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BT's Patterson Feels Italian Heat
Morris Lore | 1/24/2017

An accounting scandal in Italy and a gloomy earnings outlook add to the growing pressure on BT's boss.

What Hard Brexit Means for Vodafone, BT
Morris Lore | 1/20/2017

A hard Brexit could equal hard times for UK service providers, and increase the likelihood that Vodafone will move its headquarters outside the UK.

Growing Pains Will Force Telcos to Shape Up
Morris Lore | 1/17/2017

In a no-growth future, service providers will need to focus more keenly on cost savings and efficiency gains.

5G: Another Next-Generation Disappointment?
Morris Lore | 1/10/2017

The forthcoming 5G standard sounds impressive, but it seems unlikely to reinvigorate the telco business.

5G & the Tech Decline of Europe
Morris Lore | 1/10/2017

Pre-5G activity in Asia and the US does not mean Europe will lag on actual 5G rollout, but it points to the ebbing of European influence.

4.5G Sets High Bar for 5G
Morris Lore | 1/6/2017

Could the success of 4.5G have a big influence on operators' 5G strategies?

Is Huawei in for a Bumpy 2017?
Morris Lore | 1/4/2017

The world's biggest equipment vendor is bracing itself for a more turbulent ride this year.

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