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Brits lead the world on 5G mast burning
Morris Lore | 4/30/2020

Telecom vandalism spurred by coronavirus fears just hasn't taken off in other parts of the world.

As Ericsson advances, Nokia's 5G business may be finished in China
Morris Lore | 4/27/2020

Where does China's recent award of major 5G contracts leave the Nordic equipment makers?

Those pestiferous men and their 5G machines
Morris Lore | 4/24/2020

Stay away from 5G masts, inject yourself with Dettol and douse your cornflakes in pure alcohol. The COVID-19 madness spreads.

AT&T's Stankey creates another stink as 3K more jobs vanish
Morris Lore | 4/23/2020

Employees at one of the world's biggest operators are in for an especially hard time during COVID-19, but at least the bosses will be fine.

Ericsson: Reasons to be cheerful
Morris Lore | 4/22/2020

The Swedish equipment maker is coping with the pandemic better than some had feared.

Big Tech's 'hiring spree' will leave many behind
Morris Lore | 4/21/2020

As a few major technology firms continue to recruit thousands of employees, more will be considering layoffs.

Ofcom proves you can't reason with 5G conspiracy nuts
Morris Lore | 4/17/2020

The UK telecom regulator fails at a well-intentioned effort to engage with lunatics. It should not have bothered.

BlueJeans is an awkward fit for Verizon
Morris Lore | 4/17/2020

Together, the videoconferencing company and the telecom operator look as incongruous as Mark Zuckerberg and a suit.

A major TV sports upset is on the cards
Morris Lore | 4/15/2020

Sport is something you do, but no longer something you watch. That has nasty implications for service providers.

5G causes COVID-19 like 4G causes flu
Morris Lore | 4/14/2020

A dim-witted British TV presenter has hindered recent efforts to quash the barmy notion that 5G is responsible for the current pandemic.

Amid COVID-19, China dependence no longer seems such a good idea
Morris Lore | 4/14/2020

Suspicion about Chinese motives during the pandemic will drive European governments and companies to reconsider their affairs with the Asian superpower.

5G is looking like a casualty of COVID-19
Morris Lore | 4/9/2020

The pandemic has come two or three years too early for the hyped mobile technology, and companies depending on 5G for growth may suffer badly.

Cutting Huawei off from TSMC would be end-of-days move
Morris Lore | 4/7/2020

Moves to cut Huawei off from one of its largest suppliers could result in 'catastrophic destruction' on a global scale.

Telecom chiefs should heed BT's Jansen and take pay cuts amid COVID-19 carnage
Morris Lore | 4/6/2020

In giving up his pay, the boss of the UK's biggest operator has set an example that other CEOs should follow.

5G malaise mounts as COVID-19 morons mangle masts
Morris Lore | 4/6/2020

The pitchfork-wielding lynch mobs of the Middle Ages have their equivalent in the technophobic arsonists burning 5G equipment.

COVID-19 will destroy jobs, and many won't return
Morris Lore | 4/1/2020

The pandemic will spur layoffs within the telecom sector, driving companies to automate activities where employees pose a risk.

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