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Ekholm's Vision of Slimmer Ericsson Lacks Detail & Dazzle
Morris Lore | 3/28/2017

Ericsson's new CEO is trimming fat and focusing on core business activities, but does the new strategic plan pack any punch?

The NB-IoT Train Is Delayed
Morris Lore | 3/27/2017

NB-IoT was supposed to take the industry by storm and sound the death knell for LPWAN rivals, but it has not quite gone according to expectations.

5G Faces a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Morris Lore | 3/17/2017

Despite growing hype, the rollout of the next-generation network technology is unlikely to happen quickly or have an immediate impact on telco business.

Orange's Africa Targets in Doubt After Sales Slowdown
Morris Lore | 3/16/2017

The French operator's last earnings report reveals a troubling slowdown in a region that is supposed to be an engine of sales growth.

UK Govt to Spend Loose Change on 5G
Morris Lore | 3/8/2017

The UK government's budget commitment to 5G is unlikely to advance the technology in any meaningful way, but it ticks a few important-sounding boxes.

Snap, Crackle & Pop: $28B IPO Stokes 'Bubble' Fears
Morris Lore | 3/3/2017

The parent company of social networking site SnapChat is now worth an astonishing $28 billion following this week's IPO. Is this another bubble in the making?

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