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Vodafone silent on Huawei as it values 5G at £158B to UK economy
Morris Lore | 6/29/2020

Greater support from government authorities will be needed if the UK is to realize the full benefits of 5G, says a new report from the UK operator.

5G protest movement keeps marching on
Morris Lore | 6/26/2020

The campaign against the new mobile technology flared up in Ireland this week, and it's not just about the coronavirus.

How NB-IoT bombed: An IoT tale of hubris and no-show
Morris Lore | 6/25/2020

Last year, there were hardly any NB-IoT connections outside China. Just what happened to the technology that was hailed as such a revolutionary thing?

The labors of Lundmark: Herculean turnaround faces new Nokia boss
Morris Lore | 6/24/2020

Pekka Lundmark will join Nokia as CEO in August, returning to a company he previously worked for 20 years ago. The task ahead of him looks immense.

With its shiftiness on jobs, T-Mobile's 'Uncarrier' image is wearing thin
Morris Lore | 6/19/2020

T-Mobile should have fessed up this week and said how many jobs were at risk after its merger with Sprint.

The People's Front of Open RAN vs. the Open RAN People's Front
Morris Lore | 6/18/2020

One industry faction thinks radio is the main problem for the open RAN protest movement. Another says it's all about the baseband.

Deutsche Telekom overplays Huawei ban as 'Armageddon' in leaked paper
Morris Lore | 6/17/2020

Deutsche Telekom's €3 billion Armageddon remake stars Huawei on a collision course with German authorities.

Huawei is in even bigger trouble after US standards move
Morris Lore | 6/16/2020

Far from easing tension with the Chinese equipment giant, a government decision to let US firms participate in standards bodies will add to Huawei's problems.

A £1.5B bill should not stop a UK ban on Huawei
Morris Lore | 6/15/2020

The cost of a swap-out is a far smaller concern than the impact of a ban on 5G rollout and competition in the equipment sector.

Huawei's patents won't save it, says leading analyst
Morris Lore | 6/9/2020

The Chinese company's importance to the 5G standard has probably been overstated, says Richard Windsor of Radio Free Mobile.

Finland's high-speed, low-cost 5G auctions send message to Europe
Morris Lore | 6/9/2020

When it comes to awarding spectrum for telecom services, countries should try to be more like Finland and less like Italy.

Huawei's UK marketing campaign is doomed
Morris Lore | 6/8/2020

Huawei's role in the UK's 4G and fixed broadband history does not justify its involvement in the country's rollout of 5G networks.

The only 5G health risk is the mast-burning vandal
Morris Lore | 6/5/2020

'Experts' who depict 5G as the ultimate evil could provide the vindication that others seek for their criminal behavior.

Goodbye Huawei, hello Ericsson: Swap-out gathers pace
Morris Lore | 6/3/2020

The Swedish equipment vendor is in pole position as the US-led campaign against Huawei gathers momentum.

Vodafone bosses boost their pay as jobs are culled
Morris Lore | 6/2/2020

Times are good for the top brass at the UK operator, but less rosy for the service provider's European workforce.

BT 5G turns one year old with not much to celebrate
Morris Lore | 6/1/2020

The UK's 5G service does not look like it is off to the flying start that 4G had several years ago.

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