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Huawei 2G/3G RAN Ranked As Leader by GlobalData
Information Resources | 9/28/2017

Case Study: Evolution of Wide Area Networking
Information Resources | 9/22/2017

SD-WAN case study of a fictional enterprise documenting the business benefits they achieved with Nuage Networks.

SD-WAN: Answering the Demands of the Cloud-Based IT ecosystem
Information Resources | 9/22/2017

A joint research report from IDG Research and Nuage Networks documents the need for SD-WAN solutions and the business benefits that can be achieved.

Case study: Exponential-e
Information Resources | 9/22/2017

Exponential-e is a British provider of cloud connectivity, business Internet, unified communications and IT services. This case study documents their deployment of the Nuage Networks VNS infrastructure as the foundation of their next generation SD-WAN cloud service.

Case study: Global Oil Corporation
Information Resources | 9/22/2017

Case study of Nuage Networks VNS SD-WAN solution at a global oil and gas exploration and production firm. Benefits include dramatically reduced WAN costs, reduced time to bring sites online, and improvements in security policy management.

CSP Cloud VM Management & the Emergence of SmartNICs
Information Resources | 9/21/2017

The purpose of this white paper is to document how NFV cloud architectures are driving a change in how Vms are managed, as well as the steps necessary to achieve seamless VM deployments. The paper documents why innovative approaches for managing VMs are necessary; analyzes the current options for VM management; introduces the SmartNIC reference architecture model; and presents a SmartNIC total cost of ownership (TCO) use case.

Deutsche Telekom: Best-in-class experience
Information Resources | 9/11/2017

ZTE 5G in Full Swing in Four Fields
Information Resources | 9/11/2017

Accelerate OTA Evaluation of 5G Performance
Information Resources | 9/5/2017

5G presents uncharted territory for RF engineers: mmWave, air interfaces, massive MIMO. As you explore new ground, FieldFox analyzers will help you assess trial networks. Download app note.

Case Study: Vodacom Partners with Intelsat to Deliver Rural Cellular Services in the DRC
Information Resources | 9/1/2017

African mobile communications company Vodacom needed to quickly and cost-effectively provide service to millions of unconnected people across the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Low population density, the rugged mountain terrain and a lack of infrastructure made building a terrestrial network cost prohibitive, so Vodacom looked to new avenues of connectivity. Learn how Intelsat helped Vodacom expand its service into rural areas and install over 700 rural sites. Read the case study.

The State of Global Broadband Connectivity Infographic
Information Resources | 9/1/2017

Though it often seems like everyone is connected 24/7/365, many parts of the world remain unconnected, plagued by unreliable or non-existent terrestrial infrastructure. There is still enormous opportunity for service providers to connect the unconnected and continue expanding their service offerings. Check out Intelsat's "The State of Global Broadband Connectivity" Infographic to learn about connectivity challenges in emerging markets and where opportunities for improvement lie.

Expanding Into New Markets? 5 Considerations to Do It Profitably
Information Resources | 9/1/2017

With the availability of new high-throughput satellite (HTS) technology, you can instantly and cost effectively access mega-pools of capacity to deliver high-speed and reliable broadband connectivity to your customers - anytime, anywhere. Intelsat's recent tip sheet on expanding into new markets will show you how to jump-start innovative new services, extend into hard-to-reach places or regions and satisfy traffic growth and capacity demands.

It’s HERE- the Missing Piece
Information Resources | 9/1/2017

Opportunity for revenue growth abounds in new and emerging markets, but service providers face certain challenges, including high build-out costs, the need to move faster than competitors and service innovation pressures. Intelsat's recent tip sheet, "The Missing Piece for Profitable Expansion into New and Emerging Markets," looks at how providers can mitigate those pressures and quickly and cost-effectively add new infrastructure for network expansion.

What is the ROI and business impact of automating active testing and Orchestrated Assurance?
Information Resources | 9/1/2017

Download the new white paper, Operational Imperative of Automated Active Testing and Monitoring, from Cisco and Netrounds and learn more about the business impact and ROI of Orchestrated Assurance!

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