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Cross-spectrum Protection | A Whitepaper for Network Operators
Information Resources | 5/15/2018

The rise of the Internet of Things means that the majority of people (83%) use their mobile devices to go online. 89% of these users connect to the internet via a mobile device every day. However, their security is severely lacking in almost all aspects.

Network Automation Roadmap: Where to Start & What to Aim For
Information Resources | 5/14/2018

Network automation means different things to different people. In Heavy Reading's view, network automation consists of a transformational journey that involves foundational changes in technology, processes and organizational culture. From a technology perspective, it is about using technology to augment or replace the manual tasks involved in configuring, managing and operating network equipment and the services that it supports.

Data Revelations- Nominum Security Research Report
Information Resources | 5/4/2018

Since the last time we met, the world has witnessed a series of significant cyberattacks. One of the top three credit bureaus, Equifax, which aggregates information on over 800 million consumers, was hacked, and then hacked again. A couple of ransomware variants used leaked NSA tools to take state-level organizations hostage (possibly just as a cyber-warning from North Korea).

Annual Industry Survey
Information Resources | 5/4/2018

The questions now facing service providers involve bolstering their security arsenals to meet the needs of emerging technologies and services like IoT, and deciding whether to expand into a potentially lucrative but challenging market: offering security as a service to enterprise customers. This section of our survey covers what may be the most daunting aspect of delivering network services: keeping those services secure.

The Case for a Virtualized CDN (vCDN) for Delivering Operator OTT Video
Information Resources | 5/4/2018

Akamai's Licensed CDN (LCDN) is a cloud-native solution that is seamlessly deployable on various physical infrastructures, virtual infrastructures, or a combination of the two.

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