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Harassment in the Workplace
Women in Comms Flash Poll  | 
1/3/2018  |  5 comments
How can companies help end sexual harassment in the workplace?
Uber Upside
Women in Comms Flash Poll  | 
6/7/2017  |  Post a comment
Uber is trying to transform its culture from the atmosphere of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation that define it today. Is the company redeemable?
Women & Robots
Women in Comms Flash Poll  | 
4/18/2017  |  1 comment
Does artificial intelligence (AI) pose a threat to women?
Mentor Matters
Women in Comms Flash Poll  | 
2/16/2017  |  4 comments
Do you have a mentor in your life?
Women in Comms: Looking Ahead to 2017
Women in Comms Flash Poll  | 
12/8/2016  |  Post a comment
What should the industry's biggest priorities be when it comes to women in comms in 2017?
Should Men Attend Women's Conferences?
Women in Comms Flash Poll  | 
8/29/2016  |  4 comments
Should women-focused networking events be open to men as well?
Progressive Policies
Women in Comms Flash Poll  | 
5/31/2016  |  4 comments
Pro-employee policies are more than just a job perk; they are necessary to creating and maintaining a positive, productive company culture. What type of company policies are most important for creating a positive, productive company culture?
Building Your Brand
Women in Comms Flash Poll  | 
2/18/2016  |  6 comments
Your company brand isn't the only one that matters. Advancing your career requires building your own personal brand as well.
Money Makeover
Women in Comms Flash Poll  | 
1/27/2016  |  4 comments
Whose face do you want to grace those ten-spots in your wallet?
WiC New Year's Resolutions
Women in Comms Flash Poll  | 
12/3/2015  |  Post a comment
What kind of activities would you like to see Women in Comms tackle in 2016?
Getting More Women Into STEM
Women in Comms Flash Poll  | 
11/4/2015  |  Post a comment
What do we, as an industry, need to do to recruit more female talent?
Women in Comms: Opportunities
Women in Comms Flash Poll  | 
7/17/2015  |  3 comments
Being a woman in comms has its share of challenges, but there are also plenty of advantages worth celebrating.

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