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Silence Like Diamonds – Finale: When in Rome
Faster-Than-Light Reading | 8/25/2015

Yip and Marcus find out who kidnapped them -- and why.

Silence Like Diamonds – Episode 9: Hacking an Escape
Faster-Than-Light Reading | 8/21/2015

Yip and Markus find an unexpected ally.

Silence Like Diamonds – Episode 8: Automatic Kidnapping
Faster-Than-Light Reading | 8/18/2015

Yip and Markus are taken to a cell, where the situation looks hopeless.

Silence Like Diamonds – Episode 7: Nobody Home
Faster-Than-Light Reading | 8/14/2015

Yip and Markus get out of town, and find a mystery at their destination.

Silence Like Diamonds – Episode 6: Patient but Rough
Faster-Than-Light Reading | 8/11/2015

Yip and Markus learn the enemy can fight dirty.

Silence Like Diamonds – Episode 5: Circular Trail
Faster-Than-Light Reading | 8/7/2015

Yip and Markus get to know each other.

Silence Like Diamonds – Episode 4: Following the Money
Faster-Than-Light Reading | 8/4/2015

Yip learns who benefits from hacking NItCo.

Silence Like Diamonds – Episode 3: Principle One
Faster-Than-Light Reading | 7/31/2015

Yip and Markus assess damage from the attack, Yip and Yaz make plans, Yip flees the scene and meets with NItCo's unusual representative.

Silence Like Diamonds – Episode 2: Warning Shot
Faster-Than-Light Reading | 7/28/2015

Yip learns more about who's targeting her and how they're doing it.

Silence Like Diamonds – Episode 1: Family Business
Faster-Than-Light Reading | 7/24/2015

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