have grown used to being tracked online, but will they ever accept the fact that some applications need special treatment by ISPs?

Can Congress Crack Net Neutrality? No Way!
Rewired | 1/24/2018

New ads call for Internet Bill of Rights that applies to ISPs and content giants, but what are the chances Congress can get this done?

Rural Broadband: Help or Hoax?
Rewired | 1/9/2018

Better Internet access for rural areas is getting a lot of attention from the Trump administration but the plan of action seems less than solid.

Analyst Nolle: Open Source More Likely to Solve Telecom's Problems
Rewired | 1/3/2018

Assuming they can get the software architecture right, open source projects represent a faster way to consensus on big issues, he says.

The Legacy of Legacy
Rewired | 12/27/2017

Legacy business services aren't that easily shed when customers resist change but service providers need to find a more aggressive path forward.

The Wit & Wisdom of David Hughes
Rewired | 11/8/2017

PCCW exec David Hughes eviscerates the telecom 'poor me' mindset but with a light touch, Carol Wilson writes.

BT: Aiming for a Virtualization App Store
Rewired | 10/9/2017

New services are taking hold, as businesses overcome their trepidation over virtualization and the technology matures, says Jim Sabey.

Practical Advice of the Transforming Kind
Rewired | 10/9/2017

CenturyLink's Bill Walker is an IT guy, tasked with helping transform a legacy telco. He shared some very practical ideas about how to do that – notes from the trenches, as it were – in this video interview.

What Comes After SD-WANs?
Rewired | 9/18/2017

Software-defined WANs were the hot topic a year ago at Light Reading's NFV-SDN event, and a lot has happened since. What grabs the spotlight this year?

Tata Spins a Tale of 2 SD-WANs
Rewired | 9/18/2017

Its IZO SD-WAN Prime aims to help companies automatically address congestion issues on Internet links to remote sites.

Consumer-Centric Services? It's About Time
Rewired | 7/5/2017

A quick trip in the Wilson way-back machine shows telecom operators have been at this a long time, maybe too long?

Calix: Russo's Not-So-Overnight Success?
Rewired | 6/28/2017

Russo, the man who cashed in pretty quickly on his first major success, Cerent, is leading a much longer-term effort to bring software-defined networking to the access realm at Calix.

Survey Says: SD-WAN No Panacea
Rewired | 5/31/2017

SD-WAN market set to surge but it's not replacing MPLS anytime soon, and there will be security and operational challenges ahead, according to a 451 Research survey.

Verizon CEO Comments Feed Merger Frenzy
Rewired | 4/18/2017

Lowell McAdam says cable merger no longer seems likely but is still open to other ideas – like a Comcast merger.

5 More Key Takeaways From ONS
Rewired | 4/11/2017

Harmonization, minding the product gap, getting 5G right, mimicking Red Hat and praising the Linux Foundation's expanded role all make the list.

Indigo: A New Shade of AT&T
Rewired | 4/10/2017

Open Networking Summit presentation makes clear that AT&T's journey to differentiated services is one most operators will need to take.

Welcome to the Wild West of Privacy
Rewired | 3/24/2017

The Senate's vote to cut privacy rules for ISPs just means there's no longer confusion on Internet privacy protection because there isn't any.

Trump & Consequences
Rewired | 3/6/2017

Under Ajit Pai, the FCC is doing what major telecom players have wanted by rolling back regulations. Now we'll see if this fuels innovation and consumer benefits.

Virtual Uncertainty Over Business Processes
Rewired | 1/17/2017

Sometimes it's not technology issues slowing virtualization, it's the buying and selling process, vendors say, and they'd like an industry solution.

The More Things Change...
Rewired | 1/3/2017

The telecom industry is in a period of rapid change, but then that's been true now for decades. The pace may change but the problems and even some of the solutions seem to repeat themselves.

Consumer Privacy Still an Elusive Goal
Rewired | 10/3/2016

AT&T pulls back from offering Gigapower customers a chance to protect their privacy for a price, even as FCC considers making it mandatory.

Open Source Getting on My Nerves
Rewired | 9/26/2016

Don't worry, they say, the code will work it out. There's apparently nothing open source can't tackle.

Step Away From the Firewall
Rewired | 9/22/2016

Level 3 finds enterprise security managers who believe firewalls can save them are getting some nasty surprises.

Can Carriers Open Source New Biz Processes?
Rewired | 9/16/2016

At one moment in Denver this week, the three largest US operators were very agreeable to the idea of open sourcing APIs to make business easier.

Amoroso Not the Retiring Sort
Rewired | 9/8/2016

AT&T's former security guru is taking his expertise to a much broader audience – and this time he's giving it away.

Will ISPs Step Up to the IoT Challenge?
Rewired | 9/2/2016

Security is a looming issue as IoT devices prove to be easily invaded, but is the broadband industry prepared to act?

Google Fiber Can't Be Called a Failure
Rewired | 8/26/2016

Internet giant's initiative rewrote the local broadband story for many cities in the US.

Is Wheeler's FCC Legacy Now in Doubt?
Rewired | 8/10/2016

FCC Chairman has been among the most aggressive ever in pushing his competition agenda, but is he running out of time to finish the job?

Showdown at the OpenStack Corral
Rewired | 5/3/2016

AT&T and Verizon are vying for the status of biggest OpenStack champion, a stunning reversal for the open source software and a sign of things to come.

New Privacy Rules Are a Waste of Time
Rewired | 3/31/2016

FCC proposes forcing broadband ISPs to get explicit consent from customers before using browsing data, ignoring the real online privacy threats.

As the Code Flows...
Rewired | 3/21/2016

Forget the 'Thrilla in Manila'; the competitive battle among open MANO groups will more likely be fought with Manila folders than fisticuffs.

'Cookies' Could Be a Sweet Thing
Rewired | 3/8/2016

Done well, targeted video ads based on Internet browsing history wouldn't be such a bad thing, but there are trust and transparency issues to address.

Telecom Needs New Net Neutrality Story
Rewired | 2/25/2016

Virtualization is critical to telecom's future but it could open up a new can of net neutrality worms – the time to talk about that is now.

Can Metaswitch Make Video Zoom?
Rewired | 2/16/2016

The rise of business videoconferencing has been a long time coming, but can integration with UC and low-cost, fully featured systems finally take hold?

FCC Still Bemoans Rural Broadband Gap
Rewired | 1/29/2016

Latest broadband deployment report shows more than half of rural Americans can't get the 25 Megs of broadband the feds say they need, even as rural telcos says FCC support is confusing and inconsistent.

SAP Deal Highlights Hybrid Cloud Competition
Rewired | 1/20/2016

Enterprise software company chooses CenturyLink as one of its IaaS partners for key cloud enablement of its core product.

Why Cities Matter Most
Rewired | 1/11/2016

Shifting populations, nimbler political structures and a focus on getting things done makes the globe's cities the place to focus.

My Most Memorable Moments of 2015
Rewired | 12/29/2015

Here's a look back at the highlights from the live events Light Reading held last year, including best keynote and best event.

What Are Telecom's Best Investment Bets?
Rewired | 11/25/2015

Not the publicly traded incumbents, say two of the industry's veteran financial analysts.

How ThingSpace Will Make Money for Verizon
Rewired | 10/29/2015

To spur IoT apps and services, Verizon is offering ThingSpace and its accompanying APIs for free to developers, but there is a clear revenue strategy.

Can Incompas Reach Its Lofty Goals?
Rewired | 10/22/2015

Group built on competitive carrier roots is trying to broaden its reach to represent a wider swatch of the competitive Internet.

Following the Bouncing Capex Ball
Rewired | 9/29/2015

AT&T has invested more in the US than any other firm in the past four years, but is its capex shrinking? Yes, no, maybe, for many reasons.

A Jaded Journalist Views IPv4 News
Rewired | 9/24/2015

So North America is out of IPv4 addresses - that's incredibly anti-climactic. Unless it isn't, in which case you're in trouble.

NFV Everywhere? Actually, No
Rewired | 9/22/2015

As Masergy discovered, even working aggressively to make the business case for NFV in virtual CPE doesn't mean it's the answer everywhere.

NFV Experts Invade Dallas
Rewired | 9/9/2015

AT&T, Verizon, NTT, Telefonica, CableLabs, Cox and Masergy are all bringing a real-world view of their NFV deployments to date to Dallas next week.

Easing the Tech Pains for the Homeless
Rewired | 7/28/2015

When even social service benefits require online access, 365 Data Centers is helping one Bay Area agency keep its clients connected.

What's a Gigabit Good For?
Rewired | 7/1/2015

Eight weeks in to getting gigabit Internet service over fiber-to-the-home, I still can't answer that question.

Is 'Good Enough' Ever Enough for Telecom?
Rewired | 5/21/2015

Some folks say they'll never forgo six-nines reliability and 50 millisecond restoration standards, but there are definite signs Web 2.0 approaches are taking hold.

Geeking Out Over Gigabit
Rewired | 5/8/2015

After almost three decades of writing about fiber-to-the-home, I'm finally getting it and I'm going for the whole gig.

Verizon Security Not Just 'Cops & Robbers'
Rewired | 4/3/2015

Alliance with Deloitte creates one-stop shop of cyberattack mitigation by adding governance, risk management and compliance consulting.

True or False, Telecom-Style
Rewired | 3/26/2015

Rutberg's Rejeev Chand gets FCC's Clbyburn plus Google Fiber and DISH execs to play the true-false game, with interesting results.

Will Open Source Groups Keep Windows Open?
Rewired | 3/20/2015

New open source group provides substantial industry insight at MWC -- here's hoping they keep up the effort to keep non-members informed.

Security Compliance Still a Moving Target
Rewired | 3/12/2015

In the wake of major breaches, enterprises are working harder to get compliance, but not hard enough to stay that way.

Donovan Touts AT&T's Software Push
Rewired | 3/2/2015

Even the best specialized routers can't keep pace with the 100,000-plus % increase in mobile data traffic, Donovan tells MWC.

The Sound of One Hand Clapping
Rewired | 2/4/2015

Response to FCC head Tom Wheeler's expected re-regulation of broadband access lines was predictable, but also maybe irrelevant.

Does NFV Have a Packet Processing Problem?
Rewired | 1/6/2015

Metaswitch CTO says virtual functions implemented on IT-grade cloud infrastructure require extra engineering help to handle network volumes.

AT&T Touts SDN Push, Seeks Talent
Rewired | 12/16/2014

Technology guru John Donovan pledges to make AT&T's network 75% software-defined by 2020.

Gardner's Departure a Cautionary Tale
Rewired | 12/12/2014

Board of directors allegedly wanted faster pace of change from one of the telecom industry's change pacesetters.

Colt-KVH: A Hook-Up Bound to Happen
Rewired | 11/12/2014

But what took them so long?

Feeling Edgy? Join the Crowd
Rewired | 9/25/2014

There's a lot happening at the network's edge, and it's worth watching.

Verizon Puts Cloud Customers in Control
Rewired | 9/23/2014

As promised earlier this month, Verizon is letting businesses turn up network and security services on a per-workload basis.

Rethinking Rackspace as a Cloud Partner
Rewired | 9/17/2014

Cloud provider backs off M&A plans, but is that the last word?

Putting Your SDN Knowledge to the Test
Rewired | 9/16/2014

The ONF is developing standards that will let you go to school on SDN and then test for certification to prove what you know.

Line-Powered Phone Lines: A Hot Topic Again
Rewired | 8/20/2014

In the mid-80s, there were hot debates about how to power phones over non-copper lines. Guess what? Those debates are back.

Can Level 3 Execute the Perfect Merger?
Rewired | 8/5/2014

One early indication of whether the tw telecom deal will bear the hoped-for fruit will be how its dynamic bandwidth capacity is handled.

If Not Muni Networks, Then What?
Rewired | 7/28/2014

Incumbents don't want cities and towns to build their own gigabit networks, but what's their alternative plan?

Will Telecom's 'Open' Be Natural or Organic?
Rewired | 7/15/2014

It's up to network operators to make sure "open" retains some meaning and doesn't go the way of "natural" foods.

Pervasive Video Could Change Internet Fundamentals
Rewired | 7/10/2014

The beauty of the early Internet was that it was distance-insensitive but as video takes over and the cloud grows, is that changing?

Open NFV: The World Cup of Confusion?
Rewired | 6/24/2014

The move of NFV management and orchestration to an open source model seems inevitable, but how it happens is as transparent as the World Cup refs' game time calculations.

Level With Me: When Rumors Get Real
Rewired | 6/16/2014

tw telecom has been a rumored takeover target for years and Level 3 a rumored suitor. But is there more to this deal than just getting bigger?

Five Key Takeaways From TM Forum Live!
Rewired | 6/9/2014

Of course they are all related to virtualization - what else would I write about in Nice?

Can ZOOM See Daylight?
Rewired | 6/4/2014

The TM Forum is actively seeking industry input to its ZOOM project to enable NFV orchestration, but what if it went truly open source?

Metaswitch: Telcos Must Get Soft to Survive
Rewired | 5/13/2014

Metaswitch CEO urges telcos to transform their business models along with their networks and start behaving like software companies.

Is AT&T-DirecTV Really About Broadband?
Rewired | 5/5/2014

PayTV service is not the future for AT&T so there have to be other reasons for buying a satellite TV distribution network.

One Reason Customer Service Sometimes Sucks
Rewired | 5/2/2014

Telecom players need to give their CSRs more intelligent tools to address customer issues, or see training and turnover troubles persist.

Who's Ready to Play Broadband?
Rewired | 4/21/2014

AT&T's ready, Google's ready, but are the municipalities they want to serve ready to play -- and bring along access rights and other free stuff?

Frontier Buffaloes Social Media
Rewired | 4/7/2014

Frank the Buffalo is the popular face of Frontier on Facebook and elsewhere, even if his no-BS promise left some customers cold.

Is Technology to Blame for Rigged Trading?
Rewired | 3/31/2014

Wall Street traders are using high-speed services and collocation to their advantage in trading stocks but is their advantage legal - and is it fair?

WOW Cozying Up to OTT With Good Reason
Rewired | 3/28/2014

Consumers are already exploring their OTT options and one cable operator sees good business in helping them do that more easily.

How Dirty Is Your Data?
Rewired | 3/27/2014

The telecom industry's merger fever has created a morass of old, outdated and mismatching data records for some operators, which could hamper plans for growth.

AT&T's All-IP Tests Won't Answer Key Questions
Rewired | 2/28/2014

Dropping circuit-switched voice in a rural Alabama area and a Florida suburb doesn't address competitive interconnection issues

The Dangerous Reaction to Netflix-Comcast
Rewired | 2/25/2014

Media response to this deal has been a little too hysterical, given the deal's true nature - but does that reveal a bigger problem?

The Great Peering War Rages Again
Rewired | 2/19/2014

This time, it's Netflix crying foul as broadband ISPs refuse to connect directly to its CDN without extracting extra fees.

Better Broadband Isn't Enough for Schools
Rewired | 1/29/2014

The technology industry has a history of throwing gizmos, gadgets, and yes, gigabits, at teachers, but they have little effect without purpose and training

Stoking 'Open' Minds
Rewired | 1/23/2014

Just what does 'open' mean in the telecom world? I asked six carriers.

Moving & Shaking Ain't What It Used to Be
Rewired | 1/8/2014

Today's carriers want to keep their progress under wraps -- NFV and virtualization in general are the exception to that rule.

NFV to Trigger Cisco Buying Binge?
Rewired | 1/2/2014

MKM report predicts Cisco and Juniper may acquire optical networking companies Infinera and/or Ciena to prepare for virtualization.

The Five Surprising Tech Trends of 2013
Rewired | 12/31/2013

Here's one person's view of what didn't go as expected this year.

Can Virtualization Succeed Where IMS Didn't?
Rewired | 12/20/2013

Heavy Reading's Graham Finnie looks at how IMS and virtualization are similar -- and different -- in his LR University session on policy and SDN/NFV.

The Big Telecom Event: Have Your Say
Rewired | 12/19/2013

We're already months into planning our 'Specs & Plugs & Rock & Roll' show, but there's still plenty of time to tell us what you'd like to see at The Big Telecom Event (BTE) in June 2014.

AT&T-Frontier Deal: A Sign of Things to Come?
Rewired | 12/17/2013

Sale allows AT&T to exit from a wireline footprint that no longer fits in with its long-term business ambitions.

Could Cable, Telco Unite on Gig Services?
Rewired | 12/12/2013

A cable exec admits he's never considered partnering with neighboring telcos on gigabit networks - should he?

Building NFV on the Best Thinking
Rewired | 12/2/2013

CloudNFV is being open about drawing on work of existing and new standards bodies -- are others building NFV this way?

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