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eBook: The Imminent Threat of Application Attacks and How To Defend Against Them
Information Resources | 8/26/2015

Service providers must be vigilant in protecting both their own networks and those of their enterprise customers while at the same time providing a high-available, high-performance network. Shine a light on these threats and stop them dead in their tracks.

Evolved Programmable Network Solution Overview
Information Resources | 8/17/2015

Virtualization of network functions is an approach that has been successfully implemented in the data center, and service providers are now trying to improve flexibility and service agility and significantly transform their economic cost models. Service provider-centric software capabilities for operations and services automation are also required to accelerate and monetize the creation of new services.

Software-Defined Networking - Discover How to Save Money and Generate New Revenue
Information Resources | 8/17/2015

Software-defined networking (SDN) can help businesses and service providers reduce networking complexity, as well as deployment and operational costs. These benefits are based on abstraction of the control functions from the network forwarding devices (such as switches, routers, and Layer 4 to 7 appliances).

Service Orchestration Requirements for a New Era of Networking – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 8/17/2015

This paper examines the drivers for service orchestration and the three "extreme" business requirements for flexibility, automation and reliability emerging in a new era of hyperfast business that a service orchestration system must fulfill. It explores the capabilities that a service orchestration system should have to meet these requirements.

New Synchronization Requirements for 4G Backhaul & Fronthaul White Paper – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 8/14/2015

This white paper examines the available options for operators with Long Term Evolution (LTE), LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) and the various small cell and centralized radio access network (C-RAN) architecture options for implementing them.

Atomic Clock Relative Phase Monitoring: How to Confirm Proper Phase Alignment & Stability in the Field White Paper
Information Resources | 8/14/2015

This document introduces the Relative Phase Measurements as that extra tool to provide a bit more visibility into the disciplining process. VeEX test sets equipped with GPS receiver and Chip Scale Atomic Clock options include a relative phase monitoring tool that can be used for this purpose.

Optical Transport Networks (OTN) Wall Chart
Information Resources | 8/14/2015

A detailed wall chart with information on OTN Overhead Bytes, Basic OTN Frame Structure, OTLk.n - Optical Transport Lanes, Mapping and Multi-plexing Structure, Rates and Payloads, Errors and Alarms.

100/40 Gbps Ethernet Wall Chart
Information Resources | 8/14/2015

A technical wall chart with information on PMD Layer, IEEE 802.3ba Standard, 100GBase-R, PMA Layer and PCS Layer.

Transport Catalog
Information Resources | 8/14/2015

Download VeEX's Transport Catalog to view their product portfolio.

Ultrahigh density MPO/MTP cabling system in Data Center offered by Gigalight
Information Resources | 8/12/2015

In today's fast-moving cyber world, with the advent and popularity of cloud computing and big data, the demand for high-speed transmission and data capacity is becoming much greater than ever before. There exist millions of servers in some cloud-computing data centers of big IT giant companies like Google, Facebook, Tencent, thus, how to balance high capacity & high transmission data rate and low power consumption is a major challenge facing today's data center.

AOC Technology - Strong Driving Force for Consumer Electronics
Information Resources | 8/12/2015

Looking forward to the future, AOC technology will penetrate deeply in a variety of consumer transmission applications, promote the high-end development of consumer electronics industry and improve people's quality of life substantially.

Brief Discussion CFP2
Information Resources | 8/12/2015

Since 2010, we have been early 100G client deployment base on the CFP form factor. The module host interface was based on a more conservative 10x10G interface base on established 10G technology. While the CFP form factor is flexible(supporting a wide range of technologies, from 40G serial through 40G parallel and 100G in both 4x25G and 10x10G), its large form factor and relative complex technology keeps it from meeting and density and price expectation required for mainstream 100G.

Rapid Growth of Gigalight in AOC and Parallel Optical Transceiver Modules Field
Information Resources | 8/12/2015

With the coming age of big data, the application of Internet and intelligent terminals and the explosive growth of global data volume are fuelling the development of high-preferment supercomputer centre and cloud computing data centre with 40G / 100G servers and switches. At the same time, the high-bandwidth and high-density optical component transmission technology has experienced a crustal movement.

Enterprise Control: A new Digital Experience for Enterprise based on real-time visibility and control
Information Resources | 8/10/2015

CSPs are adapting their businesses to offer real-time self-care apps to their consumers. So why not offer Digital Controls to enterprises too? Download the Ebook or see the video here.

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