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AT&T's Penrose: Future IoT Hinges on Predictability
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
6/13/2018  |  Post a comment
AT&T's Chris Penrose says the IoT industry is quickly moving toward a focus on applying data in a proactive manner to further improve operational efficiency for customers.
AT&T & Aira Tackle the 'Time Tax' With Assistive Glasses
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
6/6/2018  |  Post a comment
In collaboration with AT&T, startup Aira is deploying its assistive glasses globally to the UK, Canada and Australia.
How Will SPs Adapt to SD-WAN 3.0?
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
4/24/2018  |  Post a comment
At BCE, panelists will discuss changing consumption models for SD-WAN, new approaches that vendors and carriers are taking in deploying SD-WAN, standards efforts and interoperability challenges and more.
Verizon: Delivering Automation in Orchestration
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
10/10/2017  |  Post a comment
Verizon's Fred Oliveira explains how the industry needs to focus more on automation in NFV orchestration and less on managing individual network elements.
Intent-Based Networking: Marketing Hype or a Magic Bullet for Automation?
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
9/20/2017  |  Post a comment
Intent-based networking is making a resurgence as a potentially promising way for telcos to advance self-configuration and automation in the network.
Upskill U: OPNFV Director on Open Source & Automation
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
8/30/2017  |  1 comment
This week at Upskill U, Heather Kirksey, director of OPFNV, will examine the use of open source and automation in accelerating the deployment and management of network and business services.
Upskill U With MetTel on NFV & Security
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
7/25/2017  |  1 comment
This week at Upskill U, Ed Fox, VP of Network Services for MetTel, will cover the challenges operators face in furthering their goals for NFV while also meeting security requirements.
Intel's Lynn Comp on Building a Network Community
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
5/26/2017  |  1 comment
At BCE 2017, Intel's Lynn Comp addressed cross-industry collaboration as central to driving network transformation.
WiC Panel: Diversity Must Flow Top Down
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
5/25/2017  |  2 comments
The service provider panel at BCE's WiC workshop discussed how diversity in company culture starts with top-down, consistent messaging.
Upskill U With AT&T on Building a Centralized Analytics Team
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
4/17/2017  |  Post a comment
AT&T's Sarah Obermayer covers best practices for operators to re-build analytics teams as the industry moves toward network virtualization.
Princeton Prof Upskills U on Predictive Analytics
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
4/6/2017  |  1 comment
A new Upskill U series on Analytics starts Friday with a course on predictive analytics led by returning speaker Prof. Nick Feamster.
Upskill U on Analytics With Princeton & AT&T
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
3/31/2017  |  1 comment
Upskill U launches a new four-part series on Analytics, beginning in April.
Sharpen Your Skills With Upskill U in 2017
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
12/27/2016  |  3 comments
Start 2017 on the right foot with a resolution to reskill with Light Reading's Upskill U.
Upskill U on the SDN Approach to IP & Optical Integration
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
12/1/2016  |  Post a comment
Sterling Perrin of Heavy Reading examines how SDN shows promise in enabling IP and optical integration in the final course in Upskill U's SDN series.
Upskill U on the Software Defined Data Center With Equinix
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
11/30/2016  |  1 comment
Equinix's Paul Mason examines the benefits and challenges behind implementing software-defined data centers as part of SDN strategies.
AT&T's Chris Rice Upskills on SDN & Open Source
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
11/17/2016  |  Post a comment
Upskill U Faculty Advisor Chris Rice of AT&T examines open source opportunities for advancing SDN strategies.
Upskill U on the SDN Advantage With Orange
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
11/15/2016  |  1 comment
Orange Business Services' John Isch delivers the first course in a new series at Upskill U on the challenges and opportunities inherent in SDN.
Upskill U on Open Source for NFV MANO
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
11/10/2016  |  Post a comment
Heavy Reading Senior Analyst James Crawshaw examines the role of open source in the advancement of NFV MANO this Friday at Upskill U.
AT&T's Toby Ford Upskills U on NFV MANO
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
11/8/2016  |  Post a comment
Toby Ford, AT&T, tackles the challenges of and solutions to successfully implementing NFV MANO.
Princeton Upskills U on Open Source Security
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
10/27/2016  |  4 comments
Princeton Professor and returning Upskill U lecturer Nick Feamster addresses the security risks and benefits of open source software.
Upskill & Outsmart DDoS Attacks
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
10/25/2016  |  1 comment
Arbor Networks' Gary Sockrider examines proactive countermeasures to DDoS attacks at Upskill U.
Tata Communications Upskills U on Data Center Security
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
10/20/2016  |  Post a comment
Tata Communications' Rasool Kareem Irfan examines critical changes to data center security in the era of virtualization.
Upskill U Launches Cybersecurity Series With AT&T
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
10/18/2016  |  Post a comment
AT&T's Rita Marty examines fundamental shifts in security strategies in light of virtualization at Upskill U.
Comcast Upskills U on Gigabit & DOCSIS 3.1
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
10/7/2016  |  1 comment
Comcast's Ty Pearman and Saif Rahman tackle the challenges and benefits of DOCSIS 3.1 in a live session at Upskill U.
AT&T's Palmer on Minding the Skills Gap
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
10/6/2016  |  1 comment
In light of virtualization and rapid technological changes in telecom, AT&T launched Workforce 2020 to reskill employees.
Upskill U on Gigabit Smart Cities With US Ignite
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
10/5/2016  |  Post a comment
Next on Upskill U, US Ignite's Joe Kochan examines the growth of smart cities underpinned by advanced networks and gigabit services.
Upskill U on Roadmaps for Gigabit Deployment
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
9/29/2016  |  2 comments
Dr. Robert Howald, Comcast, and Alan Breznick, Light Reading, examine developments in gigabit technology and best practices for future deployments in the Upskill U course, 'Gigabit & the Great Migration.'
Upskill U Kicks Off Gigabit Courses With Orange
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
9/26/2016  |  3 comments
This week Upskill U launches a new series on Gigabit with lecturers from Orange, Comcast and US Ignite.
Upskill U on Implementing DevOps With Tech Mahindra
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
9/22/2016  |  1 comment
Upskill U's series on Agile/DevOps culminates with a course on the implementation of DevOps, delivered by Burt Klein of Tech Mahindra.
Cisco Dives Into DevOps at Upskill U
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
9/20/2016  |  2 comments
Cisco's Colin Kincaid covers the fundamentals of DevOps in a live course and Q&A at Upskill U.
Upskill U on Implementing Agile
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
9/15/2016  |  2 comments
Director of Agile Transformation addresses the challenges and best practices to implementing the Agile methodology.
Upskill U on Agile & DevOps
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
9/13/2016  |  1 comment
Upskill U launches a new series on implementing Agile and DevOps with expert speakers from Cisco, Tech Mahindra, Agile Alliance and more.
Upskill U on Open Source & White Box Networks With LinkedIn
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
8/18/2016  |  3 comments
At Upskill U, Saikrishna Kotha with LinkedIn examines the role of open source in the white box network transformation.
Upskill U on Open Source & the Cloud With Heavy Reading
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
8/16/2016  |  Post a comment
Roz Roseboro with Heavy Reading addresses telecom's approach to open source and cloud services at Upskill U.
Upskill U: Telstra Tackles Open Source & NFV
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
8/11/2016  |  Post a comment
Jim Fagan of Telstra addresses 'The Role of Open Source in NFV' at Upskill U.
Upskill U on Open Source With OpenDaylight
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
8/9/2016  |  1 comment
Phil Robb of OpenDaylight kicks off the Open Source series at Upskill U with 'Telcos & Open Source 101.'
Upskill U Kicks Off Open Source Courses
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
8/5/2016  |  Post a comment
Upskill U launches a new series on the role of open source in cloud services, NFV and the white box network transformation.
Upskill U on CORD With the Open Networking Lab
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
8/2/2016  |  6 comments
Guru Parulkar with the Open Networking Lab explains how and why telco central offices are being re-architected to mimic data centers.
Upskill U on the Data Center Evolution With Equinix
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
7/27/2016  |  1 comment
Equinix's Rodney Elder examines the changing face of the data center world at Upskill U.
AT&T to Advise Upskill U on Curriculum
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
7/26/2016  |  3 comments
Upskill U welcomes AT&T's Chris Rice of AT&T Labs as Curriculum Advisor.
Upskill U: EdgeConneX on Maneuvering the Metro Data Center Interconnect
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
7/21/2016  |  Post a comment
EdgeConneX examines how web-scale operators and traditional telcos are re-thinking data center strategies in the virtualization environment.
Windstream Kicks Off Telco Data Center Series at Upskill U
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
7/19/2016  |  Post a comment
Upskill U launches a series on the Telco Data Center with speakers from Windstream, EdgeConneX, Equinix and the Open Networking Research Center.
Cisco Tackles Video Virtualization at Upskill U
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
7/14/2016  |  1 comment
Upskill U and Cisco's Rajeev Raman, senior director for Infinite Video, will examine the benefits of utilizing virtualization for video delivery.
Upskill U: Streaming Video Alliance on Boosting Video CEM
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
7/13/2016  |  1 comment
Jason Thibeault, executive director of the Streaming Video Alliance, tackles CEM strategies for video delivery at Upskill U.
Upskill U: Cisco on OpenStack's Approach to Video Delivery
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
7/1/2016  |  Post a comment
Upskill U and Cisco explore OpenStack solutions for video delivery at 1PM ET on 7/1.
Upskill U on Next-Gen Video Delivery With Tata Communications
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
6/28/2016  |  Post a comment
Upskill U on the impact of next-gen wireless networking technologies on video delivery with Tata Communications.
Upskill U With Princeton on Big Data Analytics & IoT
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
6/24/2016  |  1 comment
Upskill U goes Ivy League with Princeton Professor Nick Feamster for a deep dive into the role of analytics platforms in IoT.
Upskill U & AT&T Tackle IoT Security
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
6/23/2016  |  3 comments
Creating a strong security strategy is front of mind for players in the IoT space. Jason Porter of AT&T tackles the toughest IoT security challenges today at Upskill U.
Upskill U: Disney on Analytics & CEM
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
6/22/2016  |  2 comments
Embedded analytics are opening a new frontier to enhancing customer experience, but challenges remain. Juan F. Gorricho of The Walt Disney Company will address these challenges in an Upskill U course at 1PM ET today.
Upskill U: Masergy on Network Security
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
6/17/2016  |  Post a comment
The ever-changing landscape of security threats is driving service providers to rethink traditional security measures. Tune in to 'Big Data Analytics & Network Security' with Masergy to boost your security strategies.
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