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Is IBM Overpaying for Red Hat?
Morris Lore | 10/29/2018

Big Blue is paying a staggering premium for a company that trades in open source software.

Have We Reached Peak Ericsson?
Morris Lore | 10/24/2018

Ericsson looks in better shape than it has been for years, but the good times might not last.

Terragraph: A WiMax in Facebook Clothing?
Morris Lore | 10/18/2018

Facebook's Terragraph technology may have a hard time against 5G in the markets it hopes to address.

NFV Struggles With Its Six-Year Itch
Morris Lore | 10/10/2018

Anyone attending this year's SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague could be forgiven for thinking it was a re-run of last year's show.

Huawei, ZTE Charm Offensive Just Got Harder
Morris Lore | 10/8/2018

A report from Bloomberg, alleging China infiltrated servers used by the US government, could spell further trouble for Huawei and ZTE.

Wind Tre: The new weakling of Italian mobile
Morris Lore | 10/4/2018

The merger between 3 and Wind was supposed to create an Italian mobile heavyweight. But after Italy's 5G auction this week, that company is on the ropes.

Where Is the Elon Musk of Telecom?
Morris Lore | 10/3/2018

Telecom operators need leaders with the visionary flair of Elon Musk, but attracting them is easier said than done.

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