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Cable's Fiber Outlook Survey Report 2019
Information Resources | 9/30/2019

Light Reading and Heavy Reading have teamed up again with SCTE/ISBE, along with five major industry vendors, to survey cable operators about their fiber buildout plans and strategies. Download your free copy of this report to read the results.

Cable's 10G Gambit
Information Resources | 9/30/2019

After rolling out DOCSIS 3.1 for 1 Gbit/s downstream speeds, is cable ready to make the next great leap to symmetrical 10 Gbit/s service? This e-book will look at how the industry got to this point, what its 10G prospects are, what kinds of hurdles cable faces, what types of services 10G would enable and where the competition stands right now.

Don’t Be Late to the 5G Edge Cloud Party: CSPs Have Little to Lose and Much to Gain
Information Resources | 9/26/2019

To make the most of edge cloud computing CSPs need to look for opportunities along the entire value chain, from application development to middleware and connectivity. CSPs should ensure that the infrastructure solutions they choose are aligned with emerging standards and that they use state-of-the-art silicon and acceleration technology.

Strategies for Connecting the Edge: 2019 Heavy Reading Survey
Information Resources | 9/18/2019

While interest in and hype around edge computing is high, detailed knowledge of the edge is remarkably low. This survey-based research project was commissioned to answer fundamental questions about the future of the edge, with a focus on the evolution of network connectivity to meet edge computing needs.

Your Gigabit Journey Starts Here: Your Free Guide to a Gig
Information Resources | 9/17/2019

This exclusive eBook explains the drivers behind Gigabit broadband, the technology options available and how to build a business case that ensures your deployment is a success.

Growth Without Limits: Digital Realty’s journey to becoming a global leader in colocation
Information Resources | 9/16/2019

Digital Realty needed a globally consistent infrastructure to support its colocation expansion efforts. Schneider Electric helped customize an EcoStruxure solution to provide a unified, efficient way to monitor and control its facilities, anywhere in the world - all through a single pane of glass.

5G Positioning & Pricing Strategies
Information Resources | 9/13/2019

As 5G is becoming a commercial reality in multiple lead markets, the question of how it should be positioned, packaged and priced will be critical in building competitive 5G propositions.

Leading Research across the AI spectrum
Information Resources | 9/13/2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries, products and core capabilities by delivering dramatically enhanced experiences. However, the deep neural networks of today are growing quickly in size and use too much memory, compute and energy. Plus, to make AI truly ubiquitous, it needs to run on the end device within a tight power and thermal budget.

Reimagining Service Assurance in the Digital Service Provider Era
Information Resources | 9/6/2019

This white paper examines current service assurance systems and how they relate to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

Monetize 5G with New Business Models
Information Resources | 9/4/2019

In the lead-up to 5G's deployment, CSPs who start evolving their monetization solutions today will be in a much better position to capitalize on and monetize new opportunities right out of the gate - and also gain the scalability and agility needed to generate more revenue from existing sources now.

The Journey Toward Successful 5G Monetization Starts Today
Information Resources | 9/4/2019

Learn how an early start on deploying a 5G-ready monetization solution will help you boost revenue for B2C and B2B services immediately and monetize 5G opportunities from day one.

Six Impediments to Killer Cloud App Performance
Information Resources | 9/4/2019

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out the real reason users are experiencing poor application performance. Is it the network? Is it the application? Something else?

Why OSS/BSS is Key to the Commercial Success of Network Slicing: A Heavy Reading white paper produced for Tech Mahindra
Information Resources | 9/3/2019

Why OSS/BSS is Key to the Commercial Success of Network Slicing: A Heavy Reading white paper produced for Tech Mahindra

10 Ways to Make Money with 5G - A Playbook for Digital Leaders
Information Resources | 9/1/2019

Do you have a plan for turning 5G excitement into revenue? Will your 4G pricing strategies still work, or will the market switch to speed tiers, hyper-segmented offers and other new monetization techniques. Download our latest eBook to learn about: - The most promising Consumer, Enterprise and IoT use cases - The Customer Proposition for each use case - How Service Providers can turn new opportunity into revenue

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