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Accelerating Digital Transformation for Service Providers: White Paper by Strategy Analytics
Information Resources | 7/30/2016

Competitive pressures are mounting for service providers, making digital transformation an urgent imperative. This paper analyzes the state of the industry and offers a path for providers to transform in order to meet the ever-increasing needs of today's subscriber.

34 Ways to Win More Subscribers | A Visual Guide
Information Resources | 7/30/2016

This visually stunning guide by Nominum provides 34 ways DNS can be used by providers to enable a safer and more personalized experience for Internet subscribers. Learn how others in the industry are leveraging their existing DNS infrastructure investment to achieve amazing results.

Product Brief - N2 Reach
Information Resources | 7/30/2016

In-browser messages have far greater engagement and conversion rates than existing methods such as email and direct mail. This document describes N2 Reach, a powerful communication method for telecoms that delivers 5-15 times greater conversion rates than other methods.

Product Brief - N2 ThreatAvert
Information Resources | 7/30/2016

New cyberthreats are forcing service providers to rethink protection techniques. N2 ThreatAvert protects providers from cyberthreats that originate inside networks. Read this document to understand the shifting threat landscape and learn how to protect online subscriber experiences.

Solving the Challenges of Cellular RAN Management with Next-Generation SON
Information Resources | 7/27/2016

SON is not just about the network; it's about the customer and their quality of experience. With SON, operators can gain improvements in performance, better service quality and increased revenues - all with fewer resources and minimum user touch.

Brocade Packet Brokers
Information Resources | 7/15/2016

The growth of video, social media, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is pushing networks to their breaking point, forcing Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to rethink their network architectures and business models.

The Path to 5G with Programmable Mobility Management
Information Resources | 7/15/2016

Every 20 years or so, there is a fundamental shift in the communications paradigm and the business opportunities it unlocks. The technology industry refers to this next transformation as the "New IP" or "3rd Platform."

Huawei Releases GigaRadio Whitepaper
Information Resources | 7/1/2016

Cisco Vision Series: Vertical Value Creation
Information Resources | 7/1/2016

5G networks must be designed with new capabilities addressing the needs of new vertical markets. Current mobile standards lack well-defined interfaces to the service layer. Without them, expensive, proprietary solutions are required.

The Cisco 5G Strategy Series: Packet Core, Transport, and Identity Management
Information Resources | 7/1/2016

Among the current standards recommendations for the fifth-generation (5G) mobile network are exciting technologies and architectures that promise more flexibility and agility, less complexity, and higher performance while lowering an operator's total cost of ownership.

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