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Content posted in March 2010
CTIA 2010: Final Thoughts
The Philter  | 
3/30/2010  |  1 comment
10:40 AM Here are four big themes I took away from last week's CTIA 2010
Five Things to Watch at CTIA
The Philter  | 
3/19/2010  |  2 comments
10:35 AM To help us get ready, Paul Kapustka lists all the things he hopes to learn from this year's wireless extravaganza
Looking Ahead to OFC/NFOEC
The Philter  | 
3/18/2010  |  Post a comment
4:00 PM Is the 40-Gig vs. 100-Gig debate over? Not just yet, says Andrew Schmitt of Infonetics Research
(Still) Defining Net Neutrality
The Philter  | 
3/17/2010  |  Post a comment
4:15 PM Service providers are asked to use reasonable network management practices. But who gets to say what's reasonable?
The Broadband Plan: Vendor Viewpoint
The Philter  | 
3/17/2010  |  Post a comment
6:45 AM Adtran's Gary Bolton says the FCC's latest opus is 'inspirational'
What's Your EPC Readiness?
The Philter  | 
3/12/2010  |  2 comments
5:00 PM Go ahead. Measure it. We won't laugh
Soaking Up the CRS-3
The Philter  | 
3/11/2010  |  1 comment
1:20 PM Cisco's big announcement wasn't a phone, a camera, or something fun. But it is the start of something big...
My DVR Is Not Dying
The Philter  | 
3/10/2010  |  Post a comment
3:00 PM Why are the companies saying that DVRs are going away also trying to put another box in my entertainment cabinet?
The Philter  | 
3/10/2010  |  2 comments
2:20 PM PR people have questions. I have answers
Mobile Madness
The Philter  | 
3/9/2010  |  Post a comment
7:30 AM As consumers take control of their hardware, who's really adding value to today's mobile experience?
WiMax Moves & Mobile Bandwidth Caps
The Philter  | 
3/5/2010  |  Post a comment
7:00 AM Will mobile bandwidth caps and tiered pricing help the cause of competitors like Clearwire?
A New Broadband Content Business Model
The Philter  | 
3/3/2010  |  31 comments
11:20 AM Impose Internet consumption caps, then allow preferred content to slip by without running up the bandwidth meter

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