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Hell No! Higher Fees Must Go!
ShoreLines | 5/17/2006

Legislators are being asked to protect content and avoid ‘censorship by speed’ – which means talk may soon be cheaper than ever!

Staying Afloat in VOIP Wave
ShoreLines | 5/8/2006

My less than VIP experience with VOIP

You Say 'MIMO,' I Say 'Cook Book'
ShoreLines | 4/25/2006

But who gets served in the 802.11n race?

The Robots Are Coming
ShoreLines | 4/10/2006

That cute little Roomba robot may be a dynamo when it comes to dust balls, but that’s only the beginning.

Time To Consider BlackBerry Alternatives
ShoreLines | 2/22/2006

As in every other part of IT, you better have a Plan B for mobile email.

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