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Content posted in September 2005
A Dose of FiOS
The Philter  | 
9/30/2005  |  Post a comment
Trade Route
The Philter  | 
9/29/2005  |  Post a comment
Tropical Depression
The Philter  | 
9/28/2005  |  2 comments
So what'd I do on vacation? Short answer: I didn't get killed.
Remember 2004?
The Philter  | 
9/20/2005  |  1 comment
Guess what company was the third largest communications investment made by venture capitalists in 2004.
MSN Goes Googling
The Philter  | 
9/15/2005  |  Post a comment
'Certainly, we have seen MSN hire people who, for example, formerly worked for Google or in some cases temps...'
Darth Tabor
The Philter  | 
9/14/2005  |  3 comments
These people should have to take a bath every few days, put on clean clothes, and keep their hair trimmed neatly...
Startup Valuations
The Philter  | 
9/14/2005  |  Post a comment
Startups had a median valuation of $23.5M in Q2.
Wetters From Weaders
The Philter  | 
9/14/2005  |  Post a comment
So I take a note for your again...
Can You Help Me Now?
The Philter  | 
9/13/2005  |  Post a comment
A little wireless hurricane PR, if you please.
Skype: Phast Phacts
The Philter  | 
9/12/2005  |  1 comment
Skype now accounts for more than 46% of all North American Internet telephony traffic.
A Doughy Dilemma
The Philter  | 
9/12/2005  |  Post a comment
Just got a note from a concerned employee of a company still missing 51 employees since Hurricane Katrina...
Columbia Cartel
The Philter  | 
9/12/2005  |  Post a comment
CTC's owner, Columbia Ventures, has its paws on several popular telecom concerns and is evidently using CTC to do some rolling up in a big way in the Northeast.
Wedding Smells
The Philter  | 
9/9/2005  |  Post a comment
I won't argue that whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I've been married for seven years, by the way...
Keep Your PBX Dry
The Philter  | 
9/8/2005  |  Post a comment
I know hurricanes are a boon to generator salesmen. But hosted PBX hawkers? Who knew?
A Ciena Payback
The Philter  | 
9/7/2005  |  Post a comment
Since Jan. 2, 2004, Ciena's stock has lost 68% of its value.
Fast. Web.
The Philter  | 
9/7/2005  |  Post a comment
The Italians are breaking out their Members Only jackets and LA Looks hair gel for a little retro celebration today...
The Phinger
The Philter  | 
9/5/2005  |  2 comments
Without missing a beat, I grabbed his finger and shook it, as you would a whole hand...
Katrina & the Waves
The Philter  | 
9/2/2005  |  5 comments
Top Heavy Ciena
The Philter  | 
9/1/2005  |  Post a comment
Ciena's CEO makes a good living.

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