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Carrier-Grade vBRAS: Key to the Cloud MAN
Information Resources | 5/24/2017

Transforming the Fixed Wireless Access market With FlexRAN-based Small Cell Solutions
Information Resources | 5/24/2017

Baicells Technologies, Qubee Pakistan and Intel officially released whitepaper for the Fixed Wireless Access ("FWA")Market, which explores the various business and technical challenges of FWA operators evaluating the use of LTE and how they can leverage solutions from Baicells to speed their time to market and prepare for the future of 5G.

Mobile Anyhaul
Information Resources | 5/24/2017

Mobile backhaul is evolving from a static, linear connection to a programmable mesh interconnecting all mobile and cloud elements dynamically. It must evolve because the radio access and packet core elements it interconnects are also changing to support new services and industry verticals. In the course of this evolution, traditional distinctions between fronthaul, backhaul, and backbone are fusing toward an end-to-end 'anyhaul' architecture.

The TCO of Network Functions Virtualization: Understand the Lifecycle Costs
Information Resources | 5/24/2017

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is a key part of the data center transformations of telcos, which expect to see not only greater agility and flexibility, but more efficient resource utilization and lower opex, as well. Mobile operators are preparing for 5G and the new services and business models it will enable. This transition is also driving the move to software-driven architectures. Read more in this Heavy Reading whitepaper produced for VMWare.

Cloudy With a Chance of Poor Network Performance
Information Resources | 5/8/2017

Many strategies are employed to isolate VNF resources to ensure performance and scale, each of which comes with its own certain risks and trade-offs. This white paper explains those isolation strategies, and why they might not work as intended.

Optical Anyhaul - Mobile Transport for the 5G Era
Information Resources | 5/3/2017

5G will require operators to deploy new cloud RAN architectures that enable a new level of scale, efficiency, and flexibility. This application note discusses how optical networks are evolving to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by 5G.

Two Worlds Collide: The Inevitable, Imminent Convergence of Mobile Transport and Fixed Access Networks
Information Resources | 5/3/2017

The worlds of fixed and mobile are about to collide. FTTH networks are becoming indispensable for 4G/5G fronthaul and backhaul thanks to their performance, flexibility and the cost-effectiveness of sharing the installed base of fiber infrastructure.

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