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The Philter
Content posted in August 2005
Qwest for Mediocrity
The Philter  | 
8/31/2005  |  1 comment
Question of the day: What could Qwest buy now to make itself look better?
A Grand Opening
The Philter  | 
8/29/2005  |  Post a comment
Don't worry, folks. We are in a shipwreck museum...
Pitched To and Fro
The Philter  | 
8/25/2005  |  1 comment
He Created Us
The Philter  | 
8/24/2005  |  5 comments
Soccer Rocks
The Philter  | 
8/22/2005  |  Post a comment
Finally, I'm reading about a football (soccer) game I would have liked to see...
Jolly Dee, CMP!
The Philter  | 
8/18/2005  |  Post a comment
Here are the top five things I'm looking forward to now that Light Reading is owned by CMP...
Stroke of Genius
The Philter  | 
8/16/2005  |  Post a comment
Dick Clark is back and Frank Valli's hair is still jet black...
We're #16!
The Philter  | 
8/12/2005  |  Post a comment
Are the phone companies really so powerful that they are slowing broadband growth to match their business plans?
Jenna & Mike
The Philter  | 
8/11/2005  |  Post a comment
I have some breaking news... a statement from the office of 'adult' film 'actress' Jenna Jameson...
Good Head
The Philter  | 
8/10/2005  |  Post a comment
A good headline is worth a thousand pictures...
Space Flight
The Philter  | 
8/9/2005  |  Post a comment
DSL Conspiracy
The Philter  | 
8/8/2005  |  Post a comment
Cluster Headache PSA
The Philter  | 
8/5/2005  |  Post a comment
Sometimes a headache isn't just a headache...
Death to Trinkies
The Philter  | 
8/4/2005  |  Post a comment
Disaster Master
The Philter  | 
8/2/2005  |  Post a comment
Pimp Pimp Hooray!
The Philter  | 
8/1/2005  |  1 comment

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