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Fat Cats Get Fatter as Jobs Go to the Dogs
Morris Lore | 6/28/2018

In pampering their leaders, while ordinary workers face unemployment or pay stagnation, telcos are fueling concern about the growing wealth gap and emergence of an economic elite.

5G Still More Like Rocket Fuel Than a Mission to Mars
Morris Lore | 6/21/2018

5G has been touted as the most transformative mobile 'G' ever. At the moment, it looks like more of the same.

ZTE Is Still in the Danger Zone
Morris Lore | 6/15/2018

Investors look panicky despite plans for a new line of credit and management changes. It is little wonder.

BT's Next CEO: The Candidates
Morris Lore | 6/11/2018

Who are the frontrunners to succeed Gavin Patterson as boss of the UK telecom incumbent?

BT Waves Goodbye to Gorgeous Gavin
Morris Lore | 6/8/2018

The UK's biggest operator realizes its CEO is not the right man for the job days after it was revealed it have given him a £1.3 billion bonus last year.

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