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Telecom Jargonosaurus Part 2: Financial Confusion
Morris Lore | 8/21/2018

Earnings reports and presentations have acquired a language of their own as companies try to put some gloss on their performance.

China Telecom Beats Rivals but Gets Lost in Translation
Morris Lore | 8/20/2018

China Telecom says it is outperforming China Mobile in the mobile market, but it falls well behind on intelligibility.

A Whirling Dervish of Telecom Gibberish
Morris Lore | 8/17/2018

Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a worthy opponent of US President Donald Trump.

Should Orange Buy Vivendi?
Morris Lore | 8/14/2018

As aggregators pile into the market, old-fashioned convergence runs out of steam and US firms eye European assets, a French move reminiscent of AT&T's Time Warner deal could be in the cards.

America Is Losing the 5G Race, Says Deloitte
Morris Lore | 8/7/2018

While US operators are good at talking about 5G, the Chinese are doing are much better job of preparing their country for the potentially game-changing technology, according to compelling new research.

Apple's $1 Trillion Luxury Prison
Morris Lore | 8/3/2018

The iPhone maker has become the world's first public company with a $1 trillion valuation, but is it really justified?

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