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Just Dirty
Brianiac | 2/14/2017

The test/assurance crowd is missing in action when it comes to testing orchestration software – but whose fault is that?

Next Plugfest Gets G.fast Closer to Market
Brianiac | 1/13/2017

The next G.fast plugfest will lead into the certification process for commercial products, which some service providers will start deploying shortly thereafter -- in just a few months' time.

M&A Prospects in T&M 2017
Brianiac | 1/5/2017

Will test and measurement companies get infected with the M&A frenzy we've seen in other sectors?

How to Speak Knowledgeably About the AI Threat
Brianiac | 11/24/2016

Should we be worried about artificial intelligence? Maybe. But it sure makes for good reading, viewing and game playing.

Amazon Unlimited, Alexa, AI & How to Cut Off Google at Its Knees
Brianiac | 10/14/2016

You might think Amazon's Unlimited is just another me-too streaming music service. You'd be wrong. If successful, it will be a critical tool to help slice off a fat, juicy chunk of Google's $75 billion ad business.

Welcome to Testapedia!
Brianiac | 9/30/2016

Light Reading is proud to bring you our latest community site, Testapedia, the go-to hub for test and measurement (T&M) professionals and their customers.

Movie Review: Herzog's Lo & Behold Looks at Life in the Connected World
Brianiac | 8/19/2016

Co-produced by NetScout, Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World is a funny, astute, shambolic and unexpectedly emotional investigation into what it means to be connected.

What Qualifies as 'Test & Measurement'?
Brianiac | 6/6/2016

What is test and measurement? This is most decidedly not just an academic question – it's at the heart of some deeply felt consternation arising from this year's Leading Lights Awards.

Security-as-a-Service = Protection Racket
Brianiac | 2/12/2016

Most mobile network operators aren't providing even basic security measures. The proposal? Get users to pay for security.

Yahoo & Verizon Sitting in a Tree...
Brianiac | 2/8/2016

Now that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has acknowledged that Yahoo is in fact willing to consider buyout offers, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam has affirmed that Verizon is in fact evaluating whether or not to buy Yahoo and combine it with AOL.

Network Security Is a Bad Joke
Brianiac | 1/14/2016

If the consequences of a data breach are trivial -- if there are any consequences at all -- then why should anyone make security a priority?

Is Intel Auditioning for the iPhone 7?
Brianiac | 10/20/2015

Intel's Puma 7 cable modem chip demonstrates Intel's manufacturing prowess, which the company apparently hopes will earn it an audition for the iPhone 7.

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