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Content posted in July 2017
Light Reading Report - MEC and the Newly Intelligent Network Edge
Information Resources  | 
7/28/2017  | 
The Industry is all aglow about a 5G and IoT future, but wait a minute. As the tech world has become more dependent on the faraway cloud, the applications we’re talking about – connected cars, self-monitoring factories, virtual reality – are going to need fast response times and a lot of processing.
Three Pillars of a Winning IoT Strategy in a Complex Landscape
Information Resources  | 
7/26/2017  | 
The Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged over the last five years as one of the most compelling trends impacting consumers and the enterprise. The intent of this paper is to help readers understand the three essential pillars of an IoT deployment: connectivity, data platform and security.
The VOD Factor- The Convergence of Broadcast and Digital
Information Resources  | 
7/21/2017  | 
It’s an exciting time on both sides of the media delivery spectrum. For audiences on the other side of any screen, video on demand (VOD) isn’t a separate component or “nice to have” luxury anymore. The ability to watch what we want, when we want it is seamlessly and permanently integrated into our video experience.
Mobilizing mmWave with 5G NR
Information Resources  | 
7/20/2017  | 
New 5G NR technologies are making spectrum bands above 24 GHz, loosely known as mmWave, available for mobile broadband communications for the first time. The abundant spectrum available at these high frequencies is capable of delivering extreme data speeds and capacity that will reshape the mobile experience.
Leading the LTE IoT evolution to connect the massive Internet of Things
Information Resources  | 
7/20/2017  | 
Find out how Qualcomm are at the heart of the IoT ecosystem with this new booklet.
Digital Collaboration: The Rise of UC&C — White Paper by Heavy Reading and PGi
Information Resources  | 
7/20/2017  | 
The advent of IP-based networks over 15 years ago drastically changed the landscape of the corporate workplace. The rise of IP networks set the stage for the boom of unified communications (UC), where voice over IP (VoIP) telephony aligned with IM, file sharing, fixed/mobile convergence (FMC), email and white boarding to create a one-stop-shop for digital collaboration and communication.
Making 5G a reality: Addressing the strong mobile broadband demand in 2019 & beyond
Information Resources  | 
7/20/2017  | 
Read this new Nokia & Qualcomm whitepaper to see the results from a recent 5G consumer study and learn how we are enabling initial 5G NR deployments — including mobilizing the mmWave for smartphones — starting in 2019.
5G Consumer Survey Key motivations and use cases in 2019 and beyond
Information Resources  | 
7/20/2017  | 
What do consumers want the most from 5G? What use cases do they expect their 5G smartphone to enable when commercial 5G NR networks and devices start to roll out in 2019? Check out the results from our recent 5G consumer study to learn more.
Private Cloud 101: Move at the Speed of Business
Information Resources  | 
7/17/2017  | 
With the cloud transforming application development and deployment—enabling organizations to improve flexibility, automate processes, and decrease time to market—some big questions remain. One of the most important issues an organization must address is how it can best employ the smarter tools and limitless scale that the cloud offers.
Healthcare Faces the Promise & Perils of the Cloud
Information Resources  | 
7/17/2017  | 
For years, healthcare remained a paper-bound industry with file cabinets stuffed with records and patient information, and CT scans on slides that needed to be physically stored.
Activating Audiences Across all Channels
Information Resources  | 
7/14/2017  | 
The more you know about your audiences, the more you can get them to actively engage with your content. That's why it's important to not just know who they are, but where and how they watch. Download Activating Audiences Across All Channels to learn how.
Digital Measurement for Streaming TV
Information Resources  | 
7/14/2017  | 
Download Digital Measurement for Streaming TV to learn two popular ways to count all of your TV viewers. Discover how digital technology and digital measurement systems can help you get a complete picture of your viewership — across both traditional and digital channels. You’ll see how easy it is to make every viewer count — and your ad revenue add up.
Econsultancy: 2017 Digital Trends Report (M&E Slice)
Information Resources  | 
7/14/2017  | 
As the media and entertainment industry continues to change, stay prepared with the Digital Trends 2017 report from Adobe and Econsultancy.

Read the report to determine the underlying themes and dynamics driving change within the media industry, and recognize how you can adhere to the consumer’s growing desire for flexibility through digital technologies, data and personalized content.
Private LTE Networks
Information Resources  | 
7/5/2017  | 
From Heavy Reading and Qualcomm, this white paper will discuss why LTE is now a highly attractive technology for private wireless networks across a wide range of enterprise verticals.

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