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Content posted in February 2009
Bruce, I'm a Cheerleader
The Philter  | 
2/24/2009  |  Post a comment
Cord cutting isn't happening, but I think something huge is about to. Where'd I put my pom poms?
The Recovery Act
The Philter  | 
2/20/2009  |  1 comment
Here's a link to the final 785-page PDF document
The Speed of Government
The Philter  | 
2/19/2009  |  Post a comment
Confusing regulations and tax codes are keeping dollars out of the mobile infrastructure worldwide, says VimpelCom CEO
No Global Depression
The Philter  | 
2/19/2009  |  Post a comment
Sachs says investment in infrastructure and new growth areas can stop the insanity
Savoring Spectrum
The Philter  | 
2/18/2009  |  Post a comment
Yes, big incumbent carriers do think of spectrum as a competitive weapon
Let's Be Like China?
The Philter  | 
2/18/2009  |  Post a comment
Rob Conway says China's got the right idea regarding telecom investment
Ericsson's OK
The Philter  | 
2/18/2009  |  Post a comment
Ericsson CEO: Everything's fine, so far
Broadband Residue
The Philter  | 
2/12/2009  |  2 comments
Something to consider before switching services
Cisco Gives Mo Data
The Philter  | 
2/10/2009  |  Post a comment
Vendor says mobile data traffic will exceed mobile voice traffic by 2010
AT&T Thinks Universal
The Philter  | 
2/6/2009  |  2 comments
U-verse customers can now upgrade to a rechargeable remote. Is that the sound of one hand clapping I hear?
Depressed Outlook
The Philter  | 
2/4/2009  |  1 comment
Wall Street's not expecting much from the telco equipment sector next quarter
Jha Don't Say
The Philter  | 
2/3/2009  |  Post a comment
Moto's device chief has no idea when it will stop raining red ink
Super Ads
The Philter  | 
2/2/2009  |  Post a comment
Did everyone forget how to use their DVRs?

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