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The Philter
Content posted in January 2006
I, Chart
The Philter  | 
1/31/2006  |  Post a comment
Is Redback the next Google?
Watch This
The Philter  | 
1/27/2006  |  2 comments
Programming note: Here's what's live now, and coming up, on LRTV.
We Are in Kansas
The Philter  | 
1/27/2006  |  Post a comment
Whoa. That's heavy.
I'm Super – Thanks for Asking
The Philter  | 
1/25/2006  |  2 comments
I want my NTV.
The Boxes Are Quiet
The Philter  | 
1/24/2006  |  5 comments
Trite is out. Pithy is in.
Your Ad Here
The Philter  | 
1/23/2006  |  1 comment
The few, the proud, the foolish?
A Legal Mugging
The Philter  | 
1/20/2006  |  Post a comment
My drug dealer doesn't know what to make of my mug.
Cell Phone Fever
The Philter  | 
1/19/2006  |  Post a comment
I didn't hear you call. I was, um, checking something...
Trash Talking
The Philter  | 
1/18/2006  |  3 comments
What we throw away says more about us than what we keep.
Kane and Unstable
The Philter  | 
1/17/2006  |  Post a comment
Making a million bucks is easy. Even a kid can do it.
Caffeine & So Much More
The Philter  | 
1/12/2006  |  3 comments
My drug dealer is pushing movies.
Yahoo! Yourself
The Philter  | 
1/11/2006  |  2 comments
Should I stop Googling?
Did You Hear That?
The Philter  | 
1/10/2006  |  2 comments
Lucent's won a Grammy.
Them's Big Pixels
The Philter  | 
1/9/2006  |  Post a comment
A picture is worth 1.0 thousand words.
CES Memories
The Philter  | 
1/6/2006  |  Post a comment
Some selections from the CES PR archives.
More CES Pics
The Philter  | 
1/6/2006  |  Post a comment
More gadget pics from the CES PR pile.
CES Pics
The Philter  | 
1/5/2006  |  Post a comment
Here are some gadget pics from CES 2006.
Ill Luminous
The Philter  | 
1/4/2006  |  Post a comment
Here's what Luminous employees got on December 26.
The Philter  | 
1/3/2006  |  Post a comment
But best of all, they did it Norway.

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