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Big 5G Event Critical Insights eBook
Information Resources | 6/26/2019

The progress and potential of 5G networks took center stage at the Big 5G Event in Denver, Colorado, on May 6-8, 2019, at the Colorado Convention Center. There is a lot of potential in the communications market on the horizon, as network cores are upgraded and faster upload and download speeds become the norm, and the true promise of 5G starts showing up. This report will get you up to speed and ready for whatever happens next.

Next-Generation Virtual BNGs: Is Your Broadband Network Ready?
Information Resources | 6/26/2019

The overwhelming growth in internet traffic shows no signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, traditional broadband network gateways (BNGs) weren't made for today's world of streaming video, additional devices, and the cloud. However, there is a new approach that includes software-defined networking and commodity hardware to deliver greater amounts of bandwidth.

Embedded Linux: Prototype to Production
Information Resources | 6/25/2019

Linux is the default environment for most software developers and is becoming increasingly popular for embedded solutions. However, one of Linux's greatest strengths, and to some extent its biggest challenge, is that it comes in so many flavors and varieties. Explore why most organizations choose to utilize commercially-supported embedded Linux.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of ServiceNow Customer Service Management
Information Resources | 6/14/2019

ServiceNow Customer Service Management helps communication service providers (CSPs) centralize their support systems to increase transparency, improve customer satisfaction, increase agent productivity, and reduce reliance on costly legacy systems. ServiceNow commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact(TM) (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) operators may realize by deploying ServiceNow Customer Service Management.

Three Strategies to Reduce B2B Churn in Telecom
Information Resources | 6/14/2019

Download this E Book to discover the right approach and investments, to halt B2B customer churn and SLA penalties, and lay the foundation for scalable growth with your enterprise customers.

Operator Strategies for 5G Transport: 2019 Heavy Reading Survey
Information Resources | 6/14/2019

Most 5G industry discussions focus on the radio network, but the transport network will also play a crucial role in 5G. Based on a global operator survey of 104 respondents, this white paper provides the industry's most in-depth look at the current state and future trajectory of 5G transport (or Xhaul) based on operators' views and plans.

Heavy Reading Report - The Distributed Cloud: Infrastructure at the Edge
Information Resources | 6/10/2019

Resources that have traditionally been deployed in centralized data centers are beginning to be deployed in new locations closer to where traffic is being generated. This is being done to both improve latency and service quality and reduce transport costs. Because "the edge" can be different places depending on one's point of view, "distributed cloud" is the preferred term.

Telanor’s NFV patform delivers efficiency and a foundation for 5G
Information Resources | 6/10/2019

Telenor's multi-vendor NFV initiative, including Red Hat(R) Enterprise Linux(R), helps transform business, IT, and networks for greater efficiency. This Analysys Mason paper shows how Telenor NFV reduces cost and complexity despite high rates of traffic growth and lays the foundation for 5G and innovation in telecommunications.

Network Functions Virtualization with Red Hat
Information Resources | 6/10/2019

Red Hat Services Program: NFV Adoption
Information Resources | 6/10/2019

Think Cloud-Native: Designing Next-Generation Lawful Interception
Information Resources | 6/10/2019

Download the white paper to learn best practices on how to design, deliver and manage the required changes with respect to regulatory obligations for lawful interception, and plan for compliance for the long term.

Network Virtualization Survey Report: Automating Network Management
Information Resources | 6/6/2019

CSPs are virtualizing the network domain so they can achieve the same cost and efficiency benefits they saw when they virtualized the compute domain. This Heavy Reading survey report looks at how quickly network operators are deploying SDN for its automation controls and the trends on deploying it ahead of NFV.

Open Mobile Networks: System Integration and Automation
Information Resources | 6/5/2019

This paper discusses how open networking principles can be applied by mobile operators to lower their cost of production and maintain the pace of innovation. Specifically, it addresses the RAN and core network in the context of 4G to 5G migration. It argues that to capture the benefits of open networks, operators need to automate network service life cycles.

HVC - Future proofing your colocation business
Information Resources | 6/5/2019

While enterprises continue to own and operate in-house datacenters, their use of colo-cation and other outsourcing services is growing fast. This paper recognizes how top-level data is comforting for the global ecosystem of datacenter suppliers and operators, yet a closer analysis points to significant disruption ahead.

Switch Customer Story
Information Resources | 6/5/2019

Analyst Report: IHS Markit on Automating Multi-Site Data Center Networks with SDN Open Networking
Information Resources | 6/3/2019

Automation is imperative for data center networks, especially as compute becomes more distributed, driving the deployment of SDN and the adoption of SDN open networking. Learn about drivers for open networking in this analyst report from IHS Markit.

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