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Scaling Mobile Networks Security for LTE: A Multi-Layer Approach – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 7/31/2015

The way the network security domain has been pieced together over time has served mobile operators well enough until now. But the business model and technology environment are changing fundamentally today, and if the network security domain doesn't evolve with that, it will risk compromising operators' ability to protect the network, maintain stability and manage millions of real-time sessions, without costs spiraling out of control.

Why SDN Is Important to NFV – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 7/30/2015

This white paper discusses how the transition to NFV brings with it numerous changes and requirements, addresses NFV and SDN architectures, with a particular emphasis on the role of SDN in meeting the networking requirements of NFV, and shows how the industry is responding to the challenges of NFV and SDN.

F5 Infographic: Addressing Security Challenges with LTE
Information Resources | 7/30/2015

With more IP connectivity, more traffic, more bandwidth, more applications and new protocols like SIP and diameter, LTE provides a host of new security challenges and for mobile operators. Among the tools for dealing with it are better leveraging of security policy and service chaining. Check out F5's infographic below for a snapshot of new LTE security challenges and how to address them.

Virtualized Services Assurance Platform
Information Resources | 7/29/2015

Mellanox Technologies Product Brief - SN2700
Information Resources | 7/29/2015

Simplifying Security for Mobile Networks
Information Resources | 7/29/2015

Communications service providers face an array of complex challenges, from network growth and increasing security threats to technology transitions. The comprehensive F5 S/Gi firewall solution ensures security and high availability, provides insight for new services and revenues to protect margins, and positions CSPs for more growth in the future.

Create Scalable, Flexible Mobile Networks to Dynamically Respond to IoT Requirements – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 7/24/2015

Mobile operators are being increasingly impacted by cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and over the next three years they are going to have to change the way they operate their networks and interact with their customers. This paper looks at what is driving IoT, how the mobile operators' business models are evolving, and the consequential challenges they face in growing their business and transforming their core networks.

TCP Optimization for Service Providers
Information Resources | 7/15/2015

Read this white paper to learn how to create a finely-tuned TCP stack-one that establishes high goodput, minimizes bufferbloat, and creates fairness between flows. Then you'll be on the fast track to an improved subscriber QoE, and a greater ROI on your network.

3 Ways to Boost Mobile Performance
Information Resources | 7/15/2015

View the infographic: 3 Ways to Boost Your Mobile Performance, and learn why TCP optimization is critical to managing data traffic and how F5 can help you drive greater quality of experience for your customers.

Total Cost of Ownership Study, Virtualizing the Mobile Core
Information Resources | 7/15/2015

This report, sponsored by Affirmed Networks and VMware, makes a compelling argument for why Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) should move to a NFV-based architecture now.

The Internet of Things-Ready Infrastructure
Information Resources | 7/15/2015

Connected devices are forcing us to move into a brave new world where almost everything generates data traffic. While there's much to consider, proactively addressing these challenges and adopting new approaches for enabling an IoT-ready network will help you chart a clearer course for success.

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