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Juniper Cloud CPE Solution
Information Resources | 6/29/2016

EANTC was commissioned by Light Reading to perform independent tests of Juniper's Cloud CPE solution. Juniper claims that Cloud CPE is a network function virtualization (NFV) platform designed to simplify the transition to virtualized, cloud-based solutions for both NFV service providers and their customers.

Reimagining Core Networks
Information Resources | 6/28/2016

As traffic from the edge continues to grow - thanks to cloud services, video streaming, 4G/5G mobile technologies, and the Internet of Things - the pressure at the core network is further multiplied.

Resist the Urge to Abandon OpenFlow
Information Resources | 6/28/2016

OpenFlow and SDN go hand in hand. The programmatic interface that OpenFlow provides is a necessary component of the SDN promise, one that is expected to garner over $3.5 billion in investments by 2018. There's just one problem-some in the industry are taking every opportunity to avoid OpenFlow, changing the nature of SDN in the process.

Migration Strategies for IPTV, Part 2
Information Resources | 6/27/2016

'Migration Strategies for IPTV, Part 2' discusses key considerations as pay-TV operators launch IPTV, including the importance of meeting service quality expectations, as well as opportunities for improved customer service and new product offerings.

Exploring the Potential of mmWave for 5G Mobile Access
Information Resources | 6/27/2016

5G is a major advance in mobile communications that will impact every industry and every service provider worldwide. mmWaves is emerging as an important - and probably critical - access technology that will enable 5G to meet challenging performance targets in areas of high-density demand.

Special Report: Low Latency & Real-Time Kernels for Telco & NFV
Information Resources | 6/20/2016

This report by Canonical, demonstrates that Ubuntu 16.04 LTS offers the necessary, proven reliability, while also offering supported kernel choices that enhance the efficiency of VNF operations and functions.

Part 1 - Introducing the Third Way
Information Resources | 6/19/2016

Part 2 - Leverage DNS for new Services
Information Resources | 6/19/2016

Part 3 - Enhance the Subscriber Experience
Information Resources | 6/19/2016

Part 4 - Better Communicate with Subscribers
Information Resources | 6/19/2016

Aligning Business & Operational Transformation: Enabling the Network to Participate in the API Economy
Information Resources | 6/16/2016

As the digital services economy - also known as the application programmed interface (API) economy - gains momentum, companies in every industry are focusing on joining it.

CEO Chat With ECI's Darryl Edwards
Information Resources | 6/16/2016

At the BCE 2016 show in Austin, ECI Telecom CEO Darryl Edwards tells Light Reading founder and CEO about the Elastic Network concept and the company's NFV and cybersecurity developments.

Cloud Transformation
Information Resources | 6/15/2016

Network services, applications and data analytics are all part of the digital transformation redefining businesses globally.

Network Function Virtualization Primer Whitepaper - From Sonus Networks
Information Resources | 6/13/2016

Over the last two years a major change has exploded onto the networking landscape-Network Function Virtualization (NFV). NFV is a major change in how networks are architected and operate, and its the result of fundamental transformations in the network and technology. The focus of this white paper is to define NFV and discuss how it is transforming networks.

A Real-World Success Story: Integrating OTT Video & Pay TV Services
Information Resources | 6/10/2016

This whitepaper examines how cable operators can overcome the challenges of video transcoding and set-top virtualization and maximize their channel densities.

ECI Webinar with Infonetics - Packet-Optical Optimization
Information Resources | 6/6/2016

Has your network architecture overstayed its welcome? It's time for a more innovative approach.

Video: The Era of Agile Optics Has Arrived
Information Resources | 6/6/2016

Join Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre and ECI's Jonathan Homa as they discuss the challenges and some possible solutions providers will face as their networks approach the Shannon Limit.

Intelligent Wavelength Health Management
Information Resources | 6/1/2016

Service providers realize that a healthy network is critical for satisfying customers and meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) 24/7. How can service providers accurately understand and monitor optical impairments?

SDN Great in Theory Less in Practice White Paper
Information Resources | 6/1/2016

In theory, SDN is designed to free us all from the shackles of closed networks. The real problem lies in the fact that many of the principles of SDN passed down by theoretical technologists don't work in practice and need quite some adaptation.

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