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Dr. FAANG and the metaverse of madness
Morris Lore | 6/23/2022

Various Big Tech companies – but no telecom operators – club together to promote an interoperable, open and standards-based metaverse.

Belgium sleepwalks into 5G and foists new entrants on market
Morris Lore | 6/21/2022

Europe's weirdest nation raises euro 1.2 billion from its long-delayed spectrum auction and throws yet more competitors into the mix.

Despite critics, fiber rollout is a rare UK success story
Morris Lore | 6/20/2022

Despite fears of a 'digital' imbalance between fiber haves and have-nots, a surge of private-sector investment has been welcome.

Nobody has the foggiest about the edge
Morris Lore | 6/16/2022

Does edge computing decentralization make sense? What form should it take? What role is left for network operators? The telecom industry is still seeking answers.

Open RAN specialists are a dying breed
Morris Lore | 6/13/2022

Several suppliers have now expanded their product offerings in a development that calls open RAN logic into question.

Vodafone CEO Read widens pay gap with his staff
Morris Lore | 5/30/2022

Despite shareholder unhappiness with the UK operator's recent performance, CEO compensation rose 17% last year, its annual report shows.

6G has every chance of screwing the carriers
Morris Lore | 5/17/2022

Another big investment round will net billions for governments and equipment vendors, while forcing operators to dig deep.

Mavenir under fire over role in Russia
Morris Lore | 5/6/2022

The US software vendor looks tarnished by its association with investor Charles Koch, whose business has been criticized for continuing to operate in Russia.

Overpaid and underperforming: Meet the bosses of US telecom
Morris Lore | 5/3/2022

The publication of pay ratios shines the light on the disparity between Europe and the US when it comes to CEO compensation.

Free speech is in trouble if it depends on Twitter
Morris Lore | 4/29/2022

The loss-making social media platform risks turning into an echo chamber of similar voices after an Elon Musk takeover.

Eutelsat caught in Orwellian fight between Europe and Russia
Morris Lore | 4/28/2022

The European satellite company stands accused of distributing Putin's propaganda to millions of Russians. Meanwhile, Europe is adopting Russian tactics.

Twitter owner or free-speech custodian? Musk cannot be both
Morris Lore | 4/26/2022

The board of the social media company has accepted a $44 billion offer by Elon Musk, whose move could have dramatic consequences.

Vodafone Germany IT snafu preceded CEO's departure
Morris Lore | 4/20/2022

The operator turned in a disappointing performance in Germany's fixed-line broadband market last year, with IT problems partly to blame.

Netflix is in crisis as streaming hits the buffers
Morris Lore | 4/20/2022

As prices rise and TV loses some of its lockdown appeal, households are reassessing how many streaming platforms they can afford.

An Elon Musk takeover won't save Twitter
Morris Lore | 4/19/2022

The Tesla founder's commitment to free speech is a worry for the investor community.

Dorsey's Internet is better than the anarchy of tomorrow's Web3
Morris Lore | 4/7/2022

If today's tech billionaires look scary, just wait for tomorrow's crypto-enriched masters of the universe.

Huawei hunts for AI and cloud expertise in Moscow
Morris Lore | 4/1/2022

The Chinese vendor continues to advertise job vacancies in Russia, where its main rivals have suspended operations.

Huawei cut 10K non-R&D jobs in two years but still got bigger
Morris Lore | 3/29/2022

The Chinese kit vendor is morphing into an R&D specialist but may struggle to maintain spending at its current level.

Huawei is slowly being strangled
Morris Lore | 3/28/2022

The Chinese vendor is in worse shape than anyone thought before the publication of its latest annual results.

T-Mobile wants to give 5G a kick in the pants
Morris Lore | 3/24/2022

Carriers need to get out of the way if the technology is to thrive, says the operator, but it seems to be doing the opposite.

Ukraine has made Huawei even more toxic for European telcos
Morris Lore | 3/11/2022

The Chinese equipment vendor's continued involvement in Russia is awkward for its biggest European customers.

MWC takes leave of reality as visitors pile back
Morris Lore | 3/7/2022

The mobile industry's giant shindig was back with 61,000 visitors, even if the big news stories had nothing to do with it.

Samsung has no 2G, and that's a problem for Vodafone
Morris Lore | 3/4/2022

The South Korean vendor's lack of 2G or 3G network products brings open RAN difficulties for the UK operator.

How T-Mobile broke promises on jobs amid US telco workforce cull
Morris Lore | 2/15/2022

John Legere, the operator's former CEO, said a merger with Sprint would be 'jobs-positive' from day one, but 5,500 roles have gone and the cuts by rivals are even bigger.

MWC expects just 50k visitors this year after COVID rout
Morris Lore | 2/10/2022

But there is cause for optimism with major exhibitors returning for the 2022 show after last year's cancellations.

For all the early 6G talk, the Gs investment cycle looks broken
Morris Lore | 2/9/2022

The mobile industry has routinely overpromised and underdelivered on the Gs. A different model looks desirable.

The problem is not Vodafone – it's telecom
Morris Lore | 2/2/2022

Despite its bad rap in the mainstream media, the UK-based operator has outperformed other telco stocks, and its peers face most of the same challenges.

Microsoft's power won't dim when the pandemic ends
Morris Lore | 1/26/2022

Shares in Big Tech are down since the beginning of the year as investors fret about a return to the old normal. They shouldn't.

The Netflix outlook is turning blurry
Morris Lore | 1/21/2022

The video-streaming firm often grouped with the Internet giants remains a one-trick pony while competition is rising.

Gigabit for all should be last of the UK's concerns
Morris Lore | 1/20/2022

Authorities in the UK should drop their obsession with ensuring luxury broadband services are brought to remote communities.

A metaverse-loving Microsoft brings a dystopia for telcos
Morris Lore | 1/19/2022

A $68.7 billion takeover of Activision Blizzard by the software giant promises a future deluge of network traffic.

Ericsson plans return in cheery news for MWC, but Sony may be out
Morris Lore | 1/14/2022

An intended comeback by the Swedish equipment vendor bodes well for the Barcelona-based trade show.

Telecom in 2030: Openness with no guarantee of diversity
Morris Lore | 1/5/2022

Open interfaces will be baked into future generations of mobile technology, but that does not mean the market will be more competitive.

Misfortune dogs Telecom Italia as earnings outlook dims
Morris Lore | 12/16/2021

Amid speculation about its future ownership structure, the Italian phone incumbent has been forced to downgrade its forecasts.

What conflicts of interest? Vantage offers towers to 1&1
Morris Lore | 12/13/2021

The Vodafone business will lease space on towers to a company that competes directly against Vodafone Germany - go figure.

Moving core to cloud for 'suckers,' tweets BT exec after AWS outage
Morris Lore | 12/9/2021

The UK incumbent's chief architect derides recent public cloud deals after the latest preview of the Internet apocalypse.

The UK government is losing its open RAN faith
Morris Lore | 12/8/2021

Boris Johnson's interventionist government backs away from issuing open RAN mandates after realizing the technology is far from ready.

Ho ho ho – telco Xmas list asks Europe to scrap net neutrality
Morris Lore | 11/30/2021

The region's big players have written a hopeful letter asking for mergers to be approved, spectrum to be cheaper and big tech to pay up.

Ericsson's $6.2B Vonage deal has befuddled investors – no wonder
Morris Lore | 11/26/2021

Vonage's relevance to 5G is questionable and shareholders will be asking if the cash would have been better spent elsewhere.

Nokia caught in telco schism over open RAN
Morris Lore | 11/24/2021

The Finnish equipment vendor rejects the charge its software works only with its own hardware and finds an ally in BT.

Europe's $200B telcos are still pleading for open RAN handouts
Morris Lore | 11/18/2021

Policymakers appear to have ignored the earlier call for open RAN support and they would be wise to reject the latest.

Prickly Deutsche Telekom boss wants hyperscaler deals curbed
Morris Lore | 11/16/2021

US tech giants are buying the companies that telcos use to 'digitize' their core infrastructure, and the CEO of Europe's largest telco is not happy.

Huawei's subscale cloud unit needs more than just chips
Morris Lore | 11/3/2021

The Chinese vendor's fledgling cloud business remains tiny alongside industry giants and may struggle even if it can fix its hardware problems.

The grubby truth about telecom and the climate
Morris Lore | 10/28/2021

The ICT industry is one of the worst climate offenders on the planet and its billions of customers will ensure it remains so.

AT&T job cuts hit record 12K in recent quarter
Morris Lore | 10/22/2021

The US operator is still slashing thousands of jobs as it tries to cut about $6 billion off its expenses.

Netflix shows why telcos should fear AWS
Morris Lore | 10/20/2021

The streaming service is more popular than ever and its share price has soared, but its public-cloud arrangements carry enormous risk.

Net neutrality moaning shows telcos are stuck in the past
Morris Lore | 10/15/2021

Internet companies have done operators a massive favor by serving up the apps that consumers demand, but operators still think the app developers should pay.

Intel chips snub is a blow for the UK
Morris Lore | 10/8/2021

After the US chipmaker rules out building a fab in the UK, the government may struggle to attract other investors.

Facebook outage should frighten everyone
Morris Lore | 10/5/2021

The social media giant suffers a blackout that lasts several hours and causes disruption for its customers worldwide.

Huawei CFO case ends with everyone looking bad
Morris Lore | 9/27/2021

The only positive thing about this case was the release of two innocent Canadians, and yet that also confirms China as the worst kind of state.

Nokia return will not end doubts about O-RAN
Morris Lore | 9/14/2021

Changes made by the specifications group have satisfied the Finnish equipment vendor, but they remain unclear to the wider world.

Three UK helps bring back the roaming empire
Morris Lore | 9/10/2021

Despite saying it would not reintroduce the fees customers pay to use their phones abroad, Three has now copied BT and Vodafone in doing just that.

O-RAN Alliance: Open by name, closed by nature, reckons Europe
Morris Lore | 9/6/2021

The group that defines specifications for open RAN wants to be treated like a standards body, but it does not appear to meet the WTO's criteria.

The greenwashing of telecom
Morris Lore | 8/25/2021

Telco claims about carbon neutrality and renewables adoption should be viewed with considerable skepticism.

Letting Facebook buy WhatsApp and Instagram was dumb, FTC shows
Morris Lore | 8/20/2021

If the regulator's market assessment is right, it failed at its basic job of preventing the emergence of monopolies.

Desperation shows as BT and Vodafone resurrect roaming
Morris Lore | 8/9/2021

The reintroduction of roaming charges by BT and Vodafone is a sign of telco failure to boost revenues.

Standalone shaping up to be 5G's next big flop
Morris Lore | 7/27/2021

The industry is aflutter about the souped-up version of 5G, but everyone else should curb their enthusiasm.

Spain's telcos uphold ceasefire in the siesta
Morris Lore | 7/21/2021

Slumbering in the afternoon, Spaniards can rest assured they will not be called by their operators.

Hellish ride is not enough to put Telenor off Asia
Morris Lore | 7/20/2021

Despite multi-billion-dollar losses, military coups and spats with aggressive shareholders, the Norwegian operator is still enthused by markets to the east.

Open RAN and the dangers of the neutral host
Morris Lore | 7/15/2021

A bid to diversify the market for suppliers could leave Europe's 5G sector with fewer networks.

Joe Biden's net neutrality threat to 5G
Morris Lore | 7/12/2021

The president's resurrection of vague open Internet policies risks undermining 5G investment and defacing the industry's technology roadmap.

The verdict from afar on MWC 2021
Morris Lore | 7/2/2021

The GSMA deserves credit for putting on its show in such difficult circumstances, but this was an MWC the industry will want to forget.

Britain's got open RAN talent, hopes clueless govt.
Morris Lore | 7/2/2021

A government with protectionist instincts seems to think open RAN could restore a local supply chain for 5G equipment.

AT&T has locked itself into a risky affair with Microsoft
Morris Lore | 7/1/2021

Extricating itself from a single-supplier deal to run its core network in the public cloud could be a challenge if the relationship turns sour.

Telecom outsources big ideas to Elon Musk at MWC
Morris Lore | 6/30/2021

An appearance by the man behind Tesla, SpaceX and Starlink is the most exciting thing to happen at this year's show.

Cloud envy and virtue-signaling color desperate MWC
Morris Lore | 6/28/2021

Europe's telecom sector attempts to show it is a good corporate citizen while having its usual moan about the unfair regulation of big tech.

Don't expect Qualcomm to curb Intel's open RAN power
Morris Lore | 6/24/2021

The mobile chips whizz says it won't be challenging Intel in open RAN and there are few other signs of competition.

Bring me wine and let robots run the BT network
Morris Lore | 6/10/2021

Regarding people as a problem, BT's chief network architect is determined to automate as much as he possibly can over the next decade.

Boris Johnson is shafting the GSMA
Morris Lore | 6/8/2021

UK government rules may deter thousands from attending this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Fastly outage gives preview of Internet apocalypse
Morris Lore | 6/8/2021

An unprofitable minnow temporarily paralyzes a few major organizations and knocks out a whole government website.

Ofcom should keep its grubby mitts off open RAN
Morris Lore | 5/28/2021

The UK telecom regulator is intervening in technology development to a troubling degree.

Huawei's software pivot will probably fail – here's why
Morris Lore | 5/25/2021

The Chinese equipment vendor's sinister plan for world software domination is unlikely to save parts of its telecom business or win friends in the US.

GSMA struggles to justify MWC's physical existence
Morris Lore | 5/20/2021

The trade show faces a potential existential crisis if the new normal is here to stay.

AT&T and Verizon media bets were mad, bad and dangerous
Morris Lore | 5/19/2021

The US operators certainly lived up to their 'dumb and dumber' nicknames with forays into content and media that showed zero common sense.

Open RAN will struggle to fit in, despite Euro telco demands
Morris Lore | 5/14/2021

A wish-list of technical requirements arrives in vendor offices, but the chances of a mass-market deployment in the next few years are remote.

A Cellnex mutation could upend European telecom
Morris Lore | 5/7/2021

Cellnex has gone from renting out space on towers to buying 5G equipment in a move that has major ramifications for service providers, equipment makers and authorities.

Telecom Italia loses game of fiber monopoly to EU
Morris Lore | 5/6/2021

Italian operator's share price falls sharply after Italy's prime minister is reported to have shot down its plans to merge with Open Fiber.

Google moves a step closer to running Vodafone
Morris Lore | 5/4/2021

The operator is entrusting more of its systems to the public cloud and will use a technology developed with Google to realize cost savings and service improvements.

Dish fealty to AWS risks 'vendor lock-in' and open RAN fallout
Morris Lore | 4/23/2021

The company building America's fourth mobile network does not appear to share policymakers' concerns about the dominance of the public clouds.

UK risks own goal with open RAN diversity plan
Morris Lore | 4/20/2021

The British government is pushing through an 'open' agenda that will restrict operators' freedom of choice.

The 1970s comeback in UK telecom is a new virus
Morris Lore | 4/16/2021

A government-appointed taskforce wants to interfere in the decisions that operators make about their suppliers, according to a report.

Huawei and the great 6G schism
Morris Lore | 4/14/2021

The Chinese equipment giant questions the need for 6G and even 5G technology as protectionism looms and US sanctions force a strategic shift.

Europe's telcos won't spend €300B, whatever ETNO says
Morris Lore | 3/25/2021

The suggestion that operators would increase spending by nearly a fifth if regulators were kinder is hard to take seriously.

Project Gigabit, or how to waste £5B of UK taxpayers' money
Morris Lore | 3/19/2021

Wealthy homeowners in remote areas may soon be able to watch Netflix in ultra-high definition thanks to your generosity.

The UK's £1.4B 5G auction farce is still not over
Morris Lore | 3/17/2021

Operators are pleased to have paid so little after Ofcom rejected calls to scrap the familiar format, but their spectrum is all over the place.

MWC 2021 is a go, but can it attract 50K visitors?
Morris Lore | 3/8/2021

The mother of all telecom trade shows has just unveiled details of a health-and-safety plan that will either encourage or deter attendees.

Deutsche Telekom in no rush to join towers frenzy
Morris Lore | 3/1/2021

The German incumbent is weighing options for its infrastructure while the region's powerbrokers continue to advance.

The rise and fall of Telefónica
Morris Lore | 2/25/2021

Worth $370 billion in 2006, Spain's biggest telecom operator is valued at just $25 billion today.

Don't count on a Telecom Italia renaissance
Morris Lore | 2/24/2021

The Italian operator's latest strategic plan is probably not going to be a major restorative for a company that seems in perpetual decline.

Why 5G patent rankings are not to be trusted
Morris Lore | 2/23/2021

One study's winner is another's laggard, possibly because researchers cannot agree on what constitutes an essential patent.

Huawei is proving as hard to stop as a movie supervillain
Morris Lore | 2/18/2021

Despite concern about the impact of US sanctions, the Chinese equipment giant's networks business is still going strong.

Liberty Global looks chained and parochial
Morris Lore | 2/16/2021

Eye-watering debts, catch-up mergers and network projects that are way off target - welcome to Liberty Global.

Open RAN no sure winner, but back it anyway, says UK report
Morris Lore | 2/5/2021

A parliamentary report on 5G diversification reveals a political cluelessness about 5G technology and the road ahead.

Ericsson calls for 'tech neutrality' after telco open RAN pleas
Morris Lore | 2/1/2021

Predictably enough, the Swedish equipment vendor thinks Europe should focus on mainstream 5G. It has a point.

Taxpayers on hook for open RAN tab that must stink to investors
Morris Lore | 1/25/2021

The private sector seems unconvinced by the case for open RAN investment. Europe's service providers think taxpayers should fill the void.

Open or closed, RAN vendors face a 2020s squeeze
Morris Lore | 1/21/2021

Generating profits in a busier, shrinking market for radio access network products will be difficult.

Banning Trump and Parler is not for big tech to decide
Morris Lore | 1/19/2021

Facebook, Twitter and Amazon should not be the arbiters of free speech. And that means a repeal of telecom legislation should be a priority.

UK love affair with open RAN goes on despite telco reservations
Morris Lore | 1/15/2021

British authorities are infatuated with a technology they barely understand from either a technology or market perspective.

Europe's towercos are building on shaky ground
Morris Lore | 1/11/2021

Towers companies may struggle to justify their lofty valuations as competition grows and the telecom sector remains under pressure.

Gigabit subsidies are a waste of taxpayer dosh
Morris Lore | 1/8/2021

The UK spending watchdog slams the government's gigabit record, but does anything really need to be fixed?

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