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Content posted in July 2018
The Evolution of Identity Management
Information Resources  | 
7/31/2018  | 
This white paper documents the evolution of identity management and the related technical implementation implications.
End-to-End Network Automation: How to Develop Your Network Automation Strategy
Information Resources  | 
7/20/2018  | 
As service providers and enterprises start to expand their automation strategies, they rapidly move from scripting to orchestration. But this too can have its limitations, and more importantly can entail significant investment. This paper outlines an alternative approach to developing a network automation strategy, one that is devised top-down, based on used stories and workflows, rather than bottom-up, based on the tools and systems needed to automate such workflows.
Mission-Critical Broadband – The Commercial Mobile Network Operator's Vital Role
Information Resources  | 
7/16/2018  | 
Public safety broadband – Unlock your network's LTE potential with Nokia
Mobile network operators' existing LTE networks can play a vital role to help our emergency services. Learn how LTE network operators can partner with governments to support public safety, win premium customers and make a difference.
It's Time for a New Approach to Broadband for Public Safety
Information Resources  | 
7/16/2018  | 
Public safety broadband – let's work together to make it happen
By working together with Nokia, governments and MNOs can deliver mission-critical LTE that makes our world a safer place. Read the Nokia white paper to learn more about MNO investments, risks and rewards.
Why on-device AI is required for a virtual assistant
Information Resources  | 
7/13/2018  | 
Voice is a transformative user interface that provides a natural way to interact with devices hands-free. Machine learning has ignited the voice UI revolution, and the trend is towards doing AI processing on the device for unique benefits, such as instant response, reliability, and privacy.
Invest in NFV Management & Orchestration
Information Resources  | 
7/9/2018  | 
Is there a need for automated management & orchestration? In this NFV eBrief we discuss why you should invest in NFV MANO, what automation can do for your business, how to prepare for a 5G world and the lessons learned from our customers.
Consider a pre-integrated solution
Information Resources  | 
7/9/2018  | 
Savings in hardware CAPEX that virtualization brought to enterprise IT might be intriguing, but integrating the components yourself is difficult. Read more about the benefits of a pre-integrated solution in this eBrief.
Software-define everything
Information Resources  | 
7/9/2018  | 
A software-defined infrastructure and network allows you to manage your infrastructure without the difficult operations that physical network function needs. Read more about how to software-defining everything in this eBrief.
Making on-device AI Ubiquitous
Information Resources  | 
7/1/2018  | 
AI on devices, rather than the cloud, provides end users with compelling, interesting, and helpful experiences.
Achieving AI at scale
Information Resources  | 
7/1/2018  | 
To scale AI to trillions of connected things, the intelligence must be distributed to the end devices from the cloud. Qualcomm is developing power efficient AI to enable on-device processing, delivering AI at scale.

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