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MEF's Universal SD-WAN Edge: Now is the time
Guest Perspectives | 4/20/2022

The MEF's work on a universal SD-WAN edge standard is good for equipment vendors and service providers. But does it go far enough?

Now is the time for big ideas
Guest Perspectives | 4/7/2022

New report from The Cable Center and Intrapreneurship Academy offers fresh insights into the state of innovation in the industry, and also reveals a gap in the way organizations operate and how leadership skills must adapt to address change.

Next-gen data analytics for tomorrow's telcos
Guest Perspectives | 4/5/2022

The data challenge vexing operators now is not harvesting haystacks of data, but deploying the advanced analytics tools necessary to find the needles hidden inside them.

US 5G leadership depends on ending government infighting
Guest Perspectives | 3/31/2022

Americans will be better off if bureaucratic spectrum fights are not swirling around the media, writes the CTA's VP of regulatory affairs.

Book excerpt: How Huawei took the telecom world by storm
Guest Perspectives | 12/22/2021

Jon Pelson's new book, Wireless Wars: China's Dangerous Domination of 5G and How We're Fighting Back, dives into the meteoric rise of Huawei on the global telecommunications stage.

The changing economics of the Internet of the future
Guest Perspectives | 12/15/2021

Relying on yesterday's cost structures, routing silicon, operational paradigms, tools and two decades of accumulated complexity has proven to fall short in meeting insatiable bandwidth requirements consistently and at sustainable power consumption.

The future of fiber optic innovation: Part IV
Guest Perspectives | 12/8/2021

It would seem that we can continue the graph for Neptune's Law for the moment, and that will give our engineers of the present and future time to create the next generation of submarine cable innovation.

The future of fiber optic innovation: Part III
Guest Perspectives | 12/1/2021

It's clear that bandwidth demand will continue to increase exponentially. Optical transport capacity must scale to meet this demand, while at the same time the cost-per- bit must decrease, and optical transport equipment must become more space- and power-efficient.

Why subscription media services don't have to accept churn as a fact of life
Guest Perspectives | 12/1/2021

Four tips for overcoming involuntary churn and improving customer lifetime value.

The future of fiber optic innovation: Part II
Guest Perspectives | 11/24/2021

The next 50 years of optical communications will most likely be dedicated to addressing key fundamental challenges to make the optical expansion more efficient and practical, and to make these predictions even riskier (and more fun).

The future of fiber optic innovation: Part I
Guest Perspectives | 11/17/2021

Optical fiber has taken us on a 50-year journey, enabling communication capabilities that we never imagined possible. Now looking forward ten, 20, and even a full 50 years, we examine what the future holds for optical fiber communications.

SMBs and the Future of Fiber
Guest Perspectives | 11/11/2021

Increased fiber deployment will create a competitive dynamic fueled by smaller, established providers and new entrants made up of rural telcos, municipalities and co-operatives.

The future of broadband and fiber as infrastructure
Guest Perspectives | 9/29/2021

To give innovators, inventors and visionaries a broadband infrastructure with no limits, it has to be supported by fiber.

A new king is crowned in the cloud
Guest Perspectives | 9/23/2021

Data is the most valuable business asset, and how you leverage it defines business success.

BT demonstrates architectural benefits of disaggregated network
Guest Perspectives | 9/9/2021

Details about BT's test of Acacia's 400ZR and OpenZR+ optics over their currently deployed colorless third-party, multi-span, amplified, ROADM line system.

Why a next-gen metro and edge network is critical
Guest Perspectives | 8/5/2021

Networks must evolve for the sake of how we work and for the sake of network providers, which are facing an inflection point with the services they provide and how they're delivered to end users.

The keys to unlocking the operator's path to super-aggregation
Guest Perspectives | 7/29/2021

To realize this pursuit, operators must explore and understand the benefits of streaming, optimize their backends for streaming and pursue low-latency techniques and capabilities.

The impact of the ever-shifting edge
Guest Perspectives | 7/19/2021

As consumers drive the demand for more high-quality content without delay, service providers must keep moving 'the edge' of their content delivery networks closer to consumers.

The future of open networking and open RAN in the digital networking era
Guest Perspectives | 7/8/2021

Open networks are the answer to ever-increasing bandwidth needs.

The folly of attempting to future-proof broadband
Guest Perspectives | 6/15/2021

Broadband usage today is completely asymmetrical, making symmetrical requirements misguided.

Will service providers achieve the desired outcomes of digital transformation?
Guest Perspectives | 6/11/2021

Service providers need to both bend to the technology realities of the moment, while continuing the march towards a longer-term vision, writes A10's Terry Young.

DoD's 5G bet is already paying dividends
Guest Perspectives | 6/10/2021

The Miramar competition provides a look into the breakthrough wireless technologies that the DoD investments have already produced.

Rethinking networking in a 'post MPLS' world
Guest Perspectives | 6/8/2021

Performance on the Internet middle mile, once the network service provider's problem in the MPLS network, is now a concern for the enterprise, writes TeleGeography's Greg Bryan.

Fixed wireless, FTTH or satellite? It depends...
Guest Perspectives | 6/7/2021

Could the high cost of building a fiber connection to each home and business be avoided by using fixed wireless technology? Let's see.

Rapid network evolution requires workforce transformation
Guest Perspectives | 6/3/2021

Technological changes occurring at the network layer paired with a mix of new services and capabilities are ushering in a wave of training challenges for the telecom workforce.

5G monetization: The promise and the reality of customer willingness to pay
Guest Perspectives | 6/1/2021

Will operators be able to realize 5G's promise of higher revenue earnings?

How telecoms companies can leverage RPA to improve operations and maximize their workforce
Guest Perspectives | 5/31/2021

With demand for a better digital experience on the rise, now is the time for service providers to invest in automation technology to get ahead of their competitors.

Helping frustrated customers
Guest Perspectives | 5/28/2021

Newer technologies, such as low-latency edge compute solutions and adaptive networking, are driving growing acceptance of a subscription-based model that places greater control in the hands of customers.

The future of distributed cloud and 5G for the new age
Guest Perspectives | 5/27/2021

5G is complex and there are many moving pieces. Getting the distributed cloud right from the beginning will be critical for long-term success.

Building pay-TV resilience in a time of crisis
Guest Perspectives | 5/11/2021

Using and analyzing real-time and industry-specific data along with the formation of adaptive roadmaps are critical as video service providers work their way out of the pandemic and towards business growth.

Future-proofing the network: Why you need to optimize for user experience
Guest Perspectives | 5/10/2021

The network needs to be set up to prioritize types of traffic - and anything else that employees need - both for the rest of 2021, and to ensure we're ready for what the future might hold.

Ultra-low latency streaming struggles for adoption beyond niche applications
Guest Perspectives | 5/7/2021

Cost and scaling and a lack of business value for many video applications remain key issues for ultra-low latency streaming.

Cloud-in-a-box enables enterprises to reach new heights
Guest Perspectives | 5/5/2021

A cloud-in-a-box - perhaps more commonly referred to as 'Business in a Box' or 'Infrastructure In a Box' - takes everything to the edge, and dramatically reduces the possibility of business disruptions due to the misfunctioning or end-of-life application servers or network devices at each location.

Is it open yet? Closed RAN and other short stories
Guest Perspectives | 4/19/2021

In this article, Mike Murphy CTO, Nokia North America, outlines key areas that need to be developed to enable true Open RAN deployments at scale.

Juniper's Cloud Metro powers the next generation of 5G, edge and IoT services
Guest Perspectives | 4/16/2021

By reimagining metro networks, operators can start overcoming their most pressing business and technical challenges and reinvent their role in the digital ecosystem.

Supporting cable technicians today and tomorrow
Guest Perspectives | 4/8/2021

The past year has taught us many lessons. Among them is the critical role of the cable network in our homes and our daily lives.

Four ways to unlock more B2B opportunities and 5G value
Guest Perspectives | 4/8/2021

For B2B success, CSPs should be open to more collaboration and double down on building an agile network infrastructure that scales, according to CSG.

Is Wi-Fi 6 enough? The need for intelligent management
Guest Perspectives | 4/7/2021

Improving the customer experience while achieving the full promise of Wi-Fi 6.

Complementary security for Orange's Data and AI Ethics Council
Guest Perspectives | 3/29/2021

Patrick Donegan of HardenStance discusses Orange's activities around AI ethics and looks at how the operator could collaborate with a much broader set of telcos.

Why 10Gig is the right PON play today
Guest Perspectives | 3/17/2021

While more mature 1Gig and 2.5Gig gear might be financially alluring, 10Gig holds capacity and other performance advantages that can't be overlooked, and can also start to pave a path to future, even more capable PON standards.

Zoom Phone available through Lumen: Will you answer the call?
Guest Perspectives | 3/1/2021

Lumen is partnering with Zoom to launch the Zoom Phone, a cloud phone system that provides customers with the ability to migrate on-premises calling systems to a cloud platform which also includes Zoom Meetings, Chat, Rooms and Webinar capabilities.

From 5G to 6G: What could it look like?
Guest Perspectives | 2/26/2021

As demand for connectivity increases, it's time to begin defining the 6G standard, and understanding the benefits and challenges that 6G will present.

Why performance management is at the heart of successful managed SD-WAN
Guest Perspectives | 2/18/2021

A new report reveals that comprehensive network performance management across legacy and SD-WAN deployments will be key to driving successful managed services.

Reliability: A keystone in the post-pandemic world
Guest Perspectives | 2/17/2021

The pandemic has accelerated progress in the broadband market and sharpened the focus on the critical role that connectivity plays in our everyday lives.

Unleash experience-first networking with Juniper Paragon Automation
Guest Perspectives | 2/12/2021

Juniper Paragon Automation is a modular portfolio of cloud-native software applications that deliver closed-loop automation in 5G and multi-cloud environments.

A translation guide to marketing speak
Guest Perspectives | 1/25/2021

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Reimagining telecoms: Four ways businesses can be bolder in 2021
Guest Perspectives | 1/22/2021

In 2020, telcos rose to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic as a force for societal good.

Making sense of the latency alphabet soup
Guest Perspectives | 1/11/2021

Latency is a key part of the user experience, which is why it is one of the pillars of the cable industry's 10G strategy.

CommScope CTO: Here are the trends I'm watching in 2021
Guest Perspectives | 12/30/2020

As we climb back out of the pandemic, expect to see lower latency broadband in cable networks, open RAN-fueled 5G rolling out around the globe and AI guiding the systems in smart buildings to peak efficiency.

CommScope CTO: My 2020 predictions – direct hits and near misses
Guest Perspectives | 12/29/2020

CommScope's CTO is ready to make some predictions for 2021. But first, he needs to atone for his misses in 2020.

The top five ways to secure a remote workforce
Guest Perspectives | 12/22/2020

While most companies understand there are infinite ways to improve security, here are the top ways that every organization should be exploring as they seek to secure their newly remote workforce.

Google Cloud brings partners, applications to the edge
Guest Perspectives | 12/8/2020

Hundreds of partner apps can now run at the edge with Google Cloud and Anthos, writes Google's Amol Phadke.

Managed Wi-Fi: The Tier 2-3 MSO story
Guest Perspectives | 11/30/2020

To gain a deeper understanding of the managed Wi-Fi actions and attitudes of small and mid-sized cable operators, we interviewed 11 cable executives during Q4 2020.

What's next for CSPs?
Guest Perspectives | 11/23/2020

Now that communications service providers have re-asserted their relevance, they have an unparalleled opportunity to boost their influence and involvement in the post-COVID world.

Cisco announces intent to acquire Hungary's Banzai Cloud
Guest Perspectives | 11/16/2020

The company's second cloud-native acquisition in as many months shows it is looking to add to its development resources for cloud applications and programming.

Is the COVID-19 pandemic a catalyst for the fourth industrial revolution?
Guest Perspectives | 9/4/2020

The pandemic has forced businesses to change. For telcos, some of those changes will leave them better able to handle the disruption brought on by the fourth industrial revolution, according to industry veterans Javier Ger and Claudio Saes.

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