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Even COVID-19 can't stop Huawei, says founder
Morris Lore | 3/26/2020

Ren Zhengfei pops up to inform the Western world that his company has recovered swiftly from the virus and is ready for European business.

With COVID-19 comes the real dawn of the digital age
Morris Lore | 3/18/2020

The pandemic will have a permanent impact on the way we live and work, forcing every part of society to evolve fast.

Brits show love for fiber in a time of COVID-19
Morris Lore | 3/12/2020

The UK government will pump £5 billion into gigabit connectivity. What could possibly go wrong?

India needs U-turn to prevent Jio monopoly
Morris Lore | 3/11/2020

The Indian telecom market is heading toward a monopoly controlled by the country's richest man unless there is an abrupt change in the regulatory environment.

Huawei's '18-month lead' in 5G is telecom's most spurious claim
Morris Lore | 3/9/2020

Suggestions the Chinese equipment vendor's 5G challengers are years behind do not hold up to scrutiny.

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