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CSPs: Service Assurance Key to Automation Plans
Information Resources | 8/28/2018

This 10-question survey was developed in conjunction with three sponsors and the TLC, a group of highly targeted CSPs that participate in strategic research. TLC members receive private invitations to take part in anonymous surveys, which enables them to provide insights that might otherwise go undisclosed.

The State of the Platform as a Service Market – 2017
Information Resources | 8/24/2018

Read this online overview of the PaaS market from Gartner and learn why more and more organizations are adopting a cloud platform to quickly meet their customers' needs and stay ahead of changing market conditions.

SAP Infographic
Information Resources | 8/24/2018

SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform as a service that provides unique in-memory database and application services. Quickly build, extend, and integrate modern mobile-enabled apps - simply - to meet your business needs now.

Driving Business Innovation: The Critical Role of IT
Information Resources | 8/24/2018

As organizations transform their business processes to better compete in the digital economy, the role IT plays in this journey is a critical one. IT departments must lead the drive for business innovation while enabling the organization to quickly adapt to the new technologies and applications needed to succeed. Should they fall short, they risk being seen as a cost center and a prime target for outsourcing, rather than a value creator.

Solution Brief SAP CP
Information Resources | 8/24/2018

Businesses face new priorities every day - from rewarding employees to better addressing customer needs or improving supply chain visibility. SAP Cloud Platform enables your organization to build the exact application you need quickly, easily, and economically. Based on open standards, SAP Cloud Platform offers complete flexibility and control over your choice of clouds, frameworks, and applications.

Ransomware Defense for Dummies
Information Resources | 8/23/2018

Ransomware is attracting widespread attention, and for good reason. To stay one step ahead of the attackers you need a multi-layered defense that integrates with your existing architecture. But where do you start? Lots of questions come to mind. We've got the answers. Read this eBook to discover what you can do today to keep your endpoints, network and data safe from attacks.

Cisco Umbrella for Service Providers
Information Resources | 8/23/2018

Cisco Umbrella for SPs Easy Protect is a cloud security service that can be easily attached to internet service. Umbrella protects at the DNS-layer, stopping threats before they ever reach an organization's network or endpoints.

Cisco Umbrella for MSSPs
Information Resources | 8/23/2018

CCisco Umbrella for MSSPs is a cloud security service that is built to help MSSPs grow their business. The service provides end users with on-network and off -network protection by blocking malware, phishing, and command and control callbacks. Umbrella protects at the DNS-layer, stopping threats before they ever reach a client's network or endpoints.

TIM Case Study by Cisco Umbrella
Information Resources | 8/23/2018

As Italy's businesses grew increasingly vulnerable to the threat of ransomware, data breaches, and other malicious malware attacks, service provider Telecom Italia (TIM) sought an innovative solution to effectively and efficiently protect the network and data of its business users. Powered by Cisco Umbrella for Service Providers, TIM Safe Web brings new security protections for 600,000 business customers and a competitive-differentiating revenue opportunity to TIM.

The Total Cost of Ownership: Advantages of VMWare vCloud NFV Openstack in the Virtualized Packet Core of Service Providers’ Mobile Networks
Information Resources | 8/21/2018

CSPs are using VMware vCloud NFV OpenStack to benefit from the openness that OpenStack provides while efficiently delivering new services to market. Read this 3rd party report to realize the advantages of VMware vCloud NFV OpenStack showing a 47% lower TCO than an alternative solution for a Virtualized EPC.

5G-Ready NFV Infrastructure - A Transformation Journey Towards Full Automation
Information Resources | 8/21/2018

To realize the maximum benefits of 5G services, CSPs will require a transformation of their networks. Read this paper developed in close collaboration between Telia and VMware to see how CSPs can deliver an efficient network infrastructure to deliver new services along with creating an on-demand network to support new business models.

Preparing Telecommunication Operations for Cloud Native Virtual Network Functions
Information Resources | 8/21/2018

Cloud native applications and VNFs, as an evolution of the virtualization of the telecommunication network, have the potential to substantially improve capital efficiency for CSPs. This paper will examine how CSPs can assess and begin to take a step by step approach to becoming more cloud native.

Redefining IT‘s Role to Become the Innovative Engine of the Organization
Information Resources | 8/20/2018

IT is treading a delicate path between trying to provide the business with the new technology and services required to compete in a digital economy and keeping existing technology and services running. However, maintaining the current state is consuming a greater proportion of the IT budget, resources, and focus. Many organizations need to support a wide range of IT delivery approaches and adopt new technologies rapidly.

Algorithmic and Hardware Advancements for Power-efficient AI
Information Resources | 8/17/2018

Deep neural networks of today are growing quickly in size and use too much memory, compute, and energy. To make AI truly ubiquitous, it needs to run on the end device within a tight power and thermal budget. One approach to address these issues is Bayesian deep learning.

Carrier VoIP Security and Fraud Prevention Market and Solution Overview
Information Resources | 8/17/2018

RedShift Networks Ensures the Security of Your Cloud-based, Real-time Unified Communications and Collaboration, Including VoIP and Video. Last year, RedShift helped customers identify more than 27 million VoIP Security threat alerts across the installed base and over 13 thousand Fraud incidents per year, approximately 250 per week. Customers leveraging RedShift's solution proactively observe more than 5 thousand SIP BotNet attacks targeting each UCTM system deployed on a continuous basis.

Cost Realities of VoIP Security
Information Resources | 8/17/2018

This webinar discusses: - Increase of cyber security activity in the VoIP/SIP realm - Specific examples use cases of breaches at a technical level - Global carrier impact from VoIP security threat vectors over the last 12 months.

Fiber to the X Fundamentals
Information Resources | 8/9/2018

A complete overview of principles, technologies, architectures and business models for future networks.

Code42: The Journey to Securing Data at the Edge
Information Resources | 8/2/2018

As threats to intellectual property increase, however, so do the possible impacts to companies' bottom lines. That's where Code42 shines: offering enterprise-level software for fast, secure endpoint protection, recovery and visibility. But the business needed a partner to handle their hardware while they offer software. That's where Avnet Integrated comes in.

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