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The Philter
Content posted in May 2008
The U-verse Experiment
The Philter  | 
5/30/2008  |  5 comments
I switched. Here's how it's going so far
Know Thine History
The Philter  | 
5/28/2008  |  Post a comment
A fake news nugget found on the way to VOD-ville
Web 2.0 Backlash
The Philter  | 
5/27/2008  |  Post a comment
Are we surprised that most startups are still failing?
Video Quality
The Philter  | 
5/20/2008  |  1 comment
The eyes have it
Desperate for Housewives?
The Philter  | 
5/19/2008  |  6 comments
Panasonic's CEO points out a coveted demographic
Should I Switch to U-verse?
The Philter  | 
5/18/2008  |  21 comments
AT&T's U-verse has arrived in my neighborhood. Should I try it?
Charter HD
The Philter  | 
5/12/2008  |  Post a comment
Lots of viewing choices, not a lot of channels
Widevine's Protection
The Philter  | 
5/8/2008  |  1 comment
For a company that supposedly protects content, Widevine is promoting a despicable habit
Caught on Tape: Barry West
The Philter  | 
5/7/2008  |  Post a comment
Sprint honcho's comments on 4G, 700 MHz, and the Clearwire deal
Yin & Yang
The Philter  | 
5/5/2008  |  Post a comment
Why not celebrate? Microsoft has given Yahoo a clear mission
The Philter  | 
5/2/2008  |  11 comments
How'd that guy get up here?
Nortel Hell
The Philter  | 
5/2/2008  |  1 comment
Really, what's not to like?
The Philter  | 
5/2/2008  |  Post a comment
Not everyone's making money with ROADMs
UTStarcom Pays Up
The Philter  | 
5/1/2008  |  Post a comment
CEO Hong Lu gets a $100K fine
AlcaLu's Next CEO?
The Philter  | 
5/1/2008  |  11 comments
Well, since we brought it up, I have another name to add

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