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Trump's 5G Plan Is Not as Bonkers as They Say
Morris Lore | 1/30/2018

Trump's 5G plan is an 'outdated' piece of government theorizing, say reports. But might he have stumbled onto something?

Net Neutrality Moves Are as Futile as Trump's Comb-Over
Morris Lore | 1/18/2018

What do Brexit, Trump's hair and net neutrality have in common?

MWC 2018 Threatens to Be 5G New Radio Bore
Morris Lore | 1/10/2018

Let's hope that cloudification, network slicing and core network transformation top the agenda at MWC 2018, and not the dreary issue of 5G new radio.

Altice Shifts From M&A to European Recovery
Morris Lore | 1/9/2018

Altice hopes a just-announced US spin-off will help it double down on its underperforming core European operations.

Automation's Advocates in Downsizing Denial
Morris Lore | 1/5/2018

It is time the industry faced up to the upheaval that automation will create.

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