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Time for an Edge Computing Reckoning
MariNation | 5/23/2018

There's still a lot of ambivalence from operators around edge computing, and the killer app for many of them is anything that helps deliver more bits for less money.

Has AT&T Inked a Deal With Google for TV?
MariNation | 5/18/2018

And if so, what does a devil's bargain with Android TV mean?

What's Left of Cisco's Love Affair With Cable?
MariNation | 5/3/2018

Remember the good times.

Connect & Compute – Balance at the Edge
MariNation | 4/30/2018

How much will it cost to add intelligence to the network edge?

Comcast & the Set-Top Double Bind
MariNation | 4/26/2018

The set-top is Comcast's primary consumer interface, but it's not the best tool for smart home control.

How Do You Future-Proof the Last Mile?
MariNation | 4/23/2018

Time to gaze into the crystal ball.

In DOJ Trial, Where Are the Concerns Over AT&T Privacy Practices?
MariNation | 4/20/2018

AT&T isn't being scrutinized for privacy concerns in its ongoing trial with the DOJ. Given recent Facebook revelations, maybe it should be.

Charter Calls for Uniform Privacy Law
MariNation | 4/9/2018

Opt-in for one and all.

Stakes Run High for Tivo in Comcast Suit
MariNation | 2/20/2018

Even a win in court doesn't mean Tivo will walk away a victor.

Warning: US Cablecos Will Go National
MariNation | 2/9/2018

The shot clock has started. Tick, tick, tick... boom!

Nationalize 5G in the US? LOL, WTF?!
MariNation | 1/29/2018

As if the telecom industry would ever let that happen.

It's Not Skynet; It's Ambient Intelligence
MariNation | 1/18/2018

I, for one, welcome our robot overlords. So does Amazon.

5 Trends to Watch at CES 2018
MariNation | 1/1/2018

We go to CES so you don't have to.

5 Missing Headlines in 2017
MariNation | 12/20/2017

Twelve days to go...

What If Disney & Comcast Split for Fox?
MariNation | 12/8/2017

Why Comcast would still come out a winner even if it split a deal for Fox with Disney.

Arris Reels in Ruckus – Why I Like This Deal
MariNation | 12/1/2017

Hello convergence.

Trump Pulls a Trump on Infrastructure Strategy
MariNation | 9/29/2017

An infrastructure bill without public/private partnerships? Sad!

Why Amazon May Be Cable's Biggest Threat
MariNation | 9/22/2017

It's not just because Amazon has a lot of cash.

Fall Is a TV (Industry) Lover's Delight
MariNation | 9/12/2017

Forget back to school. Let's get back to TV with a rush of fall industry updates.

Boom! Hulu Just Blew Up the TV Bundle
MariNation | 9/8/2017

Maybe TV doesn't have to be just TV anymore.

Broadband Isn't What It Used to Be
MariNation | 8/24/2017

'You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.'

Automation, IP & the New Network Edge
MariNation | 8/2/2017

A talk with Cisco opens questions about the future of the network edge: Who controls it? Who pays for it?

What's a Little Throttling Between Friends?
MariNation | 7/24/2017

Verizon capped the speeds on video streaming apps last week, and customers weren't happy.

In the TV Biz, AT&T Walks a Tricky Line
MariNation | 7/17/2017

Has AT&T over-extended itself in the video business?

AT&T Parades Into Net Neutrality Protest
MariNation | 7/12/2017

If you say the words bubble gum over and over, they lose all meaning. So it goes with net neutrality.

Where Internet TV Lost Its Way
MariNation | 7/5/2017

I want my GoT! (The modern-day version of I want my MTV!)

Bright Lights, Smart City: A 'Street Furniture' Exploration
MariNation | 6/30/2017

Street furniture is the new telephone pole.

Does AT&T Deserve Time Warner?
MariNation | 6/23/2017

'Deserve' is such a strong word...

Why You Can't Quit Cable TV
MariNation | 6/12/2017

Cord-cutting is fast losing its price advantage.

The Cable Show That Wasn't
MariNation | 5/5/2017

The 'Near Future' is a little disheartening.

The Title II Capex Argument Is Ridiculous
MariNation | 5/1/2017

Network investment spending continues to rise.

FCC Broadband Panel Starts on Shaky Ground
MariNation | 4/10/2017

The first meeting of the FCC's Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee is scheduled for next week, and I'm not optimistic.

About That Broadband Privacy Vote
MariNation | 3/29/2017

Warning: opinion piece ahead.

Lawmakers Say Lock That Box
MariNation | 1/27/2017

There go the keys to the set-top kingdom.

Cable Has One Thing Verizon Needs
MariNation | 1/17/2017

Verizon buying Comcast or Charter? Preposterous! Except...

It's the End of TV as We Know It
MariNation | 1/13/2017

In 2017, TV is what consumers make it.

CES Preview: The Service Provider Edition
MariNation | 12/29/2016

Just because it's a consumer show doesn't mean service providers stay home for the annual CES shindig in Las Vegas.

The Holidays Ride on Trojan-Horse Hardware
MariNation | 11/7/2016

Don't underestimate the technology Trojan Horse.

Why the $&#* Would I 'Watch With Twitter?'
MariNation | 11/2/2016

When it comes to interactive television, there are some things the pay-TV industry never learns.

Why DirecTV Now May Flop
MariNation | 11/1/2016

Compare and contrast: A look at the price points and adoption levels for existing OTT services paints a picture of the future for AT&T's DirecTV Now offering, and it's not great.

Layer3 TV Comes to Town, Hints at Future
MariNation | 10/21/2016

A hands-on look at Layer3 TV.

Comcast Damages Go Beyond FCC's $2.3M Fine
MariNation | 10/12/2016

Customer service issues are costing Comcast a lot more than the FCC's $2.3M fine.

Google Plans Home WiFi Takeover
MariNation | 10/6/2016

The understated launch of Google Wifi has potentially large implications.

Google Home Could Be Pay-TV's Nightmare
MariNation | 10/4/2016

Google unveiled its one-two TV punch with the launch of Google Home and the Chromecast Ultra.

Powell Kills the Cable Show
MariNation | 9/29/2016

Warning, satire ahead.

Harmonic's New Comcast Deal Oozes Subtext
MariNation | 9/28/2016

Harmonic's warrant agreement with Comcast has significant technological and business implications.

FCC's New Pay-TV Plan: Shove It Up Your App
MariNation | 9/9/2016

What the FCC's new pay-TV proposal means, and why nobody's happy.

Top TV Trends Heading Into IBC
MariNation | 8/31/2016

What was previously big is only getting bigger.

Hurdles Ahead for 4K, HDR
MariNation | 8/29/2016

What's holding 4K TV back? Quite a few things.

Solving for the Next Netflix Effect
MariNation | 8/25/2016

A look at what should be keeping network operators up at night.

Could Netflix Someday Cache at Home?
MariNation | 8/16/2016

Video delivery is more efficient when you can cache content at the network edge.

Comcast Prepaid Proves Internet Isn't Cheap
MariNation | 7/21/2016

New prepaid services are a decent option, but not a cheap one.

What Does Comcast Want From Arris?
MariNation | 7/11/2016

What exactly does an optional equity stake in Arris buy for Comcast?

Facebook Separates Media From the Cloud
MariNation | 7/7/2016

Not everything belongs in the cloud.

Arris Ends Dream of Set-Top Software Riches
MariNation | 6/30/2016

The Arris sale of its Whole Home Solution to Espial is just the latest chapter in the company's difficult pursuit of set-top software success.

Free TV's Decline Has Begun
MariNation | 6/21/2016

The rise of CBS All Access, and the network's own original content, shows that the decline of free TV has begun.

Ditch the Box? It's Code for Keep the UI
MariNation | 6/20/2016

Control of the user interface is a lot more important to pay-TV providers than control of the set-top box.

Why Charter May Shutter Its Smart Home
MariNation | 6/16/2016

Charter is now de-emphasizing sales of the Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome service for security and home automation.

Mohu Cuts Cord With Old Set-Top Parts
MariNation | 6/15/2016

Mohu is upcycling set-tops into new HDTV antennas.

Alphabet Wants to Network the Nation's Cities
MariNation | 6/9/2016

Alphabet has big city plans.

Cable Goes to Google-Land
MariNation | 6/6/2016

What does it mean when a cable guy heads to Google, er, Alphabet?

Hulu: We'll Have Our Cake, Eat It Too
MariNation | 5/11/2016

Hulu plans to compete with its own customers, yet says it'll be good for business.

Twitter Fire Hose Now a Video Tsunami
MariNation | 4/27/2016

Twitter's video push is changing broadband dynamics.

GoT Fans Curse HBO (Not Right) Now
MariNation | 4/25/2016

This is what it looks like when apps are the future of TV.

Comcast answers the app call
MariNation | 4/20/2016

With 'Unlock the Box' looming, Comcast announces Xfinity apps for Samsung and Roku hardware.

The Future of TV Is... Wait, Where Are the Apps?
MariNation | 4/18/2016

If apps are the future of TV, why don't we have more pay-TV apps?

Will Layer3 TV Ever Launch?
MariNation | 4/11/2016

Take two cable veterans, mix in a millennial co-founder, raise gobs of money and then make everyone wait years for a launch. So far that's the story of Layer3 TV.

Stream TV Splinters Net Neutrality Debate
MariNation | 4/1/2016

Should Comcast's Stream TV count toward users' broadband data caps? It's complicated.

Gigabit Cities: All You Need to Know
MariNation | 3/28/2016

Everything you ever wanted to know about Gigabit Cities at our Gigabit Cities Live event on April 5.

How to Solve the Sponsored Data Dilemma
MariNation | 3/23/2016

One industry watcher's opinion.

Are Smartphones the New TV OS?
MariNation | 2/29/2016

A new way to view the living room TV wars.

Netflix Cloud Casts Long Shadow Over Cable
MariNation | 2/16/2016

Nothing makes cable companies look more like lumbering troglodytes than the cloud-native architecture of OTT rival Netflix.

Is 2016 the Year TiVo Gets Acquired?
MariNation | 2/11/2016

Rumor is that suitors are circling again, and TiVo has reason to consider their proposals.

Cisco's Open Source Moves Not All Altruistic
MariNation | 2/10/2016

Remote PHY is good for Cisco's CCAP business, so why not use open source to give the technology a boost?

Will Starry's Big Broadband Ambition Fall to Earth?
MariNation | 2/4/2016

Conquering millimeter wave isn't Starry's biggest challenge.

Video Innovation: It's Not All Virtual Reality
MariNation | 1/14/2016

Much of the video innovation taking place today is behind the scenes.

A CES Chronicle: Dish, Google & More
MariNation | 1/11/2016

A CES stream of insights.

CES 2016: 3 Big Tech & TV Trends to Watch
MariNation | 12/30/2015

The January pilgrimage to CES is approaching once again.

How Amazon TV Could Own Christmas
MariNation | 11/30/2015

Amazon could pull off a coup in the living room this holiday shopping season.

Giving Thanks – Internet Returns to Aleppo
MariNation | 11/26/2015

Network traffic shows that Internet service returned to Aleppo, Syria in November.

Across Continents, Comcast & Liberty Align
MariNation | 11/23/2015

Comcast and Liberty Global share CPE strategies.

Operators Blunder in Online Video Era
MariNation | 11/11/2015

There's no shortage of bad decisions in online video.

New Star Trek Series Beaming to Streaming
MariNation | 11/2/2015

A new Star Trek series is boldly going to CBS All Access, with access only available to subscribers.

Sports in 4K, It's Coming
MariNation | 10/8/2015

For the US, the pressure is on now that live sports in 4K Ultra HD are entering the picture in the UK and Canada.

Verizon's Go90 Is Live – Will Anyone Watch?
MariNation | 10/1/2015

Does Verizon's new Go90 mobile video service have what it takes to draw an audience?

Are Sports Next for Netflix?
MariNation | 9/28/2015

Reed Hastings knows sports is moving online, so why not bring it to Netflix?

In the Ring: Apple TV Versus Cable
MariNation | 9/21/2015

If apps are the future of TV, Apple may have some trouble when it pits itself against cable, telco and satellite TV providers.

Resetting the Bundle
MariNation | 9/4/2015

The pay-TV bundle isn't really heading into a death spiral. Nor should it be.

A Peek at What's Behind Comcast's Momentum
MariNation | 8/19/2015

Comcast hasn't let a little thing like the failed acquisition of Time Warner Cable keep it down.

Verizon Builds Toward OTT Launch
MariNation | 8/7/2015

All of Verizon's work with customers through its digital media services business amounts to a rehearsal for the company's own mobile-first video service launch.

About the Death of the Set-Top…
MariNation | 7/23/2015

The set-top isn't dead, but it is entering a new phase in its life cycle.

Interconnection Deals: Parsing the Data
MariNation | 7/1/2015

Cries of foul play in network interconnection arrangements aren't always as simple as they seem.

No Heroes in the Battle for the Net
MariNation | 6/24/2015

Who's at fault when Internet delivery goes bad?

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