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Content Switch Test
Tests | 2/3/2003

Content Switch Test Highlights: * 3 market-ready switches * Great scaleability * Edge goes to Netscaler

Metro Edge Router Test
Tests | 12/10/2002

Edge Router Test Highlights: * Great VPN Delivery * Great Scaleability * Slight edge to Laurel

Multiservice Switch Test
Tests | 11/26/2002

Multiservice Switch Test Highlights: *Alcatel Stars *Terrific ATM *Good MPLS *Other Vendors MIA

Carrier-Class IPSec: the Bigger the Better
Tests | 6/5/2002

VPN Test Highlights: * Max t-put: 965.8 Mbit/s * Min latency: 19.2 ms * Thumbs: two, up

Grooming Switches: Key Requirements
Tests | 5/29/2002

Step 1 in Light Reading's ultimate test of optical grooming switches * What carriers want * What's behind the test * Potential players

Invites Go Out for Metro DWDM Test
Tests | 5/28/2002

The test will focus on: * Fault Management * Provisioning * Price

Test and Measurement Report, Part 3: In the Field
Tests | 4/8/2002

New field testers help carriers: * Save truck rolls * Test more with less * Deliver better service

Test and Measurement Report, Part 2: R&D
Tests | 3/18/2002

Emerging trends can help equipment makers: * Scoop the market * Streamline R&D * Keep costs down

Test and Measurement Report, Part 1: Manufacturing
Tests | 3/11/2002

How the latest developments can help vendors: * Dive Down Costs * Ramp Up Quality * Shorten Time to Market

Two Gigabits, One Vendor
Tests | 1/5/2002

We asked five vendors for 2-Gbit/s SAN switches, and only QLogic stepped up to the challenge. The good news: Performance is excellent

The Internet Core Routing Test: Complete Results
Tests | 6/29/2001

Raw data: IP baselines MPLS baselines Jitter and latency More

Internet Core Router Test
Tests | 3/6/2001

In the first head-to-head comparison of 10-Gbit/s routers: * Juniper's M160 outpaced Cisco's 12416 in seven out of the 16 tests * They tied in five, and Cisco won in four * Charlotte's Networks and Foundry Networks failed to place

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