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Content posted in May 2018
Network Automation Use Cases
Information Resources  | 
5/18/2018  | 
Engineering Simplicity for SDN with Bikash Koley
Information Resources  | 
5/18/2018  | 
Cross-spectrum Protection | A Whitepaper for Network Operators
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5/15/2018  | 
The rise of the Internet of Things means that the majority of people (83%) use their mobile devices to go online. 89% of these users connect to the internet via a mobile device every day. However, their security is severely lacking in almost all aspects.
Network Automation Roadmap: Where to Start & What to Aim For
Information Resources  | 
5/14/2018  | 
Network automation means different things to different people. In Heavy Reading’s view, network automation consists of a transformational journey that involves foundational changes in technology, processes and organizational culture. From a technology perspective, it is about using technology to augment or replace the manual tasks involved in configuring, managing and operating network equipment and the services that it supports.
Data Revelations- Nominum Security Research Report
Information Resources  | 
5/4/2018  | 
Since the last time we met, the world has witnessed a series of significant cyberattacks. One of the top three credit bureaus, Equifax, which aggregates information on over 800 million consumers, was hacked, and then hacked again. A couple of ransomware variants used leaked NSA tools to take state-level organizations hostage (possibly just as a cyber-warning from North Korea).
Annual Industry Survey
Information Resources  | 
5/4/2018  | 
The questions now facing service providers involve bolstering their security arsenals to meet the needs of emerging technologies and services like IoT, and deciding whether to expand into a potentially lucrative but challenging market: offering security as a service to enterprise customers. This section of our survey covers what may be the most daunting aspect of delivering network services: keeping those services secure.
The Case for a Virtualized CDN (vCDN) for Delivering Operator OTT Video
Information Resources  | 
5/4/2018  | 
Akamai’s Licensed CDN (LCDN) is a cloud-native solution that is seamlessly deployable on various physical infrastructures, virtual infrastructures, or a combination of the two.
Internet of Things: Business Models and Monetisation
Information Resources  | 
5/2/2018  | 
This white paper discusses the advance of the Internet of Things and offers a framework to approach the monetisation of IoT. We explore the current state of the IoT market and factors that are driving adoption along with the opportunities and challenges that lie within the domain. We also present a simplified version of the IoT value chain focusing on the hardware, network, platform and solution layers, and examine the nature of the billing relationships between them.

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