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Tier 1 MNO Uses EXFO Solutions to Quickly Isolate and Resolve RF Interference and PIM Issues
Information Resources | 6/30/2018

Discover how SkyRAN, the smarter way to detect, locate and resolve RF interference and fiber issues, helped this MNO improve network performance and subscriber confidence.

Active Service Assurance Automation: The Critical Role of Topology and Real-Time Service Analytics
Information Resources | 6/27/2018

Today's communications service providers (CSPs) are facing rapid changes in the industry. This is driven by various factors, including fluctuating services brought on by mergers and acquisitions, digital transformations that are redefining the CSP's MO, over the top (OTT) competitors driving down revenues to satisfy bandwidth-hungry customers and devices, and the pressure to keep up with technical innovations such as 5G.

Next-generation Wi-Fi goes hand in hand with 5G
Information Resources | 6/26/2018

Wi-Fi is a remarkable success story. Wi-Fi has been around for decades, and yet it continues to evolve, add new functionality, and improve in performance. Today, it is difficult to imagine what wireless connectivity would be without Wi-Fi. And as we move to 5G, the two technologies will be the main pillars supporting our pervasive connectivity needs of the future. This conversation between Monica Paolini (Senza Fili) and Carlos Cordeiro (Intel Corporation), explores these themes and more.

Video: Next-generation Wi-Fi goes hand in hand with 5G
Information Resources | 6/26/2018

This compelling video interview between Monica Paolini (Senza Fili) and Carlos Cordeiro (Intel Corporation) as they discuss the evolution of Wi-FI and its role in supporting the IMT-2020 vision for the next generation of wireless connectivity.

Huawei’s CloudAIR 2.0 Defines New Benchmark for Multi-Band & Multi-RAT Networks
Information Resources | 6/25/2018

CloudAIR 2.0 supports the dynamic, on-demand allocation of spectrum resources between GSM, UMTS, LTE, and 5G NR. Given the situation of spectrum shortage, CloudAIR 2.0 can increase MBB network capacity and release suppressed traffic. Find out more in this asset from Huawei.

Huawei's GLocal Ecosystem - Helping Carriers Unlock the Golden Era of IoT
Information Resources | 6/25/2018

IoT is adopted in one industry after another. Collaboration across the ecosystem is key to the advancement of IoT. The Huawei Glocal ecosystem will enable carriers to quickly build their own open and healthy ecosystems , and give carriers fast access to the IoT market.

Webinar: 3GPP 5G Phase 1 standards reality check
Information Resources | 6/13/2018

White paper: Security challenges and opportunities for 5G mobile networks
Information Resources | 6/13/2018

5G networks will support a variety of use cases with challenging security requirements. This paper summarizes the current status of 5G security and outlines the essential elements of the future 5G security architecture.

White Paper: A cloud native architecture will be key for 5G NGC
Information Resources | 6/13/2018

The 5G core network will use a cloud-native architecture that can deliver expanded service capabilities, scalability, agility and new network functions, so organizations can monetize 5G across multiple industries.

White paper: 5G new radio networks
Information Resources | 6/13/2018

This white paper illustrates 5G capabilities and explains the main technologies needed in 5G, including new spectrum, new antenna technologies known as massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO), network slicing and new network architecture.

White paper: Unleashing the economic potential of network slicing
Information Resources | 6/13/2018

Network slicing will enable new customer segments to be served with highly personalized services. This paper describes a Bell Labs Consulting analysis of network slicing to understand and address its business viability and practical limitations.

Why 5G Needs a Helping Hand
Information Resources | 6/8/2018

5G is going to revolutionize communications, industry and society, but it can't do it without a strong 4G base from which to build upon. This report highlights some of the key advances and considerations in the industry right now as mobile operators undertake the evolution to a 5G environment.

Remote Access and Monitoring of Fiber-Based Fronthaul Networks
Information Resources | 6/5/2018

MNOs are expanding their fronthaul networks to get ready for 5G. As more RRHs are deployed, the number of RF signals and fiber connections monitored-and trouble tickets generated-will skyrocket, increasing the technician's workload. Discover SkyRAN: EXFO's scalable remote access and monitoring solution, providing fast, easy access to the status of fiber optic infrastructure and RF spectrum, anytime and from anywhere.

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