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Could COVID-19 supercharge operators' telecom and 5G investments?
DanoVision | 3/19/2020

Some Wall Street analysts see the spread of the new coronavirus as hastening society's embrace of online life. And that could motivate network operators to invest in their networks.

Verizon's C-Band meal might not leave crumbs for anyone else
DanoVision | 3/13/2020

Verizon is widely expected to dominate the FCC's planned auction of midband C-Band spectrum for 5G. That's because there's no firm limit to how much C-Band spectrum Verizon can acquire.

Verizon, AT&T redraw smart city efforts
DanoVision | 3/9/2020

Smart city executives are leaving AT&T and Verizon. The reason? The FCC's new small cell rules eliminate the need for operators to push for smart city agreements.

Get ready for a big speed boost to 5G
DanoVision | 2/27/2020

Will 5G go up to 10 Gbit/s? The application of networking technologies, including carrier aggregation across wide stretches of spectrum, could get us there... at some point.

The best wireless provider in the US could come from... Mexico?
DanoVision | 2/27/2020

TracFone, the largest MVNO in the US, recently hinted at a service called SmartSIM. If TracFone does indeed launch such an offering, what would it look like?

Roll call: Who's still going to Barcelona?
DanoVision | 2/13/2020

If you're still going to Barcelona this year, please let me know.

Meet My Small Cell
DanoVision | 2/7/2020

Small cells are rolling out in neighborhoods all over the US. I decided to go find mine.

How Will 5G Play in Super Bowl
DanoVision | 1/30/2020

5G is going to play a big role during this year's Super Bowl. But each of the top US wireless network operators is taking a slightly different tack when it comes to the big game.

Here's Why It Might Be Time to Worry About mmWave 5G
DanoVision | 1/9/2020

A new year is upon us, but neither Verizon nor AT&T has shared concrete, quantifiable plans for 5G in millimeter-wave spectrum in 2020. Is this cause for concern?

Report Blows Holes in Anonymized Location Privacy Claims
DanoVision | 12/19/2019

Companies dealing with users' cellphone location data promise that it's kept securely and anonymously. A new report from the NYT again serves to cast serious doubts on those claims.

This Year's 5G Phones Will Be Next Year's 5G Orphans
DanoVision | 11/4/2019

Today's 5G customers can boast of having the latest and greatest, but next year their phones are going to be rendered obsolete by the launch of 5G in lowband spectrum.

Can Ajit Pai Split the C-Band Baby for 5G Victory?
DanoVision | 10/29/2019

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has a difficult decision to make about exactly how to auction C-Band spectrum for 5G. Hanging in the balance are potentially billions of dollars.

Early Usage of 5G Off the Charts, but Profits May Not Be
DanoVision | 10/25/2019

Sprint confirmed that its first 5G customers are consuming three to five times more data than its 4G customers. This certainly indicates demand, but it also raises questions about how operators will profit from 5G.

5G Discourse Veering Ever So Slightly Toward Xenophobia
DanoVision | 10/23/2019

While some companies have been loudly touting their reliance on US suppliers, it's unclear how far that trend might progress before causing concerns among international suppliers.

Forget 5G, Soon Skynet Will Rule Our Airwaves
DanoVision | 10/17/2019

If you like cage matches, AI-powered killer robots and 1980s sci-fi movies, you'll love the Spectrum Collaboration Challenge from the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Meet ZenKey: Telcos' Doomed Single Sign-On Service
DanoVision | 10/2/2019

ZenKey is the new 'single sign-on' service from the nation's four big wireless network operators. If history is any indication, it won't last long.

Inside T-Mobile's New 'Home Internet' Business
DanoVision | 10/2/2019

A deep dive into T-Mobile's fixed wireless service over LTE – complete with detailed commentary from a current customer – offers some interesting insights into what it means for Internet service in the future.

T-Mobile Relies on LTE for 5G Launch
DanoVision | 9/25/2019

New tests of T-Mobile's 5G network in New York City raise plenty of questions about how exactly it works. However, the operator is pushing aside those questions and instead is embarking on a 5G advertising campaign against Verizon.

Of Patriots, Faith, Broadband & Huawei
DanoVision | 9/18/2019

A modern-day morality play is slowly developing around the US telecom providers that have been caught up in the hoopla surrounding China's Huawei.

It's Time to Get Excited About 3.5GHz CBRS
DanoVision | 9/12/2019

We're days away from initial commercial deployments in the 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum band, often called 'Goldilocks spectrum' because of its propagation characteristics. It certainly appears to be just right, given the diversity of initial commercial applications.

Apple's AR Headset Could Do for 5G What iPhone Did for 4G
DanoVision | 9/11/2019

Apple is rumored to be working on some kind of AR-capable headset. If the gadget is released, it could create the kind of cultural zeitgeist that the original iPhone did.

AT&T, Verizon Perfect 5G Showboating With NFL Stadium Deployments
DanoVision | 9/5/2019

Both AT&T and Verizon said they will show off 5G services in NFL football stadiums. But the details of their announcements highlight the fact that it's still early days in the 5G space.

Just 29,000 5G Devices Have Been Sold in the US (So Far)
DanoVision | 8/19/2019

According to new figures from BayStreet Research, 5G phones aren't exactly flying off the shelves.

American 5G Vendors Getting More Time in the Spotlight
DanoVision | 8/9/2019

President Trump's personal aversion to globalization and trade, and his promotion of US-based manufacturing, appears to be pushing some 5G providers toward American vendors.

Verizon sneaks $10/month 5G fee into new unlimited plans
DanoVision | 8/2/2019

Verizon is taking a page out of Gillette's playbook by announcing five (5!!!) different unlimited plans. And as for 5G, it's definitely going to cost you extra – at some point.

This Is Dish's 6-Step Plan for 5G
DanoVision | 7/31/2019

Dish Network is hoping to enter the wireless industry as a disruptive MVNO while it builds a 5G network. But what exactly are the company's plans?

How Mobile 5G Could Affect In-Home Broadband
DanoVision | 7/29/2019

Mobile 5G services are popping up around the country. However, there are plenty of reasons that such services won't replace customers' wired, in-home Internet connections.

Dish Could Unseat T-Mobile as the Uncarrier
DanoVision | 7/26/2019

Yes, Dish Network faces an uphill climb in its plan to build a 5G network covering 70% of the US population by 2023. But don't count it out completely.

3 Big Themes to Watch for in Wireless Q2 Earnings
DanoVision | 7/22/2019

From cable's wireless growth to Sprint's expected losses, here's what to expect from the next few weeks.

Rural America Might See More 5G With FCC's New 2.5GHz Order
DanoVision | 7/11/2019

The FCC said it's moving to release valuable midband spectrum for 5G with its new 2.5GHz action, but opponents argue American students will suffer as a result. The truth is that Sprint already owns most of the nation's 2.5GHz holdings.

5G Today Is Just a Glorified Add-On
DanoVision | 7/3/2019

Now that all of the major US wireless network operators have launched some type of commercial mobile 5G service, it's worth seeing exactly how they're pricing the offering. The results are anticlimactic, to say the least.

AT&T Caps 5G Speeds at 2 Gbit/s… Huh?
DanoVision | 6/13/2019

AT&T said that '5G+ speeds, where available, will be capped at 2Gbps.' Why? Because "it helps provide a consistent experience" and "doesn't limit" its future options. Or something like that.

T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Sinks Into the Political Mud
DanoVision | 6/12/2019

The arguments around the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile are increasingly plunging into the political morass – but that might be part of John Legere's ultimate plan.

What Would Amazon Want With Assets From the 'New' T-Mobile?
DanoVision | 5/31/2019

Amazon is reportedly interested in purchasing the assets that might be divested from the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. But what exactly does the Internet giant want to do with those assets?

In Nationwide 5G, It Will Be AT&T's 700MHz vs. T-Mobile's 600MHz
DanoVision | 5/28/2019

AT&T has promised to offer 5G nationwide by 2020, but how exactly the operator might do that has remained a mystery. One industry analyst has a solid theory: AT&T will use 700MHz to take 5G nationwide.

Who Will Buy Sprint's Boost? And Will It Even Matter?
DanoVision | 5/21/2019

The proposed merger of Sprint and T-Mobile took a big step forward with support from the chairman of the FCC, but plenty of questions remain, including whether a Boost divestiture would create competition in the US market and whether anyone would buy it.

5G Was Rushed to Market – It Shows
DanoVision | 5/9/2019

The global wireless industry rushed a barebones version of the 5G standard out the door so it could get to market more quickly. Today's 5G certainly reflects that haste.

Your 5G Icon Is Virtually Meaningless
DanoVision | 5/6/2019

The GSMA recently recommended that phones show a 5G icon even when they can't find 5G NR coverage. Thus, it's clear that the relative simplicity of today's mostly ubiquitous '4G LTE' status icon is not going to carry over into the 5G future.

Here Are T-Mobile's 4 Options if Sprint Merger Collapses
DanoVision | 4/18/2019

The chances that Sprint and T-Mobile will receive approval for their merger proposal continue to dim. And that leads to the next obvious question: What will Sprint and T-Mobile do if they don't receive regulatory approval?

Why a Megadeal Between Mobile & Hypercloud Could Happen
DanoVision | 4/10/2019

Mobile network operators like AT&T and Verizon might team with big cloud companies like Amazon or Microsoft to tackle edge computing.

Login With Facebook, Google or… AT&T? Thanks, but No Thanks
DanoVision | 3/19/2019

The nation's four big wireless operators want to offer single sign-on services like Facebook and Google. But their collective track record in the privacy and security department pretty much makes this a non-starter.

It's Officially Time to Start Talking About 6G
DanoVision | 3/15/2019

No, it's not because Trump tweeted about 6G. It's because the FCC voted to allow testing above 95GHz, and a bunch of people think that this is where the next generation of wireless will happen.

Dish Network Aspires to Be America's Rakuten in 5G
DanoVision | 3/5/2019

Despite analyst skepticism, Dish executives continue to argue that the company will be able to make a splash with a new, nationwide 5G network. And Japan's Rakuten appears to offer some evidence to support those claims.

The Great Lanyard War of MWC19
DanoVision | 2/27/2019

With China's Huawei swept up in a global geopolitical drama, the company's MWC19 lanyard sponsorship has suddenly taken on a new edge.

The Stadium 5G Use Case Remains Decidedly Unconvincing
DanoVision | 2/24/2019

The Sacramento Kings have pledged to remain on the cutting edge of the 5G technology revolution. But in a deep dive with the team's networking executives, it's became clear that 5G might really just be another drag on the bottom line of the sports franchise.

Fourteen Takeaways From the Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Hearings
DanoVision | 2/13/2019

If you missed the three-plus hours of testimony from T-Mobile's John Legere and Sprint's Marcelo Claure on the proposed merger between their companies, here's a quick rundown of what happened (spoilers: not much).

The Curious Case of Reddit's Bandwidth Hog
DanoVision | 1/28/2019

A few days ago I received some very interesting data: Reddit's Android app was consuming a crazy amount of cellular data each month. After a bit of research and legwork, I think I figured out what is going on.

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