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Here are seven questions dogging the FCC's broadband 'nutrition labels'
DanoVision | 6/28/2022

The FCC wants broadband providers to display easy-to-understand labels to allow consumers to comparison shop for broadband services. But creating broadband labels isn't straightforward.

Biden's net neutrality strategy looks doomed
DanoVision | 6/27/2022

It's been around 250 days since President Biden nominated Gigi Sohn as the fifth FCC commissioner. Now, it looks increasingly likely that she will never be approved into the agency.

Can Walmart help 5G providers navigate the cloud?
DanoVision | 6/27/2022

Walmart is concurrently using Microsoft and Google cloud services while also building a distributed network of its own cloud operations. The company's strategy could demonstrate a new way of working for 5G operators.

Four key observations from Dish's 5G launch
DanoVision | 6/21/2022

Dish is finally turning years and years of spectrum hoarding into a commercial service. But building a network is just the first step. Here's a look at the company's competitive stance.

5G providers begin nickel-and-diming their way to growth
DanoVision | 6/1/2022

'5G has not been enough to attract wireless consumers to higher priced rate plans,' wrote the analysts at LightShed Partners. 'We are skeptical faster 5G is inducing many subscribers to upgrade.' Enter the admin fees.

The private wireless networking opportunity shouldn't stay too private
DanoVision | 5/20/2022

Private wireless players need to start showing off actual wins, allowing sunlight to help generate momentum. Otherwise the industry risks falling into navel-gazing apathy.

Here are 10 big 5G moments from the last 12 months
DanoVision | 5/17/2022

Here it is: The biggest 5G moments from the past year, as compiled by Light Reading's editorial staff.

Four 5G takeaways from Dish's big analyst day
DanoVision | 5/11/2022

Dish's network is cheap and potentially transformative. And the company has ambitious targets in the retail and enterprise sectors. But now it must execute.

Thoughts on the evolving battle among US fiber, cable and 5G providers
DanoVision | 5/9/2022

Some have speculated that Charter will eventually purchase T-Mobile. Others think AT&T could acquire Dish Network or Altice. Here are three trends currently affecting this battle.

Could 6G mark a return to usage-based pricing?
DanoVision | 4/27/2022

'We need to start charging for usage again,' said Kimberley Trommler, head of Thinknet 6G, during her keynote address to attendees of an online event focusing on 6G and environmental sustainability.

Preparing for the splinternet
DanoVision | 3/10/2022

Cogent and Lumen moved to cut Russia off from the Internet. But some analysts warn such actions could 'cause other countries to consider ways to either control those companies or utilize other companies.'

Verizon Go90s again; New '+play' service seems unnecessary
DanoVision | 3/3/2022

My expectation is that Verizon's '+play' is just more bloatware for its Android phones, and will eventually join the company's ill-fated Go90 streaming video service in the dustbin of tech history.

Why 5G is uniquely ill-equipped to support the metaverse
DanoVision | 3/1/2022

According to Meta, the 5G industry needs to support reductions in network latency, symmetrical bandwidth and a 'common framework' for data sharing. Good luck with that.

The time I visited a Dish 5G cell site
DanoVision | 2/25/2022

On Wednesday morning I got a surprise call from a Dish representative: Did I want to take a tour of a Dish 5G cell site in the next 15 minutes? I dropped everything and did. Here's what I learned.

Four takeaways from the House hearing on 5G in the C-band
DanoVision | 2/4/2022

We're probably in for more breathless warnings, political chaos and corporate gamesmanship for years to come. Also, there's a good chance AT&T and Verizon will seek legal recourse.

The 5G debacle in the C-band isn't over yet
DanoVision | 1/20/2022

International flights have resumed after a day of 5G-related cancellations. But worries over C-band interference continue, and the situation could ultimately cost years and billions of dollars.

How the launch of 'real' 5G turned into an unmitigated PR disaster
DanoVision | 1/20/2022

'There's a term for what the FAA and the aviation industry is doing: blackmail. It is a criminal offense,' wrote research firm Strand Consult of the troubled launch of 5G in C-band spectrum.

Looks like no respite for Huawei from Biden
DanoVision | 1/13/2022

Trump's State Department launched a 'Clean Networks' initiative that rallied US allies against Huawei. Biden's new 'Alliance for the Future of the Internet' likely will do the same.

Is 2022 the year FWA actually starts to threaten cable?
DanoVision | 1/11/2022

'Verizon and T-Mobile will add 1.8 million wireless home broadband customers in 2022,' predicted LightShed Partners. They said that's close to the total wired broadband customers Comcast, Charter and Altice might gain in 2022.

It's time for the Biden administration to get it together in 5G
DanoVision | 1/4/2022

A year into the Biden administration, 'there is no spectrum plan, there are no big auctions planned, at a time when everyone was all about 'we've got to beat China on the race to 5G,' said a former FCC chief.

The wireless bubble could start to deflate next year
DanoVision | 12/6/2021

During 2020, the nation's big wireless network operators collectively recorded almost 5 million new wireless customers. During 2021, that could rise to 10 million. But what happens when growth slows?

The C-band delay in 5G is impressively stupid
DanoVision | 11/17/2021

The FAA is having 'very productive discussions' with AT&T and Verizon over possible 5G interference with aircraft altimeters. But aren't those discussions a little late?

T-Mobile is winning the race to 100MHz for midband 5G
DanoVision | 11/15/2021

T-Mobile soon expects to provide up to 200 million Americans with average 5G speeds of 400 Mbit/s. AT&T and Verizon, meanwhile, are stuck waiting for the White House to mediate interagency squabbling.

That time public cloud hyperscalers invaded MWC LA
DanoVision | 10/28/2021

Microsoft, Google and Amazon fielded plenty of executives at this year's MWC LA show. Their goal is to get mobile network operators to put their core network services in the cloud.

The 5G branding war has finally ended
DanoVision | 10/27/2021

AT&T said it will brand its forthcoming C-band network as '5G+.' In doing so, it will use the same basic strategy as Verizon. However, it's not clear whether AT&T will charge extra for the service.

Dish to use Helium's DIY 5G network
DanoVision | 10/26/2021

Dish Network, already a bit of a maverick in the 5G arena, said it plans to use the do-it-yourself 5G network that startup Helium is constructing with cryptocurrency payments.

Is the sun finally starting to shine on 5G?
DanoVision | 10/19/2021

'It's been a profitable business,' said Elisa's Kimmo Pentikainen of the operator's 5G launch. In its most recent financial report, the operator reported a gain of $3.50 per month per customer from 5G.

The metaverse will save 5G? That's so cute!
DanoVision | 9/28/2021

'The metaverse is our future business model,' explains SK Telecom's Cho Ik-hwan. In reality, the metaverse will blow past the 5G industry on its way toward lining the pockets of big Internet companies.

Is AT&T on its way to being the next 'uncarrier?'
DanoVision | 9/28/2021

Verizon and T-Mobile's best iPhone 13 offers require customers to subscribe to their most expensive unlimited plans. AT&T, meanwhile, 'is offering its most lucrative promotions to all unlimited customers.'

Could Helium finally succeed where so many others failed?
DanoVision | 9/23/2021

A number of companies in the telecom industry have attempted to create a network of individual networks. But Helium is doing so with one big, new element: a very clear and tangible incentive.

Recalibrating valuations in the private wireless industry
DanoVision | 9/20/2021

A utility provider covering Kansas and Missouri just announced plans to deploy its own private wireless LTE network, and it's spending $30 million on the spectrum licenses alone.

Is T-Mobile losing its edge?
DanoVision | 9/16/2021

T-Mobile's iPhone 13 promotions aren't impressing analysts. The company's new 5G icon follows Verizon's lead. And T-Mobile's growth prospects for Q4 appear stunted. 'Uncarrier' it isn't.

13 an unlucky number for 5G
DanoVision | 9/15/2021

Apple took the wraps off its latest iPhone, the iPhone 13. But the company spent almost no time talking about 5G during its unveiling event.

Six things to watch for in Apple's iPhone 13 announcement
DanoVision | 9/8/2021

Apple is widely expected to announce its iPhone 13 during an event next week. Here are six themes to track as Apple shows off its latest smartphone wares.

Optimism infects Big 5G Event
DanoVision | 9/2/2021

In-person attendance at the show was clearly far less than the 2019 show in Denver, prior to the pandemic. But the executives who attended this year's Big 5G Event had a bounce in their step.

A network operator's view of 6G
DanoVision | 8/31/2021

Companies ranging from Verizon to Apple have been reluctant to talk at length about 6G. And that's what makes Mike Irizarry of UScellular so noteworthy: He's an outspoken proponent of 6G.

Here's how we can return to trade shows
DanoVision | 8/27/2021

The Big 5G Event is happening in Denver next week. It will be one of the first in-person trade shows for the US telecom industry since the pandemic started. Here is what to expect.

Putting LG's 6G announcement (a test across 300 feet) into context
DanoVision | 8/24/2021

LG said its 6G connection traveled in the 155-175GHz band and used adaptive beamforming and high gain antenna switching technology. The test signals more momentum in the space beyond 5G.

Here's why your carrier is so scared of your phone's mobile hotspot
DanoVision | 8/17/2021

A laptop tethered to a phone via a Wi-Fi hotspot is consuming data in the exact same set-up that a smart watch tethered to a phone via Bluetooth is consuming data. But the cost is much, much different.

Is Shentel offering a blueprint for the future of broadband?
DanoVision | 8/3/2021

Shentel has historically been a cable and mobile provider, but is now transitioning into a fiber and fixed wireless network operator. It plans to more than double its coverage footprint in the process.

Broadband bill gets closer – here are the takeaways
DanoVision | 8/2/2021

The Senate is now scheduled to debate legislation that would set aside $65 billion for broadband in the US. Here are six takeaways from the newest version of this proposal.

The age of mmWave 5G sputters to a dusty death
DanoVision | 7/13/2021

It's time to blow out the mmWave candle following an OpenSignal report showing that the average time most users spend on mmWave 5G is less than 1%, three years into the rollout of the technology.

Telecom embraces Big Tech as political winds shift
DanoVision | 7/7/2021

Companies like AT&T and Dish Network are putting their core network operations into the Big Tech cloud at the same time that Republicans and Democrats are uniting in their anger at FAANG.

Where AT&T and Verizon failed, Comcast is now quietly poised to win
DanoVision | 7/1/2021

AT&T and Verizon are both pivoting away from media and content to focus more carefully on their connectivity businesses. Meantime, Comcast is enjoying an upswing across both content and connectivity.

Satellites may be the secret ingredient to Charlie Ergen's 5G recipe
DanoVision | 6/22/2021

Billionaire Charlie Ergen is the majority shareholder of two companies with far-reaching 5G ambitions. Will they combine forces and bring 5G to the world?

Are Globalstar, Anterix, NextNav and Ligado ushering in a new era of 5G?
DanoVision | 6/21/2021

As the dust settles on the FCC's blockbuster C-band spectrum auction for 5G, investors appear to be turning to other potential sources of spectrum once thought unusable or uninteresting.

A battle royale is forming in private wireless networking
DanoVision | 6/11/2021

A wide range of companies - from mobile network operators to cloud computing companies to startups - are colliding in their pursuit of the private wireless networking opportunity.

Unscrambling AT&T's fixed wireless strategy
DanoVision | 6/7/2021

AT&T plans to use fixed wireless some of the time. Except in locations where customers are using a lot of data. And it will somehow be able to figure this out before actually serving those customers. Make sense?

The summer of 5G may be a scorcher
DanoVision | 6/3/2021

Amid rejoicing at the apparent end of a pandemic, Verizon believes the time is 'perfect' to offer a promotion worth more than $1,000. The stage is set for a fierce battle over 5G customers.

The time may have arrived for Big Tech to pay up for telecom
DanoVision | 5/24/2021

'Big Tech has been enjoying a free ride on our Internet infrastructure,' wrote FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, the latest indication that Internet companies may soon pay to cross the digital divide.

Forget 5.5G, it's time to get ready for '5G-Advanced'
DanoVision | 5/21/2021

A decade ago, there was a debate involving LTE-Advanced, 4.5G and 4.9G. Today, the same debate is brewing around 5.5G, 5G-Advanced and, potentially, 6G.

Five reasons why US wireless growth is speeding up
DanoVision | 5/10/2021

The US wireless industry collected a total of more than 7 million new postpaid phone customers during the past 12 months. Where are all these new customers coming from?

Delta flight attendants help highlight a 5G future
DanoVision | 4/29/2021

'Flight attendants will soon have up to the minute digital catering inventory and be able to quickly locate items without opening a single door, using the camera on iPhone 12 and augmented reality,' Delta said.

AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile offer unlimited 5G disappointment
DanoVision | 4/16/2021

The big three US carriers continue to tout new networks, but they remain relatively indifferent about helping customers connect without traditional telco frustrations.

Four questions dogging T-Mobile's 5G fixed wireless ambitions
DanoVision | 4/7/2021

T-Mobile plans to sell 100Mbit/s connections to up to 30 million US households for $60 per month. However, there remain a number of questions surrounding the effort.

T-Mobile puts the finishing touches on its 5G growth engine
DanoVision | 4/7/2021

T-Mobile is now offering a free 5G phone alongside promises of cheaper 5G services than the competition. The operator's announcement may represent the final piece of its 5G puzzle.

Biden's $100B broadband plan raises four big questions
DanoVision | 4/5/2021

Who will benefit from Biden's broadband plan? Should broadband be considered a utility? And what even is broadband? The answers to these questions could have major implications.

Get ready for 'Phase 3' of 5G in the US
DanoVision | 3/18/2021

Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have each already tried to make a 5G splash by deploying the technology first via 4G, then via highband spectrum and finally in lowband spectrum. What will the third phase of 5G look like?

A closer look at cable vs. 5G fixed wireless
DanoVision | 3/16/2021

T-Mobile lowered its customer expectations for fixed wireless. Verizon dramatically shifted its buildout plans. And AT&T is pretty sure that 'you don't have the capacity' to challenge cable.

Verizon's 5G tech support says the quiet part out loud
DanoVision | 3/1/2021

Verizon's customer support implied that 5G will drain customers' phone batteries. What they really meant is that 5G is not yet worth using.

The era of converged network infrastructure has officially begun
DanoVision | 3/1/2021

Digital Colony will take Boingo private in a transaction valued at around $854 million. It's Marc Ganzi's latest step toward 'digital infrastructure' convergence.

T-Mobile puts premium price on 5G perks
DanoVision | 2/22/2021

T-Mobile is hoping to encourage customers to sign up for new, more expensive Magenta MAX service by removing monthly usage limits.

5G in the US will get a lot clearer by March 31 – here's why
DanoVision | 2/12/2021

According to some analysts, the FCC should announce the results of the C-band auction for 5G spectrum by Friday, February 26. If that's the case, the US market for 5G ought to soon gain more clarity.

What I learned watching John Legere's Instagram call-in show
DanoVision | 2/8/2021

As CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere turned the company around and positioned it to directly challenge the market's leaders. Now, in his self-imposed retirement, he's hosting shows on Instagram.

The great 5G land grab gets complicated
DanoVision | 2/3/2021

SBA is leasing space on thousands of structures owned by utility PG&E for a period of 100 years. It's an example of the increasingly complicated market for vertical real estate.

Why Verizon keeps promoting 5G at the Super Bowl
DanoVision | 2/1/2021

Although Verizon's overall 5G strategy has been mostly corona'ed, there are plenty of reasons for the company to continue pushing its '5G Built Right' advertising campaign.

Did the US small cell market finally break open?
DanoVision | 1/29/2021

In the same quarter that Verizon ordered 15,000 small cells from Crown Castle, T-Mobile canceled an order for 5,700. On balance though, analysts remain positive about the small cell market.

It looks like Verizon rescued its cable MVNO business
DanoVision | 1/28/2021

Comcast plans to resume stock buybacks, an indication it did not bid heavily on C-band licenses. That, combined with the company's new MVNO deal, likely indicates Verizon will keep its cable strategy intact.

Open RAN lobbying goes global
DanoVision | 1/27/2021

BSA, CableLabs, GSMA and the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) are teaming up with the Open RAN Policy Coalition for 'responsible policy action in support of open RAN.'

Biden's stance on Huawei, 5G and Section 230 still fuzzy
DanoVision | 1/26/2021

Officials in the Biden administration offered little specificity when it came to China and Huawei, but they voiced support for a cohesive 5G spectrum strategy and changes to social media oversight.

Verizon, AT&T want to reshape Lifeline
DanoVision | 1/22/2021

The US government's Lifeline program collects fees from telecom companies in order to help poor Americans pay for connectivity. AT&T and Verizon are proposing sweeping changes to that setup.

Don't hold your breath for a 5G Hail Mary from Apple
DanoVision | 1/21/2021

Apple is reportedly preparing to unveil a virtual reality headset as early as next year. But the gadget shouldn't excite 5G operators just yet.

2021 is the fifth 'year of 5G,' and possibly the most interesting
DanoVision | 1/19/2021

This year promises to include everything from C-band deployments to a possible reset in US-China relations by President Biden. The future of the 5G industry is at stake.

Five 5G takeaways from Samsung's new phones
DanoVision | 1/14/2021

Samsung, the world's largest smartphone vendor, released new flagship Galaxy S21 phones. The gadgets have significant implications for the 5G industry.

Verizon CEO Vestberg uses CES to push 5G into a new phase
DanoVision | 1/11/2021

Verizon's CEO dispensed with the speeds and feeds that often dominate 5G discussions. Instead, he showed off some real-world 5G services, alongside a tacit nod toward the wider American zeitgeist.

Will the C-band auction set up US operators for a European-sized failure?
DanoVision | 12/23/2020

Sky-high prices for 3G spectrum licenses helped to ruin many European operators after auctions in the 2000s. With $70 billion in current bids, the C-band auction could do the same to US operators.

C-band on track to be America's biggest spectrum auction ever
DanoVision | 12/18/2020

The fact that bidders have so far put up $25 billion in total bids appears to reflect a widespread belief that 5G will ultimately be worth it.

Here's the 5G glossary every American is apparently going to need
DanoVision | 12/10/2020

'5G Ultra Wideband,' 'Extended Range 5G,' '5G+,' '5Ge,' '5GTF,' '5G Nationwide' and plain-old '5G' are just some of the labels Americans will have to navigate. Good luck with that.

AT&T falls behind Verizon in mmWave race
DanoVision | 12/9/2020

In 2018, AT&T loudly boasted that it was the first operator in the US to launch mobile 5G in mmWave spectrum. Now, two years later, the operator has little to show for its efforts.

Brewing Japanese price war could spell trouble for AT&T, Verizon
DanoVision | 12/3/2020

Docomo in Japan is now selling 5G for around half of what its fellow incumbents charge. If Dish enters the 5G market in the US, AT&T and Verizon might be forced into a similar position.

How and why FedEx is getting into edge computing, 5G
DanoVision | 11/19/2020

FedEx is working with Dell and Switch to build mini data centers in its facilities for edge computing. What the company might do with those resources could have implications for 5G.

Race update: For every ten US 5G customers, there's one Chinese 5G basestation
DanoVision | 11/4/2020

China's telecoms regulator counts fully 600,000 5G basestations in the country. Meantime, one analyst firm has recorded sales of just 6 million 5G phones in the US this year.

Tesla's 5G stop sign: Self-driving needs 'no connectivity whatsoever'
DanoVision | 10/22/2020

Tesla, the world's most valuable auto maker, plans to charge $10,000 for its new self-driving service. Meanwhile, 5G remains free to users on most top-tier mobile plans.

Operators edge toward revenues from low-latency services
DanoVision | 10/16/2020

Edge computing promises to reduce users' latency speeds. And now, some operators are not only addressing the space but seeking revenues from the sale of low-latency services.

T-Mobile's 5G lead begins to widen
DanoVision | 10/15/2020

T-Mobile is on its way toward covering 100 million people with speedy midband 5G this year. And its 5G services are up to 25% cheaper than those from AT&T and Verizon.

AT&T's 'free iPhone 12' promotion smacks of desperation
DanoVision | 10/14/2020

AT&T's promotions around the new iPhone are far more aggressive than those from Verizon and T-Mobile. Indeed, one analyst warned that it's the most aggressive promotion ever.

Four big takeaways from Apple's 5G iPhone launch
DanoVision | 10/13/2020

From its pricing plans to its support of Verizon's millimeter wave 5G strategy, Apple had plenty to say during its iPhone 12 unveiling.

Trump's chaos spills into 5G
DanoVision | 10/8/2020

A disagreement among Trump appointees over 5G has engulfed everyone from the FCC to the DoD. 'Our government is a mess,' concludes one financial analyst firm.

In the US, 4G continues to outshine 5G
DanoVision | 10/6/2020

The 'year of 5G' has come and gone a few times now, but it's clear that 4G continues to play the role of workhorse while 5G stands only as the showhorse.

In race to V2X, wireless industry resurrects Chinese boogeyman
DanoVision | 9/30/2020

The US wireless industry is rallying around the C-V2X standard for car-to-car communications, and is warning that China could dominate the market if action isn't taken.

AT&T, Verizon team to stop T-Mobile from getting more 5G spectrum
DanoVision | 9/18/2020

AT&T and Verizon are mobilizing against a spectrum-leasing deal between T-Mobile and Columbia Capital. But the upcoming C-band auction is at the heart of the issue.

Is T-Mobile prepared for its 5G iPhone moment?
DanoVision | 9/17/2020

T-Mobile has more than double the low- and midband 5G spectrum of Verizon. But what will CEO Mike Sievert do when Apple launches the 5G iPhone?

Five takeaways from the FCC's open RAN event
DanoVision | 9/14/2020

The event attracted speakers ranging from Rakuten's Tareq Amin to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. That's because open RAN today is everything to everyone.

5G security suffering from too many cooks in the kitchen
DanoVision | 9/9/2020

The Department of Homeland Security's cybersecurity agency said it's going to 'analyze components from 5G vendors,' but the details of the program are unclear at best.

What Loving, Texas, tells us about the future of 5G
DanoVision | 9/7/2020

Midband spectrum licenses in the middle of nowhere, Texas, sold for an astounding $141 per MHz/POP. And that has significant implications for private networks, IoT and 5G.

Will the US cable industry supercharge open RAN?
DanoVision | 9/3/2020

Comcast, Charter and Cox collectively spent more than $1 billion on wireless spectrum. Will they choose the safe buildout path, or will they risk an open RAN strategy?

Open RAN might actually be working
DanoVision | 8/31/2020

Dish Network's work with smaller vendors and Rakuten's turn away from Cisco and Nokia are early indicators that Open RAN may well be having an effect on the market.

What the Trump?! President calls for a 'national' 5G network
DanoVision | 8/25/2020

President Trump's mention of a 'national' 5G network raises questions around Newt Gingrich and Rivada Networks, but lacks information, substance, detail and logic.

Operators need to prepare for the game-streaming tsunami
DanoVision | 8/13/2020

Whether it's from Amazon or Microsoft or Google, the perfect storm of online game streaming is coming, and those operators that are unprepared will soon stand out.

It looks like Trump is beating Huawei
DanoVision | 8/6/2020

Infinera's outgoing CEO described the situation as a 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity' for companies that compete against the Chinese vendor.

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