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Your Broadband Sucks, Telecom Italia CEO Tells UK
Morris Lore | 7/25/2018

Italy beats the UK hands down on food and culture, but does it offer a better broadband experience as well?

UK Bumpkins Told Not to Expect Fiber in Their Lifetimes
Morris Lore | 7/23/2018

A UK government plan aims for all-fiber nationwide coverage when many of today's citizens will either be dead or living on Mars.

Europe's Telecom Sector Is Not Perfect, but It's Less Rotten Than America's
Morris Lore | 7/17/2018

The standard narrative that heavy-handed regulation is undermining Europe's telecom sector is a myth that needs busting.

Telecom Jargonosaurus Part 1: Repeat Offenders
Morris Lore | 7/13/2018

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Light Reading's jargonosaurus, in which we take aim at some of the worst language abuses in the telecom sector.

Pinpricks & Big Sticks: An Anatomy of Telco & Tech Fines
Morris Lore | 7/12/2018

Fines against telecom and technology companies rarely seem effective.

AT&T's Stankey serves up a stinker at HBO
Morris Lore | 7/10/2018

Telco wades into successful content business and tells award-winning staff to get their act together.

The US 5G 'Lead' Over Europe Is Bluster
Morris Lore | 7/6/2018

Industry concern that Europe has already fallen behind the US in 5G seems massively overblown.

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