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'Robust' broadband choice squashes need for regulation, says trade group
Broadband World News | 6/23/2022

Study from ACA Connects argues that the case for new regulations has 'vanished' amid 'robust' broadband growth and competition.

Broadband administration jobs abound across US
Broadband World News | 6/22/2022

Federal, state and local offices are hiring for a range of positions to manage billions of dollars in broadband grants.

Four forces driving 1-Gig as 'new global standard' – report
Broadband World News | 6/14/2022

Consumer demand, operator technology upgrades, marketing and high levels of investment are all contributing to 1-Gig growth globally, says analyst firm Omdia.

NTIA chief defends broadband rules in Senate hearing
Broadband World News | 6/10/2022

Broadband rules also drew criticism from the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) which called NTIA's fiber focus 'contrary to Congress' tech-neutral design' of the infrastructure law.

GAO: US needs a national broadband strategy
Broadband World News | 6/6/2022

A new study counts over 100 broadband programs administered by 15 agencies and calls the federal approach to closing the digital divide 'fragmented and overlapping.'

Here are 10 big broadband moments from the last 12 months
Broadband World News | 5/18/2022

While we're covering the Big 5G event, here's a look back at a few broadband industry highlights from the last 12 months.

White House touts ISP commitments to increase affordable access
Broadband World News | 5/10/2022

But consumer advocacy group Free Press argues that some of the broadband providers on that list are the same ones 'sabotaging President Biden's FCC.'

Charter starts to book RDOF revenues
Broadband World News | 4/29/2022

Charter has sparked RDOF work in all 24 states where it won bids. The cable op booked about $19 million in RDOF revenues in Q1, and expects to have about $9 million per month come in over the next ten years.

Former Dem senator launches campaign to squash Gigi Sohn's FCC confirmation
Broadband World News | 4/26/2022

One Country Project, led by former Senator Heidi Heitkamp - a Democrat - is launching a campaign claiming that Sohn 'is the wrong choice for the FCC and rural America.'

Senators to Rosenworcel: Communities need clarity on RDOF
Broadband World News | 4/20/2022

Senators requested updates on the FCC's efforts to default ineligible bids, how they're collaborating on broadband funding across agencies and how rejected funds will be redistributed.

California taps Utopia Fiber as partner on open access network
Broadband World News | 4/13/2022

Utopia Fiber's partnership with California's Golden State Connect Authority comes following the state's passage of a $6 billion broadband bill with $3.25 billion for an open access, middle mile fiber network.

Rosenworcel promises broadband map this fall
Broadband World News | 4/5/2022

The FCC Chairwoman also confirmed the Commission would start a challenge process following the map release to give localities, tribes, carriers and consumers the opportunity to tell the agency what it got wrong.

Rural broadband gets $600M in proposed Biden budget
Broadband World News | 3/29/2022

The budget proposal also includes $25 million for rural co-ops to refinance Rural Utilities Services loan debt and upgrade their networks.

Construction starts on open access fiber network in Montana
Broadband World News | 3/28/2022

Yellowstone Fiber has started laying conduit to install underground fiber to connect Gallatin County and the city of Bozeman, Montana. The open access network is a partnership with Utah's Utopia Fiber.

Cox investment prompts Rhode Island reps to push for broadband council
Broadband World News | 3/22/2022

Rhode Island lawmakers called a multi-million-dollar Cox investment 'an effort to catch up on years of neglect' and renewed their push for a dedicated advisory council to plan out the state's broadband future.

Global broadband prices rose during pandemic – study
Broadband World News | 3/21/2022

A new policy brief shows fixed broadband prices rose to 3.5% of gross national income (GNI) per capita in 2021, up from 2.9% in 2020. Mobile broadband prices increased to 2% of GNI in 2021, up from 1.9% in 2020.

Industry weighs in on FCC broadband nutrition labels
Broadband World News | 3/16/2022

With the public comment period on the FCC's broadband nutrition label rules wrapped up, here are some takeaways from the industry's input on how they may be written.

New playbook guides states on getting grants and funding fiber
Broadband World News | 3/10/2022

The playbook offers states a guide to navigating broadband funding opportunities in the Biden administration's infrastructure bill - and stresses the need to spend funds on future-proof technology.

Starlink services go live in Ukraine but could bring additional risk
Broadband World News | 2/28/2022

Elon Musk confirmed deployment of SpaceX's Starlink satellite Internet service in Ukraine this weekend - but security experts warn the uplink transmissions may increase the risk of airstrikes.

10M US households signed up for monthly broadband subsidy
Broadband World News | 2/14/2022

The FCC has signed up roughly 1 million households since the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) launched in January. That's in addition to the 9 million households enrolled in the program's predecessor, the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) which ended on December 31, 2021.

Calix reports continued growth amid supply chain struggles
Broadband World News | 1/27/2022

In a letter to investors, CEO Carl Russo warned that supply chain constraints in 2022 will 'challenge our ability to grow as fast as we have the past two years.'

Rosenworcel wants to broaden broadband choice in multi-tenant buildings
Broadband World News | 1/25/2022

The FCC said the new rules are in response to ISPs engaging in 'a pattern of new practices that inhibit competition' in apartment buildings and other multi-tenant environments.

Utopia Fiber adds two more cities to its open access network
Broadband World News | 1/10/2022

Cedar Hills and Santa Clara are the latest cities in Utah to join Utopia's municipal open access fiber network, despite pushback from incumbents.

Gigabit subscriptions set for 'big increase' next year – Omdia
Broadband World News | 12/28/2021

Led by China, analysts expect global gigabit subscriptions to reach 50 million in 2022, up from 24 million at the end of 2020.

From the digital divide to 6G, top regulatory trends to watch in 2022 – Omdia
Broadband World News | 12/22/2021

The analyst firm points to trends it says will be 'at the heart of regulatory activity' next year, including spectrum licensing, the digital divide and - yes - 6G.

The 'full fiber' vs. 'tech neutral' debate heats up in US
Broadband World News | 12/16/2021

Industry groups and policy advocates alike are sharpening their arguments for which technologies should be involved in closing the US digital divide.

The Divide: FBA's Gary Bolton on taking fiber advocacy to the states
Broadband World News | 12/10/2021

This week: Gary Bolton, president of the Fiber Broadband Association, returns to the podcast to discuss how the fiber industry's advocacy efforts are changing as the US implements its $65 billion broadband bill. We also discuss FBA's forthcoming fiber optic technician training program.

Jessica Rosenworcel confirmed for another FCC term
Broadband World News | 12/7/2021

Rosenworcel's official designation as chair (a position she's held in an acting capacity) makes her the first woman to helm the federal agency.

Senators press Sohn, Davidson on how they'll implement broadband bill
Broadband World News | 12/2/2021

With few legislative days left on the calendar, the US Senate Commerce Committee held a confirmation hearing on Wednesday for President Biden's nominees for NTIA head, Alan Davidson, and FCC Commissioner, Gigi Sohn.

Wireless industry report says 5G FWA could connect 43% of rural US
Broadband World News | 11/23/2021

A new industry report from Accenture, commissioned by CTIA, the wireless industry association, makes the case for serving the rural US with fixed wireless, noting that with billions available for broadband, it's 'key to acknowledge that 5G FWA is a future-proof technology.'

Fixed wireless, LEO satellite broadband best suited for unserved and underserved areas – study
Broadband World News | 11/22/2021

Performance data from Comlinkdata/Tutela indicate that T-Mobile Home Broadband and Starlink are as good as VDSL, stomp on DSL, but generally fall short of terrestrial HFC and fiber services.

Conexon Connect gets $435M in latest RDOF round to serve fiber through rural co-ops
Broadband World News | 11/15/2021

In the FCC's largest round of the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) yet, which saw electric cooperatives as the walkaway winners, over $435 million was designated for Conexon Connect, a fiber ISP providing service through local co-ops.

Commerce Sec promises Fed oversight on state broadband plans
Broadband World News | 11/10/2021

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said at a White House press briefing that closing the digital divide will be a 'massive undertaking' and shared details on oversight plans and requirements for state funding.

US House passes Biden's infrastructure bill with $65B for broadband
Broadband World News | 11/8/2021

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act contains the federal government's largest investment in broadband, as well as key provisions around affordability and digital equity.

Revenue miss doesn't spoil Frontier's fiber momentum
Broadband World News | 11/4/2021

Frontier tacked on a record 185,000 new fiber locations and 29,000 fiber subs in Q3. Frontier shares rose despite a revenue miss, making it clear that investors are applying more weight to the pace of Frontier's FTTP buildout.

Adtran CEO reports 'mixed' results and mixed feelings on supply issues
Broadband World News | 11/2/2021

Adtran reported a GAAP net loss of $10.4 million for Q3 2021, owing largely to supply chain issues. But CEO Tom Stanton tried to project a sunny outlook for 2022 while also admitting it's the company's biggest problem.

Where Biden's FCC pick Gigi Sohn stands on broadband
Broadband World News | 10/29/2021

If confirmed, Biden's pick for FCC Commissioner, Gigi Sohn will bring a strong voice for open, affordable Internet and public networks, just as the administration prepares for the largest federal broadband investment in history.

Biden announces long-awaited nominees for vacant FCC and NTIA posts
Broadband World News | 10/26/2021

Following much public hand-wringing over the fate of the FCC, President Biden nominated Jessica Rosenworcel and Gigi Sohn as commissioners, with Rosenworcel designated as Chair. Biden also nominated Alan Davidson for Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information at the NTIA.

Calix reports strong Q3 but projects supply chain issues for 'entirety of 2022'
Broadband World News | 10/26/2021

Speaking to shareholders, Calix CEO Carl Russo was optimistic about the company's ongoing success with small ISPs. But he notes Calix is experiencing the 'direct effects' of low global vaccination rates.

The Divide: How LUS Fiber makes the muni model work in Lafayette, Louisiana
Broadband World News | 10/21/2021

This week: Ryan Meche, director of LUS Fiber, a municipal fiber provider in Lafayette, Louisiana, on why the city chose a municipal broadband model, how it's funded and how it works and the company's plans for a potential NTIA grant.

Google Fiber's 2-Gig footprint expands
Broadband World News | 10/20/2021

San Antonio is the latest Google Fiber market to get access to a relatively new service tier that pumps out 2Gbit/s downstream and 1Gbit/s upstream for $100 per month.

FCC vacancies threaten to derail US broadband plans
Broadband World News | 10/15/2021

Without a permanent chair or adequate staff, and at risk of losing its Democratic majority, the FCC will fail to make meaningful progress on crucial broadband programs, a former agency official warns.

FCC releases another wave of RDOF cash
Broadband World News | 10/8/2021

FCC has authorized another $163M for RDOF covering 42 providers, and vows that a 'clean up' of the process is moving ahead as dozens of winning bidders opt not to pursue buildouts in 5,000-plus census blocks.

The Divide: What Viasat's Evan Dixon wants DC to know about satellite broadband
Broadband World News | 10/7/2021

This week: Evan Dixon, president of global fixed broadband at Viasat, discusses the company's role in tackling the digital divide in the US and abroad, and he pushes back on arguments from the fiber industry that satellite isn't 'future proof.'

Frontier and Ziply Fiber amass funds for FTTP buildouts
Broadband World News | 10/5/2021

Frontier plans to offer $1 billion in notes to help finance its ambitious fiber build just days after Ziply Fiber announced it raised $350 million in debt funding to do the same.

XGS-PON has a lot of legs, Frontier exec says
Broadband World News | 9/27/2021

XGS-PON has a long upgrade path, as the platform Frontier selected from Nokia is upgradable to 25-Gig PON 'with basically an optics change,' says Frontier's Scott Mispagel.

FCC clears way for another 466 winning RDOF bids
Broadband World News | 9/17/2021

Latest round of FCC authorizations cover winning bids from 13 companies and organizations, including BEK Communications, Cumberland Connect, Easton Utilities, Gibson Connect and Union Telephone.

ISPs suffer losses and make plans in face of climate crisis
Broadband World News | 9/17/2021

A worsening climate crisis that has exacted a toll on cables, fiber lines and wireless towers is making clear how vulnerable that critical infrastructure is.

The Divide: How Uprise Fiber seeks to solve what you hate about your ISP
Broadband World News | 9/16/2021

This week: Sam Sanders, CEO of Uprise Fiber, on how the company sets itself apart from traditional ISPs and seeks to build digital equity into broadband deployments.

The Divide: New map shows 60M Americans lack Internet
Broadband World News | 9/9/2021

This week: Eric Frank, CEO of LightBox, discusses the company's new nationwide Internet connectivity map which reveals that nearly one in six Americans is not connected.

AT&T will tap into OneWeb's satellite network to reach remote areas
Broadband World News | 9/8/2021

OneWeb has locked in AT&T as a big-name customer as it pushes ahead with a plan provide global coverage via a constellation of hundreds of low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites.

The Divide: MTA's Wanda Tankersley on Alaska's middle-mile problem
Broadband World News | 9/2/2021

This week: Wanda Tankersley, COO at MTA, a telecom co-op in Alaska, talks about the state's unique middle-mile challenges, the company's AlCan ONE fiber project, and more.

Supply chain constraints won't slow down Frontier's fiber push – analyst
Broadband World News | 8/31/2021

The markets for material and labor should catch up to demand, particularly by the time Frontier 'reaches its peak deployment cadence' for FTTP upgrades in the 2023-2025 timeframe, analyst predicts.

The Divide – Tackling the global broadband gap with aerial mapping
Broadband World News | 8/26/2021

This week: Jennifer Alvarez, co-founder and CEO, Aurora Insight, and David Hartshorn, CEO of Geeks Without Frontiers, on their partnership to address the lack of reliable wireless broadband in underserved parts of the US and abroad.

States set dates for closing their digital divides
Broadband World News | 8/26/2021

While Congress works on getting an infrastructure package with $65B for broadband to Biden's desk, several states are making plans for significant investments with help from existing federal funds.

Broadband piece of big infrastructure bill could use more speed, DZS CEO says
Broadband World News | 8/23/2021

But the bill, paired with RDOF and other stimulus efforts, are poised to establish a 'monumental and transformative' phase for the network tech supplier, DZS CEO Charlie Vogt says.

Emergency Broadband Benefit program participants feeling the need for speed
Broadband World News | 8/10/2021

Cable One says the vast majority of households that participate in the EBB program use the funds for upgrades to faster tiers, and less than 10% are new to the cable op.

Adtran faces supply and demand challenge
Broadband World News | 8/6/2021

Orders remain solid and a wave of deployments with tier 1 operators looms on the horizon, but supply chain constraints inflicting the entire industry are putting pressure on the speed at which product can be delivered.

Starlink speeds accelerate in Q2, Ookla says
Broadband World News | 8/5/2021

Median download speeds for the satellite broadband service hit 97.2 Mbit/s in the US, up from 65.7 Mbit/s in Q1 2021, putting it within shouting distance of fixed-line averages, Ookla's latest Speedtest data finds.

DZS posts record sales as it grapples with supply chain constraints
Broadband World News | 8/3/2021

Recent influx of RFP activity is presently 'dominated' by 10-Gig XGS-PON and network orchestration needs, DZS president and CEO says.

National broadband programs set to provide an 'uplift of our entire model,' Calix CEO says
Broadband World News | 7/28/2021

Though government-backed broadband programs tend to be larger than many expect, they also 'take longer than you think,' says Carl Russo, who has just added the title of chairman.

FCC: 3M+ emergency broadband sign ups prove need for long-term benefit
Broadband World News | 7/7/2021

But any attempt at a long-term benefit will face hurdles in a Congress that has already shaved $35 billion off President Biden's universal broadband proposal.

Small WISP gets government cash to cover Apple's HQ with broadband
Broadband World News | 6/15/2021

About $8,000 in RDOF funding is going to LTD Broadband to provide 1-Gig service in areas surrounding Apple's massive $5 billion headquarters. That's drawn a complaint from the Competitive Carriers Association.

Study sizes up cost and performance options for bridging the broadband gap
Broadband World News | 6/14/2021

ACA Connects and Cartesian connected on a multi-faceted study finding that it would cost in the range of $61 billion to $118 billion to bring 1 Gbit/s to certain locations not covered by the phase I RDOF auction.

Starlink courting airlines for in-flight Internet connectivity deals
Broadband World News | 6/10/2021

SpaceX exec says Starlink's aviation product is in development and talks are now underway with 'several' airlines, moves that are sure to amp up competition with satellite broadband companies such as Viasat.

Hitting the upstream 'sweet spot' with DOCSIS 4.0
Broadband World News | 6/9/2021

DOCSIS 4.0 presents a multitude of spectrum options, but operators are already gravitating towards expanding the upstream to 396MHz, which would support upstream speeds of about 3 Gbit/s, CommScope exec says.

Viasat pushes ahead with global satellite broadband plan
Broadband World News | 6/7/2021

The first of three ViaSat-3 satellites, set to provide coverage for the Americas region, has completed key integration and performance testing ahead of an expected launch in 'early' 2022.

The myriad reasons some people don't have broadband
Broadband World News | 6/4/2021

A large chunk of Pew Research Center survey respondents who don't have home broadband aren't really that interested in getting it in the future. And 11% without home broadband 'do not need it.'

Redzone rejects $500,000 in RDOF money over mapping snafu
Broadband World News | 5/24/2021

Fixed wireless provider Redzone told the FCC it would deploy 50Mbit/s services to the town of Islesboro, Maine. The only problem? The town already operates a 1Gbit/s fiber network.

Velocity in Kansas offers digital divide blueprint
Broadband World News | 5/19/2021

Velocity, a fixed wireless provider launched by a utility co-op, built a network with stimulus money that could serve as a template for future broadband spending.

DZS set to key on network convergence
Broadband World News | 5/14/2021

CEO Charlie Vogt identifies set of 'mega trends' poised to drive the business forward, including the shift to 5G, new and emerging broadband competition, and an acceleration of fiber upgrade cycles.

Biden: 25Mbit/s broadband is fine, I guess
Broadband World News | 5/11/2021

Although President Biden has hinted at a broadband future with 1Gbit/s speeds, new rules from his administration suggest speeds of 100 Mbit/s. And they acknowledge speeds of just 25 Mbit/s.

CommScope takes another step toward DOCSIS 4.0
Broadband World News | 5/5/2021

Supplier says a new, flexible distributed access architecture (DAA) product, which could play a role in future DOCSIS 4.0 networks, is ready for field deployments.

Nextlink walks away from RDOF obligations in New Mexico
Broadband World News | 5/4/2021

Nextlink won't build Internet connections to 265 locations in New Mexico. The company said that's just 0.1% of its RDOF coverage area, but critics are beginning to sound the alarm.

Frontier set to exit Chapter 11 on April 30
Broadband World News | 4/28/2021

Frontier execs also set to provide more detail this week on the vision for the company as it embarks on a modernization plan centered on FTTP upgrades of its sizable copper plant.

LTD to FCC: We can do it
Broadband World News | 4/26/2021

LTD Broadband won $1.3 billion in the FCC's Rural Digital Opportunity Fund auction. Now, the company is working to convince regulators it will meet its buildout obligations.

Chipset, workforce shortages could hamstring US fiber bonanza
Broadband World News | 4/26/2021

New estimates indicate up to $44 billion could be spent on fiber networks in the US over the next five years. But will there be enough technicians and components for all that spending?

Frontier headed for 'modest' growth following Chapter 11 – analysts
Broadband World News | 4/19/2021

'We wouldn't call Frontier a diamond in the rough. Instead, it's more of a semi-precious stone in the rough,' analysts say in a report that sizes up Frontier's fiber-focused, post-bankruptcy future.

Starlink delivering sporadic speeds – study
Broadband World News | 4/7/2021

The satellite broadband service, still in beta, has seen median speeds fluctuate in recent months even as users report a rise in burst speeds, according to new Ookla Speedtest data.

Canada plots Quebec broadband stimulus
Broadband World News | 4/5/2021

Federal and provincial governments plan to spend C$826.3 million to extend broadband to nearly 150,000 unserved Quebec households by September 2022.

The nature of upstream network usage has likely changed forever, OpenVault says
Broadband World News | 4/2/2021

Upstream traffic surged 63% in 2020 during a pandemic-marked year that forced people to work and study from home and altered the period of the day that saw peak network usage.

Muni broadband projects win funding to tackle digital divide
Broadband World News | 3/30/2021

US Ignite and the NSF announced winning projects of Project Overcome, a $2.7 million effort to accelerate broadband delivery to underserved communities using novel solutions.

Comcast pledges $1B to help narrow the US digital divide
Broadband World News | 3/24/2021

Comcast plans to reach 50 million low-income households through community Wi-Fi projects, equipment donations and grants.

The FCC wants to know how bad your broadband is
Broadband World News | 3/24/2021

The FCC announced it will start collecting 'first-hand accounts on broadband availability and service quality directly from consumers.'

ATX starts to pick up where Cisco left off
Broadband World News | 3/23/2021

In wake of amplifier licensing deal with Cisco, vendor has notched deals with Midco and Portugal's NOS – two operators in pursuit of 1.2GHz network capacity upgrades.

Policy experts debate the role of wireless in universal broadband
Broadband World News | 3/22/2021

Should the government funnel billions of dollars into wireless technologies that could be affected by vagaries like foliage? A policy debate is unfolding.

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