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Comcast pitches smart solutions for clever cities
The Philter | 4/11/2022

Service providers won't stop believing in smart cities. The latest, Comcast, is keen to explain how its new business unit will monitor streetlights, people.

New report fills in details about Ericsson's Iraq scandal
The Philter | 2/28/2022

Telecom equipment giant Ericsson bribed officials and paid protection money to grow its business in Iraq, according to new reporting from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Federated finds new funding as investors challenge its chairman
The Philter | 2/23/2022

Activist investors got the knives out when the private networks startup, now valued at $288M, didn't haul in as much revenue last year as its chairman's investment company promised.

5G networks will help make the metaverse real
The Philter | 1/6/2022

The Consumer Technology Association's Sayon Deb said that 5G networks are a critical component of a set of new technologies that help blend our reality with virtual worlds.

Rural broadband report talks up fiber, funding and supply constraints
The Philter | 12/23/2021

Here are five of the most interesting things I found in the NTCA's recent survey and report on broadband availability in rural America.

Media, vendors rethinking in-person plans for CES 2022
The Philter | 12/21/2021

Some media members and vendors worried about the latest COVID-19 variant are canceling plans to attend CES, casting a cloud over the tech industry's largest US trade show.

Revisiting the 5G 100: Who stays? Who goes?
The Philter | 5/21/2021

Friday fun: The Informa Tech 5G 100 influencers lists needs an update. Let us know who should stay, who should go and who you think we're missing.

MWC Barcelona poll: Most say they'll stay away
The Philter | 5/14/2021

Our unscientific reader poll shows that nearly 7 in 10 folks who attended #MWC19 will not likely turn up for #MWC21.

Double checking: Are you going to MWC Barcelona?
The Philter | 5/7/2021

We're still getting mixed messages about #MWC2021. The pandemic's grip is loosening in several places, but is it enough to bring the telecom world to Barcelona? Take our survey and let us know.

Now open: The 2021 Light Reading Leading Lights awards
The Philter | 5/3/2021

Our entry page is live and we're now accepting your nominations for outstanding achievements in communications across 26 categories, including the Light Reading Hall of Fame.

The Leading Lights returns in 2021
The Philter | 4/29/2021

Light Reading's flagship awards program has more categories and more chances to celebrate - online and in person. We're accepting entries beginning May 3.

Telia Carrier leans on pluggable optics for a simpler network
The Philter | 12/17/2020

The wholesale carrier said it will use routing platforms that support 400G pluggable optics to build a faster, more manageable network.

AT&T sizes up its pay-TV legacy
The Philter | 8/28/2020

Reports that AT&T wants to shed DirecTV are not new, but now is an excellent time for AT&T to simplify and clean up its stable of video distribution services.

Leading Lights 2020 Finalists: Most Innovative Telecom Product (Optical/IP/Carrier Ethernet/FTTH)
The Philter | 8/6/2020

Seven companies, with six offerings - AT&T and Colt Technology Services; Cisco, Ericsson, Infinera, Microchip and RtBrick - made the cut in a highly competitive category.

Leading Lights 2020 Finalists: Company of the Year (Private)
The Philter | 7/23/2020

Six companies - Altiostar Networks, Arrcus, Cohere Technologies, DriveNets, World Wide Technology and ZenFi Networks - made the cut in the Company of the Year (Private) category.

Podcast: Telcos could lead by example, says BT Global's Hriday Ravindranath
The Philter | 7/14/2020

Telcos can provide the networks and services that businesses need to re-invent themselves and adapt to life in a pandemic. But can they be socially responsible too?

Podcast: US Ignite's Mari Silbey on hybrid networks and new broadband business models
The Philter | 6/30/2020

US Ignite's Mari Silbey joins Light Reading's Kelsey Ziser and Phil Harvey for a discussion about what changes are ahead in how cities and companies can provide broadband to residents in underserved areas.

T-Mobile confirms layoffs but won't discuss numbers
The Philter | 6/17/2020

T-Mobile 'evolves' its workforce to include fewer people.

T-Mobile's 'significant capacity issues' led to network outage
The Philter | 6/16/2020

While misinformation rocketed around the Internet, T-Mobile said an issue in its network core was to blame for a multi-hour outage on Monday.

Ciena's webscale sales show cloud growth, consistency
The Philter | 6/12/2020

The optical networking firm has nine consecutive quarters with more than $100 million in direct sales to its webscale customers.

Zoom blooms and another boom looms soon
The Philter | 6/2/2020

After attracting 265,400 customers with more than 10 employees and a whole host of weird cocktail parties, the video conference star predicts another killer quarter ahead.

Huawei's CFO doesn't get her way in Canadian court
The Philter | 5/27/2020

Canada's Supreme Court will allow its government to proceed with extradition hearings against Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, who is accused by US authorities of fraud and sanctions violations.

Podcast: US moves to block chips, 5G tech from Huawei
The Philter | 5/19/2020

Light Reading's Iain Morris and Phil Harvey discuss this latest move in the US vs. Huawei, and Morris reports on Huawei's initial reaction, what we should expect next and how this could ricochet and affect Apple and others.

Podcast: Decoding Microsoft's M&A moves
The Philter | 5/18/2020

Light Reading's Mike Dano says that Microsoft's recent acquisitions of Affirmed Networks and Metaswitch signal that the company has bigger plans than just finding more stuff to sell to telcos.

Podcast: How broadband traffic patterns change as the world works from home
The Philter | 5/8/2020

Some states are opening up and that means we're seeing a shift in broadband traffic patterns (again). To get a handle on what's happening, we follow up with Plume CMO Todd Grantham.

IBM is becoming more cloud-centric
The Philter | 4/21/2020

With Red Hat, IBM has the software, expertise and corporate philosophy it can adopt and sell to telcos to make every part of the company a cloud business.

Podcast: The new SVoD squad – Launches and lessons
The Philter | 4/17/2020

The world of streaming video is more crowded and competitive than ever. Listen as Alan Breznick and Jeff Baumgartner discuss the implications for pay-TV providers and why bundling is back and better than ever.

Podcast: South Korea's 5G prowess and progress
The Philter | 4/10/2020

Light Reading's Phil Harvey is joined by Omdia Senior Analyst Ramona Zhao, who provides some highlights from her recent report recapping South Korea's first year in 5G.

Podcast: Carrier voice traffic stays over-the-top
The Philter | 4/3/2020

TeleGeography's Paul Brodsky joins Light Reading's Phil Harvey to talk about international voice traffic and how the mix of traffic on carrier networks has changed over the years.

The New T-Mobile is here
The Philter | 4/1/2020

Sprint and T-Mobile finalize a merger that the new company says will unleash a $40 billion investment in its network and business over the next three years.

Podcast: A few good films
The Philter | 3/20/2020

OK, enough about COVID-19. We can't handle the truth. Let's talk about what kind of movies we like to watch while practicing social distancing. Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre weighs in.

Podcast: Five ways COVID-19 is affecting the telecom industry right now
The Philter | 3/19/2020

Light Reading's Mike Dano, Kelsey Ziser and Phil Harvey discuss COVID-19, how it is affecting the telecom industry now and what might happen next as stores close, stocks drop and everyone works from home.

Podcast: Smart cities strategies and O-RAN testing intrigue
The Philter | 3/19/2020

US Ignite's Mari Silbey returns to discuss smart cities, O-RAN testing and what some recent carrier moves might really mean.

Podcast: Empty arenas, Wi-Fi 6 and big tech upgrades
The Philter | 3/18/2020

Paul Kapustka from Mobile Sports Report joins the podcast to discuss the COVID-19 effect on public venues and arena networks, the reliability of 4G DAS and why Wi-Fi 6 is the future of stadium connectivity.

Podcast: MNJ Technologies EVP Ben Niernberg
The Philter | 1/28/2020

A managed service provider offers thoughts on workplace collaboration and SD-WAN, two hot markets where enterprise spending is up, and the number and type of competitors is proliferating.

Caption Contest: The Comcast Pointer
The Philter | 1/27/2020

A Monday mystery emerges from the Comcast media kit.

Podcast: The US Government's $1B Plans to Beat Huawei
The Philter | 1/21/2020

The US government's push to invest in open radio access networks is part of a broader effort – and multiple $1B proposals – to beat the Chinese telecom industrial complex.

Podcast: Quibi quips and TV feeds the airwaves
The Philter | 1/9/2020

Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner has another #CES2020 update. In this episode, we get a Quibi keynote recap, more info on next-gen TV and where we might see 8K in action.

Podcast: New Devices Stock Service Provider Streaming Schemes
The Philter | 1/8/2020

At #CES2020, Jeff Baumgartner reports on streaming video deals that include broadband service providers as key distribution partners. Maybe this is the silver lining as traditional pay-TV keeps losing subscribers.

Podcast: The SVoD Squad Attacks
The Philter | 1/7/2020

We discuss HBO Max, Peacock and more as the week of #CES2020 gets under way and service providers continue to stake their claims in the consumer subscription video business.

Ciena Gets Ready to Leap Into 2020
The Philter | 12/24/2019

The optical networking leader is pounding the table for webscale providers and telcos to move straight to 800G in the coming year, minimizing the competitive momentum of several vendors in the 600G space.

Podcast: The Big Cisco Silicon One Recap
The Philter | 12/13/2019

Mitch Wagner brings us coverage of the Cisco Silicon One announcement from San Francisco, where the company announced a single technology platform to serve all its networking customers.

Podcast: Juniper CEO Rami Rahim on 400G, AI & Being a Market Challenger
The Philter | 11/12/2019

Phil Harvey and Kelsey Ziser interview Juniper CEO Rami Rahim about his thoughts on 400G, where AI will matter in the enterprise and what it will mean for service providers.

The MWC Los Angeles Recap 2019 Podcast
The Philter | 11/1/2019

What did our analyst colleagues and fellow editors think of all the big booths, meetings and crowded corridors?

Podcast: Gadget Zombies & Ghoulish Tech Flops
The Philter | 10/31/2019

Videophone zombies. Disappearing phones. Moaning mobile services. Glass that makes your skin crawl. Don't be afraid. It's the Light Reading Podcast Halloween Special!

Podcast: Windstream's Layne Levine, SD-WAN Machine
The Philter | 10/25/2019

'This is the next big technology transformation in the communications world and I think it's going to completely upend some companies' business models.'

Podcast: Orange Silicon Valley's Will Barkis on Smart Cities
The Philter | 10/21/2019

Smart cities are taking shape in small ways, as the technology develops and makes its way to market. Orange Silicon Valley's Will Barkis discusses some of the newer tech he's seeing, where it might be used and privacy concerns that come up.

Ciena Agrees to Buy Centina, Keeps Kicking OSS
The Philter | 10/3/2019

Ciena's latest acquisition is another piece of a larger back office puzzle for carriers, but the vendor said it's not aiming to become the new OSS stack.

Net Neutrality Is Dead Yet Again
The Philter | 10/1/2019

States still have the option of enacting their own net neutrality regulations following today's DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruling upholding the FCC rollback of net neutrality rules.

Podcast: Where 5G May Be in 5 Years
The Philter | 10/1/2019

Ovum Chief Analyst Ed Barton talks to Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre about the services and opportunities 5G unlocks for consumers – and what new capabilities are just around the corner.

Infinera: Making Optical Interesting Again
The Philter | 9/30/2019

The vendor's new XR Optics technology could cut carrier opex and capex in service providers' metro networks. But can the company get everyone else to buy into coherent optical sub-carrier aggregation?

Podcast: 5G, Edge Computing Give SDN & NFV New Focus
The Philter | 9/24/2019

As the editors recap Light Reading's event series on network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN), technologies like 5G and edge computing arrive just in time to hurry the industry along its path to more modern networks and add plenty of drama.

Podcast: What's Changing in the Competitive World of SD-WAN
The Philter | 8/26/2019

Our series on the state of the SD-WAN market continues with a discussion on what's holding back some companies in the space and how standards and new technologies are advancing the cause of SD-WAN.

Guavus Takes Jio's Big Data Challenge
The Philter | 8/22/2019

Jio's competitive market, fast growth and expanding customer base present some interesting machine learning and analytics challenges for Guavus, its newly announced analytics partner.

Podcast: Where Does OTT TV Go Now?
The Philter | 8/16/2019

It's going to take some televisionary moves for pay-TV providers and big studio owners like AT&T to sort out what consumers want, how to package it and what to call it.

Podcast: Prof. Nick Feamster Explains Machine Learning for Telcos
The Philter | 8/13/2019

Machine learning is primed to help service providers run more efficient and effective networks, but first the good ideas have to make their way from the lab to the real world – and that's a big challenge, according to the University of Chicago's Nick Feamster.

Podcast: Dish Network's Spectrum of Innovation
The Philter | 8/8/2019

Light Reading's editors discuss Dish Network, its pioneering past, a few hilarious missteps and why the company seems just as likely as anyone to be the next big player in 5G networks.

Podcast: The Fast-Moving World of SD-WAN
The Philter | 7/30/2019

Light Reading's Kelsey Ziser discusses the world of SD-WAN, why there are so many vendors and whether enterprise 'white glove' services are handled by butlers.

The Cord Cutters Are Right
The Philter | 7/29/2019

The pay-TV feature set has finally met its match and, even if you don't cut the cord for budget reasons, you should give some other options a try.

Podcast: AT&T's U-verse U-Turn
The Philter | 7/24/2019

AT&T once pushed its U-verse products really hard, then backed away. It did the same with DirecTV. Will HBO or AT&T Fiber be any different?

Huawei's Fate Up for Debate in a Possible US-China Trade Deal
The Philter | 7/22/2019

The US has given mixed signals with regards to Huawei and the US-China trade war in general, policy experts say. Huawei, meanwhile, said it would favor any trade deal that gets the US talking again.

Podcast: Here Are 3 Big Trends in 5G
The Philter | 7/18/2019

This mini episode of the Light Reading podcast features Ray Le Maistre and Dario Talmesio discussing the big trends shaping the 5G market worldwide, now that so many major operators have launched 5G services.

Podcast: Parsing Data & Sharing Poles in Smart Cities
The Philter | 7/9/2019

US Ignite's Mari Silbey provides commentary on a few topics related to smart cities, including how research universities are helping cities slice up IoT and sensor data into bite-sized morsels.

Podcast Interview: IT & Telco Vet Bill Walker
The Philter | 6/28/2019

Business disruption, telco transformation and big-league bowling. Crack open a cold one and listen to our podcast chat with former CenturyLink explainer-of-things Bill Walker.

Podcast: Why Telcos Are Challenged at the Edge
The Philter | 6/25/2019

Building edge computing resources for advanced applications is going to be a big challenge to telcos in terms of how and where to invest, as well as when and where to partner with cloud providers, vendors and others.

Walker Walks From CenturyLink
The Philter | 6/14/2019

Bill Walker, a senior-level executive working on the carrier's cloud, NFV and SDN efforts, has left. No word yet on his next move.

Cybersecurity Expert Sees Opportunity in Internet Growth, Consolidation
The Philter | 6/14/2019

The way to defend against DDoS and other attacks is changing, says Nokia's Craig Labovitz. That's because the Internet is getting bigger and smaller at the same time.

Podcast: What We Think We'll Pay for 5G
The Philter | 6/13/2019

Light Reading's Mike Dano weighs in on how the major carriers are stacking up with the way they're handling pricing for 5G service (if you can find it).

Podcast: Mentors, Sponsors & Tall Poppies
The Philter | 6/10/2019

Kelsey Ziser joins the podcast to discuss some of her recent work in the Women in Comms content series. We also have a quick curator's catch-up on all things related to the 5G Exchange.

Podcast: Apple Makes Itself Right at Home
The Philter | 6/4/2019

In addition to big, expensive Macs and multiple OS updates, Apple's WWDC featured a Homekit improvement to make smart homes more secure and several tweaks to ease consumer worries about how it deals with their data.

Podcast: Huawei's Guilty of Something, Right?
The Philter | 5/29/2019

Does Huawei's past misdeeds around trade secrets and allegations of the company sidestepping sanctions mean that the Chinese vendor is also a vessel for Chinese spying and cyber attacks on US networks?

Senate Bill Offers Loans for Swapping Chinese Telecom Gear
The Philter | 5/23/2019

What's better than a Memorial Day weekend mattress sale? A new bill offers interest-free loans from the Treasury to help carriers with fewer than 6 million customers replace Huawei kit.

Podcast: Taking Aim at Huawei's Smartphone Business
The Philter | 5/23/2019

In this podcast, find out what other Chinese vendors might emerge and profit from Huawei's troubles with the US. Also, Ovum's Daniel Gleeson talks about the device-related concerns service providers have when they go to launch 5G networks.

Podcast: 5G & Hollywood Are the New SVoD Couple
The Philter | 5/22/2019

In this podcast, Disney takes full control of Hulu and that could pose a bigger threat to traditional pay-TV providers. Also, nearly every single mobile network operator has a different angle on providing video services to consumers.

Marvell Goes Shopping to Sweeten 5G Story
The Philter | 5/20/2019

A couple of years removed from its $6B deal to buy Cavium, Marvell suddenly agrees to buy two companies so far this month. There's still 11 days left in May, folks.

Trump Clears the Way for a Huawei Ban
The Philter | 5/15/2019

A new executive order from President Trump allows the US to ban telecom gear from China - and anywhere else it wants.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Company of the Year (Private)
The Philter | 5/4/2019

Several privately held companies - including Versa Networks, CUJO AI, Synamedia and Pluribus Networks - have grown their businesses and set themselves up for success in the last 12 months.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Best Deal Maker
The Philter | 5/3/2019

Oracle, Momentum Telecom and Lumentum all made interesting, well-timed acquisitions, divestitures, partnerships and other deals in the past 12 months.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Most Innovative IoT/M2M Strategy
The Philter | 4/30/2019

Nokia, Senet, Sprint & Ericsson and Wind River all stood out as having compelling IoT strategies and approaches to a growing, lucrative market.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Most Innovative Security Strategy
The Philter | 4/28/2019

Fortinet, ZTE, CUJO AI and Colt all had standout entries for most innovative security strategy in this year's Leading Lights contest.

Podcast: Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Madness, Ominous Signs for Omniverse
The Philter | 4/25/2019

Jeff Baumgartner catches us up on the Omniverse saga and Mike Dano looks at what might happen if the Sprint and T-Mobile merger is blocked.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Most Innovative Business Cloud Service
The Philter | 4/23/2019

Colt Technology Services, Comcast Business and Vonage all had stand-out cloud service offerings for business customers in the past 12 months.

DoJ Staffers Signal Early Checkout for Sprint, T-Mobile Merger
The Philter | 4/16/2019

A few Trump hotel stays might not have been enough to help the UnCarrier, according to The Wall Street Journal. T-Mobile's boss puts down the story but offers no details.

Podcast: Into the Omniverse
The Philter | 3/29/2019

Forget Apple. There's no wilder story in the world of pay-TV than the controversy surrounding Omniverse One World Television. In this podcast, we discuss how the company turned up on the cable industry's radar, scrapped with content owners and has what it said is a 100-year contract to distribute pay-TV channels.

Delivering Apple's Promise: A Premium Streaming Service
The Philter | 3/27/2019

The launch of Apple TV+ assumes great broadband service, and that buzz may help savvy service providers connect with new customers.

Podcast: Building Smarter Cities
The Philter | 3/22/2019

In this podcast, Light Reading's Alan Breznick interviews US Ignite's Mari Silbey. Silbey, a former Light Reading editor, talks about bringing local governments and tech companies together to share smart city plans, infrastructure needs and new applications.

Podcast: AT&T, 5G & the Mirantis Incident
The Philter | 2/14/2019

The recently reported deal with Mirantis is another step in AT&T's network evolution as the company continues to carry the flag for open source and a software-defined 5G network.

Podcast: Tacos, Telcos & Trouble
The Philter | 2/7/2019

T-Mobile is giving its customers a free taco every week. Should it also give them a roll of toilet paper? Also, and completely unrelated, what if Huawei does invent a must-have device for 5G networks - and we can't buy it in the US?

Podcast: Bundle Up, Everyone. Pay-TV Is a Cold, Cold Business
The Philter | 1/31/2019

The world of pay-TV is an unholy mess, and no one is better at keeping up with the players, plans and problems than Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner. In this podcast, Jeff joins Phil Harvey for a chat about how cable providers are using mobile, why adding Netflix to your set-top isn't a bad idea and what kind of subscribers aren't worth chasing.

Verizon Media Cuts Jobs, Has No Growth Plans to Share
The Philter | 1/28/2019

Verizon Media cuts jobs and leans on the 23-year-old Yahoo brand as the most stable thing in its portfolio. What's next as 5G networks start covering the US? VM is mum about its 'plans for growth and innovation.'

Podcast: What in the 5G World Happened at CES?
The Philter | 1/16/2019

There was a lot to see in Las Vegas last week, but was there anything said that we had never heard before? Phil Harvey and Mike Dano discuss the week's activities and parse each major carrier's 5G progress following CES 2019.

Podcast: Apple Warns Things Might Get Boring
The Philter | 1/9/2019

Apple isn't selling as many iPhones as it previously expected, but is that a reason to think the company is in big trouble?

ZTE's New Hire Doesn't Inspire
The Philter | 1/4/2019

One of Trump's swamp creatures pledges to help ZTE repair its image problem in the US.

Light Reading's 41 Most Popular Stories in 2018
The Philter | 12/31/2018

Everything from enterprise strategies to 5G devices caught our audiences' attention during 2018. At a time when so many changes are bearing down on the telecom world, it's clear that a lot of us still have our heads in the cloud.

Light Reading's 22 Most Popular Huawei Stories in 2018
The Philter | 12/24/2018

Why have it your way when you can have it Huawei?

Podcast: Ciena CEO Gary Smith Plans for More Growth
The Philter | 12/19/2018

With its competitors stumbling, its largest customers remaining stable and its markets outside of telecom growing, Ciena is enjoying relatively smooth sailing in CEO Smith's 17th year at the helm.

Anti-Huawei Forces Focus on Sprint/T-Mobile Deal
The Philter | 12/14/2018

A new report suggests that the US is using its merger approval process to pressure Sprint and T-Mobile's parent companies to back away from Huawei.

Podcast: The Heat Is on Huawei
The Philter | 12/12/2018

If Huawei catches a 5G cold, how many operators around the world will suddenly feel a little sick and stay in bed? 'Tis the (flu) season for rampant, worldwide speculation on the Light Reading podcast.

Smart Cities Are a Truly Different Kind of Telco Business
The Philter | 11/28/2018

Smart cities could be a telco dream come true but for a long-term payoff, they'll need to keep investing in the space and be careful not to overreach.

Podcast: CenturyLink's CxO Moves & Do We Really Need RFPs?
The Philter | 11/21/2018

On this podcast, we discussed CenturyLink new CTO, why Dull But Critical (DBC) is our favorite category of telecom infrastructure and how cable companies are warming up to the cloud. We also ask a critical question: Does the telecom industry need RFPs?

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