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Huawei's Ills Don't Guarantee Good Times for Ericsson, Nokia
Morris Lore | 1/29/2019

A US-led campaign against the world's biggest equipment maker does not mean Ericsson and Nokia are destined for success.

Huawei Controversy Pits Spooks Against CSPs
Morris Lore | 1/28/2019

Vodafone's CEO wants a more high-level debate about the security implications of using Huawei's equipment. In the current climate, he may have his work cut out for him.

Huawei Founder Fails to Put Minds at Rest
Morris Lore | 1/16/2019

Ren Zhengfei's answers to questions during a rare meeting with reporters will not silence Huawei's critics.

5G Stuck in Slow Lane Beyond Consumer Biz
Morris Lore | 1/15/2019

The next-generation mobile technology was supposed to be about new enterprise services opportunities. But where are they?

BT looks more bloated than ever
Morris Lore | 1/8/2019

Despite announcing plans for 13,000 layoffs last May, the UK operator is now bigger than ever, and it generates far less in per-employee revenues than most of its regional peers.

iPhone Upset Leads to Apple Crumble
Morris Lore | 1/3/2019

Mix exorbitant prices with underwhelming gadgets and a dose of Chinese nationalism, and then sit back and watch a trillion-dollar company tank.

Have Devices Overtaken Networks as Huawei's Biggest Unit?
Morris Lore | 1/2/2019

Figures released by the Chinese equipment giant suggest it is becoming increasingly reliant on its gadget-making consumer division for sales growth.

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