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Telefónica's €2B growth plan fails to excite
Morris Lore | 11/28/2019

In its latest round of restructuring, the Spanish operator is setting up a Tech business with ambitious targets. Investors may feel they have been here before.

Ericsson Hurls NB-IoT & Cat-M Into Spotlight & Lets Them Sweat
Morris Lore | 11/26/2019

Like any doting parent, the Swedish equipment giant is expecting a lot from the NB-IoT and Cat-M technologies it helped to spawn.

Labour Expects Average British Broadband Worker to Live on $5K a Year
Morris Lore | 11/20/2019

UK Labour Party comrades Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell seem to have forgotten that telecom staff need paying.

Labour's UK Broadband Plan Would Make Lenin Proud
Morris Lore | 11/15/2019

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have cooked up a broadband scheme that could form a modern-day appendix to The Communist Manifesto.

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