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ICT's Jen Cistola: 'Swagger Matters' for Women in Comms
Mentor Monday | 1/14/2019

In this Mentor Monday, Cistola explains how identifying coaches both outside and within her workplace has made a huge impact on her career path.

Sprint's Nolan on Why Workplace Sponsors Won't Settle for Less
Mentor Monday | 9/10/2018

Tracy Nolan explains the difference between mentorship and sponsorship and the benefits of both. She shares how her career was shaped by an influential sponsor, and provides insight on how women in comms and tech can identify and foster relationships with mentors and sponsors.

Matrixx Founder Creates Her Own Culture
Mentor Monday | 4/30/2018

When Jennifer Kyriakakis didn't like the culture of the large company that acquired the business she was working for, she broke away and created her own with a focus on innovation.

Celcom SVP: Focus on Performance, Forget Gender
Mentor Monday | 4/2/2018

Noora Mat Rifin, SVP of Customer Life Cycle Management at Celcom Axiata Berhad, advises women to follow their passion and seize opportunities in comms, despite the challenges.

Forman Pioneers a Path Forward for Women Returning to Work
Mentor Monday | 3/26/2018

Tami Forman, executive director of Path Forward, shares how the nonprofit is helping women who have taken a career break return to the workforce at companies such as Verizon.

DevOps Institute CEO: We're at 'Tech's Tipping Point'
Mentor Monday | 3/12/2018

DOI Co-Founder and CEO Jayne Groll encourages more women to enter DevOps to be part of the unparalleled disruptive innovation driving tech today.

Microelectronics Chip Pioneer Envisions Techno-Social Innovation
Mentor Monday | 3/5/2018

Lynn Conway, IEEE Life Fellow and professor, shares her thoughts on tech revolutions, the Valley's Brotopia image and the techno-social systems emerging in the industry.

Axiata Digital Services' Lye: Find the Right Leader to Follow
Mentor Monday | 2/19/2018

Amanda Lye, Axiata Digital's 32-year-old associate director of strategy, is breaking the mold in the telecom industry.

Telstra Malaysia Director: Time to Raise the Bar for Women
Mentor Monday | 2/5/2018

Now is the time for senior female executives in comms to help the new entrants carve a niche for themselves in the industry, according to Telstra Malaysia's Yuni Lee Heathcote.

AT&T VP: LTE to 5G & One That Wasn't Meant to Be
Mentor Monday | 1/29/2018

Dr. Alicia Abella, AT&T's vice president of Advanced Technology Realization, shares what technologies she thinks have been the most revolutionary and what she learned from one that wasn't.

AT&T's Sports Boss Shares Her Playbook
Mentor Monday | 1/22/2018

Catherine Gonzalez Pack, who leads the team responsible for NFL Mobile Ticket, talks about her journey from the military to mobile and how she takes risks, asks the right questions and doesn't take no for an answer.

Qualcomm's Hayashi on Re-Imagining the AI Revolution
Mentor Monday | 12/11/2017

Qualcomm's Kathy Herring Hayashi addresses advancements in AI and its impact on job opportunities, how women in communications can both identify and become mentors, and offers her advice for young women considering a career in STEM.

Startup's President on Squashing Self-Imposed Setbacks
Mentor Monday | 11/27/2017

128 Technology President Susan Johnston shares her lessons learned from participating in mentoring programs, how to be your own best advocate, and how women in comms can 'change the game for other women' in small and large ways.

UNH-IOL Director on Plugfests & Career Pivots
Mentor Monday | 11/13/2017

UNH-IOL Director Erica Johnson explains how she balances the technology and business goals of the UNH-IOL, makes STEM opportunities at the lab a priority for high-school students and why women should be comfortable pivoting in their careers.

AT&T's Chow: Work-Life Balance Is Bogus
Mentor Monday | 10/30/2017

AT&T's Anne Chow discusses her leadership philosophy, approach to navigating business transformations and why she thinks more women should pursue the C-suite.

VentureLabs' Balcom Brings Marketing Strategy to Startups
Mentor Monday | 10/23/2017

As Executive in Residence for VentureLabs, Virginia Balcom helps startups hone their marketing strategy - a critical, but often overlooked step in product and market validation.

AT&T's Knight on Fostering Resiliency & Diversity
Mentor Monday | 10/16/2017

AT&T's Marachel Knight shares her insight on how she developed resiliency in the face of challenges, and how cohesive teams helped her overcome those obstacles.

Fujitsu's Head of Optical Shares Her Transformation Story
Mentor Monday | 10/9/2017

Christine Podraza, VP and head of Fujitsu's Optical Business Unit, shares lessons she's learned over the course of her career as she's gone from learning to earning to returning.

Cisco Engineer Shares Her Top Tech Trends
Mentor Monday | 8/21/2017

Serpil Bayraktar, a principal engineer in Cisco's CTAO office, reveals which three technologies have been the most impactful over her 26-year comms career.

Verizon SVP Bridges the Network/Consumer Divide
Mentor Monday | 7/31/2017

Aparna Khurjekar shares how she keeps tabs on consumer interests, leads diverse teams, makes mentoring a priority and more.

College Professor Finds a Home in AT&T Labs
Mentor Monday | 7/3/2017

AT&T Labs Director DeDe Paul combines a knack for mathematics with people skills to help the carrier make business use of its piles and piles of network and customer data.

Empowering Women in Africa – From the US
Mentor Monday | 6/26/2017

Nneoma Nwankwo, a Citi analyst and founder of Empower46, helps bring news of female education and empowerment across Africa to the US.

AT&T AI Director on Diversity in Data Mining
Mentor Monday | 6/19/2017

AT&T Labs is made up of engineers, scientists and experts from all walks of life, not necessarily by design, but Director Ann Skudlark says it's an important part of its success.

ITP Offers Apprenticeships to Boost Women in Telecom
Mentor Monday | 5/8/2017

CEO Crissi Williams is leading the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (ITP) in its apprenticeship program to help attract more qualified women to the telecom industry.

How Jill Sciarappo Landed in Intel's Driver's Seat
Mentor Monday | 4/10/2017

Jill Sciarappo has bounced all over Intel building a rewarding career that has ultimately led her to the driver's seat of the chipmaker's self-driving cars division.

Skillsoft Puts Women in Action to Improve Culture
Mentor Monday | 4/3/2017

Tara O'Sullivan, chief creative officer of the e-learning company Skillsoft, offers insight into how companies can improve their cultures and why both women and men must play a role.

What Drives Intel's Connected Car GM
Mentor Monday | 3/27/2017

Kathy Winter has always wanted to stay on the cutting-edge of technology, even when it means letting the car itself take the wheel.

Cisco's Kanouff Kick-Starts the Multiplier Effect
Mentor Monday | 3/20/2017

Yvette Kanouff is issuing a challenge to other comms execs: sponsor one diverse person to advance to the next level, creating a multiplier effect to improve the pipeline.

How Rachel Kutz Went From ET to AT&T VP
Mentor Monday | 3/13/2017

Rachel Kutz, VP of supplier diversity at AT&T, may have envisioned herself in outer space, but a rewarding career in telecom was a nice consolation prize.

How Boingo's Dawn Callahan Swallowed Fear & Tasted Success
Mentor Monday | 1/30/2017

Taking risks despite her fear helped Dawn Callahan become the CMO of WiFi provider Boingo, and inspired her to help other women keep moving up in the process.

Verizon CISO Paves Way for Women in Cybersecurity
Mentor Monday | 1/16/2017

Females in cybersecurity are highly underrepresented, so Verizon's Chandra McMahon shares her advice on how other women can follow her lead.

Mentor Monday: Meet the First 65
Mentor Monday | 12/26/2016

Women may be underrepresented in the next-gen comms industry, but there's no shortage of smart, talented and inspiring ones making a difference. We've profiled 65.

SBA Leader: It's Time to Get Women on Board
Mentor Monday | 12/19/2016

Michele Schimpp, associate administrator of the US Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Investment and Innovation, explains why gender parity should start in the boardroom.

Why Diversity of Geeks in Tech Matters
Mentor Monday | 12/12/2016

Diversity that goes beyond lip service is achievable and vital in tech, according to diversity expert Annie Ryan from San Fran-based talent agency Speak With a Geek.

Artificial Intelligence Expert Weighs In for WiC
Mentor Monday | 12/5/2016

Author and AI Professor Melanie Mitchell shares her thoughts on AI's biggest breakthroughs and the challenges and opportunities for female computer scientists.

Nexleaf Founder Applies Tech to Social Justice
Mentor Monday | 11/28/2016

Nithya Ramanathan, founder and president of Nexleaf Analytics, tells us about her quest to use technology to improve healthcare across the globe.

Clearfield CEO Takes Fiber to the Glass Cliff
Mentor Monday | 11/21/2016

Cheri Beranek shares how she drove a successful financial and cultural transformation at Clearfield, despite the challenges she inherited at the struggling company.

Meet the Woman Who Can Make You a Millionaire Inventor
Mentor Monday | 11/14/2016

Deanne Bell, host of CNBC's Make Me a Millionaire Inventor, turned her passion for inventing into a television career, hoping to inspire others to find the fun -- and money -- in engineering.

Bharti Airtel CIO Charts Course for Women in India Telecom
Mentor Monday | 11/7/2016

Bharti Airtel is making it easier for women to return to work after having children, and CIO Harmeen Mehta is hoping more will join the workforce in India.

BT's Security Boss: Tech Has No Age
Mentor Monday | 10/31/2016

Kate Kuehn, deputy CISO and head of security practice at BT Americas, shares how she went from taking phones apart to keeping networks intact and what she's learned along the way.

Vodafone Americas Lays Foundation for Social Change
Mentor Monday | 10/24/2016

Vodafone Americas Foundation Director June Sugiyama shares how the Foundation and startups it has funded are using technology to impact social change for women.

Marcus: Own Your Ambition; Stay the Course
Mentor Monday | 10/17/2016

Author of study on women at work advises companies to identify and nurture high-potential women and for women to 'own' their ambition and make their career intentions known.

STEMing the Decline: Scientists Appeal to the Next Generation
Mentor Monday | 10/10/2016

Interest in STEM is waning in the younger generation, especially amongst girls, a trend that Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle, founder of Science from Scientists, hopes to reverse.

Netrounds' Loffler Paves a Road to Self & Service Assurance
Mentor Monday | 10/3/2016

Netrounds' Kaela Loffler shares how she went from measuring fungal lesions to virtualized service assurance and why comms is exactly where she wants to be.

How Big Plans Led Sue Monahan to Small Cells
Mentor Monday | 9/26/2016

The CEO of the Small Cell Forum and Director of GSMA North America shares her perspective on how to change company cultures, recruit women in comms and achieve any goal.

WiC Rewind: Cultural Reflections From Denver
Mentor Monday | 9/19/2016

Top female executives from Intel, Vodafone Americas, Windstream, XO Communications and Zayo Group share their thoughts on company culture, progressive policies and much more.

Parallel Wireless's Jordan on Finding Her Voice & Using Yours
Mentor Monday | 9/12/2016

Eugina Jordan shares her story of how she found her voice and went from being a receptionist to the director of marketing for Parallel Wireless.

Global Capacity VP: It's Time for a New Normal
Mentor Monday | 9/5/2016

Before tech can be cool, it has to be normal, says Global Capacity VP of Marketing Mary Stanhope as she calls on the industry to ditch preconceptions.

Making Mentoring a Priority
Mentor Monday | 8/29/2016

Mentoring has been key to the career of Ciena's Keri Gilder, and now she is making sure its value forms part of the company's DNA.

Intel's Keddy: Move Beyond the 'Comfort Zone'
Mentor Monday | 8/22/2016

Intel's Aska Keddy says the next Women in Comms challenge is moving beyond the comfort zone of surrounding ourselves with people who think and act as we do.

Cisco's Cooney: Own Your Own Path
Mentor Monday | 8/15/2016

Being a successful woman in the comms world means taking ownership of your own path, according to Lauren Cooney of Cisco.

AT&T Exec: It's Time to Stop Fearing Tech
Mentor Monday | 8/8/2016

AT&T's Chief Security Officer, Rita Marty, shares how she rises above fear and why the tech industry is a great place for women to work.

Meet ECI Telecom's R&D Orchestra Conductor
Mentor Monday | 8/1/2016

Experience doesn't matter when you're building a team to develop technologies that don't exist yet, says Sigal Barda, VP of R&D for Cyber and NFV at ECI Telecom.

From Ass Kickings in China to Kicking Ass in the Valley
Mentor Monday | 7/25/2016

Mellanox Senior Director of Marketing Chloe Ma shares the story of her upbringing in China to her career in the Valley.

AT&T's Martine: Embrace Change, Seek Mentors
Mentor Monday | 7/18/2016

One of AT&T's highest-ranking female executives with P&L responsibility explains why it's important to embrace change in your career path and find a mentor early on.

Arista's CEO Shares Her Guiding Principles
Mentor Monday | 7/11/2016

Jayshree Ullal discusses the people and guiding principles that have shaped her three-decades-long impressive career in Silicon Valley's tech world.

DAS Some Good Advice From CommScope
Mentor Monday | 7/4/2016

Pinder Chauhan, a CommScope director, offers DAS training free for women to encourage them to continue advancing their knowledge, and in turn, their careers.

How Zayo Group Makes Diversity a Priority
Mentor Monday | 6/27/2016

Diversity requires conscious effort, buy in from the top and a focused recruiting strategy, according to Zayo Group EVP Sandi Mays.

Axonista CEO Turns TV Habit Into Startup Success
Mentor Monday | 6/20/2016

Claire McHugh, CEO and co-founder of video application startup Axonista, explains why TV isn't dead, it's morphing into something incredible.

Flex's Dowling: Cyber Kids, Brain Training & Tech for Good
Mentor Monday | 6/13/2016

A president at the sketch-to-scale vendor shares thoughts on how technology will improve the world, why cyber kids are crucial to Flex's culture of innovation and more.

How the Glass Ceiling Became a Window of Opportunity for Ixia CMO
Mentor Monday | 6/6/2016

Marie Hattar explains how she managed to channel the experience of hitting the glass ceiling in engineering into a positive career change for her.

IEEE President-Elect Tackles the Digital Divide
Mentor Monday | 5/30/2016

Despite recently retiring, Karen Bartleson is taking on the enormous task of closing the digital divide via a spot on the Department of Commerce's newly created board.

From Teddy Bear-Shaped Homes to Cloud RAN
Mentor Monday | 5/23/2016

Parallel Wireless Co-Founder Kaitki Agarwal tells how she made it from humble beginnings in Northern India to co-founding a successful wireless startup.

Fujitsu HR Gets Intentional, Focused & Creative
Mentor Monday | 5/16/2016

The global vendor's head of human relations shares tips on how to recruit, retain and promote more women in the next-gen comms industry.

Intel's Processor Boss Shares Lessons Learned
Mentor Monday | 5/9/2016

Shlomit Weiss offers advice, perspectives and opinions gathered from 26 years at Intel, where she was responsible for some of its best processors in history.

Nokia's Motley: Confidence Paves Career Paths
Mentor Monday | 5/2/2016

Have the confidence to take the next step whether you're fully prepared for it or not, advises Nokia's Sandy Motley, whose long and varied career path proves it works.

'Women Who Code' CEO Paints Better Tech Pic
Mentor Monday | 4/25/2016

Alaina Percival shares why she thinks it's a wonderful time to be a woman in the tech industry, despite what discouraging headlines might suggest.

Boingo Cultivates a New Spirit
Mentor Monday | 4/18/2016

Boingo CTO Derek Peterson and VP Lauren de la Fuente give a glimpse into the WiFi provider's culture and share advice for men and women in the industry.

Nokia's Mine: Let's Improve the 'T' in STEM
Mentor Monday | 4/11/2016

Hilary Mine, Leader of Network Transformation at Nokia, shares thoughts on why tech seems to be the least popular field in STEM and what the industry can do about it.

How to Master Being a Jill of All Trades
Mentor Monday | 4/4/2016

The IEEE's Karen McCabe shares her thoughts on why you must master your domain but branch out into others as well.

CommScope VP Demystifies the Work-Life Balance
Mentor Monday | 3/28/2016

Technology can be a boon and a blessing to achieving a work-life balance, especially when you're head of sales for an entire continent.

Ericsson Seeks Female PhDs to Define the Future
Mentor Monday | 3/21/2016

Research boss Sara Mazur advises females in ICT: pick an area you're interested in, do a great job, pick the right company and manager and be vocal about what you want.

WiC Rewind: Advice From Intel, Rogers, Level 3 & Charter
Mentor Monday | 3/14/2016

Highlights and advice from WiC's breakfast panel in Denver with top female execs.

Ciena's Vello: Why Listening Is Key to Communicating
Mentor Monday | 3/7/2016

Patricia Vello, manager of Ciena Brazil, shares her tips on how to build diverse teams and then make them work together effectively.

Are You My Mentor?
Mentor Monday | 2/29/2016

Cisco consultant Neelam Ghuiliani shares her thoughts on why having and being a mentor is so important for women in the comms industry at any point in their careers.

SAP CIO Streamlines Internal Diversity
Mentor Monday | 2/22/2016

Ingrid-Helen Arnold, SAP's CIO and chief process offer, shares how she's using technology and internal processes to increase diversity at the global company.

How to Be the Chessmaster of Your Career
Mentor Monday | 2/15/2016

The IEEE's Nita Patel share her insight into why there's more to STEM than science and math and how an inquisitive heart can take you far in this business.

AT&T's Chiosi: Born to Stand Out
Mentor Monday | 2/8/2016

AT&T Distinguished Network Architect Margaret Chiosi has been standing out her whole life, and she encourages other women to do the same in the workplace.

Purpose Is Key to Bringing Women Into Tech
Mentor Monday | 2/1/2016

Technology for the sake of solving a problem or a purpose is what appeals to women, and that's key to bringing women into the comms industry, says Gargi Keeling of VMWare.

Data Center VP Shares Lessons of Survival
Mentor Monday | 1/25/2016

Lisa Rhodes, a VP at Verne Global and a 25-year telecom veteran, shares her top 10 lessons for women to survive in the industry.

Vodafone's Doberneck: Put Policies Into Practice to Retain Women
Mentor Monday | 1/18/2016

Helping all employees achieve a productive work-life balance can yield positive returns for the company and its workforce, Vodafone Americas' Megan Doberneck says.

Cisco's Rebecca Jacoby: 'Define Success on Your Own Terms'
Mentor Monday | 1/11/2016

The key to success is self-awareness -- figuring out the group you want to associate with and what you want to accomplish, says Cisco's senior VP of operations.

AlcaLu's Gorti: Diversity Shouldn't Be an Initiative
Mentor Monday | 1/4/2016

It should be a standard practice throughout the organization, not a one-off thing, the soon-to-be head of Nokia's NFV strategy says.

Ericsson HR Dumps Good, Bad Hiring Buckets
Mentor Monday | 12/28/2015

When it comes to recruiting and promoting, Ericsson's HR VP says companies need to make sure they're not falling back on fight-or-flight habits like categorizing candidates.

Corsa VP Offers New Traditions for New Times
Mentor Monday | 12/21/2015

Carolyn Raab, a VP for the SDN startup, shares thoughts on changing company cultures, practicing inclusive leadership and recruiting more women.

Symantec Secures a More Diverse Workforce
Mentor Monday | 12/14/2015

Cecily Joseph, Symantec's chief diversity officer, says recruiting more women is a priority for the company as it spins off 40% of its business to focus only on security.

LinkedIn Engineers a Better Gender Split
Mentor Monday | 12/7/2015

Erica Lockheimer, LinkedIn's director of engineering growth and head of its Women in Tech initiative, shares how the social network is leveling the playing field for women.

Syniverse CMO: Women Need P&L Roles
Mentor Monday | 11/30/2015

Mary Clark says to have a real seat at the table, women need to pursue career paths that lead to jobs that affect revenue at their companies.

Meet the Queen of Laser Radio Tech
Mentor Monday | 11/23/2015

Christina Richards, AOptix's VP of Marketing, crossed the bridge from electrical engineering to marketing, and she shares her advice to women looking to do the same.

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