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White Paper: Automate Your Certification Process to Onboard in Hours, not Days
Information Resources | 4/27/2020

Today, it takes a long time for to certify, test, and bring new devices on board. By introducing automation into your certification process, the time it takes to bring hardware and software online can be reduced to hours instead of days.

Research Study Results: Service Providers save 50-70% in costs with Automation and Orchestration
Information Resources | 4/27/2020

Say goodbye to customer coding and service disruptions. Service Providers who use Automation and Orchestration are significantly reducing costs.

Simplify Your Network Cybersecurity Compliance Verification and Reporting with Cisco Crosswork Trust Insights
Information Resources | 4/27/2020

Operators of network infrastructures require tools to maintain integrity, availability, and authenticity. Cisco Crosswork Trust Insights is the answer.

Heavy Reading Research Survey: The Telecom Operator Opportunity for Private Mobile Networks
Information Resources | 4/24/2020

This report investigates the telecom operator opportunity in PMNs with analysis based on Heavy Reading surveys of operator and enterprise professionals carried out in January 2020.

IoT and Network Sunsets: A 4G/5G Planning Framework
Information Resources | 4/21/2020

This paper examines the cellular connectivity options available today and identifies planned network closures, as well as the issues associated with regional decisions to either expedite or extend network closures. Additionally, it explores the challenges that need to be considered and provides a framework to assess IoT projects to make the optimum choice for connectivity options.

IDC Analyst Connection: Service Assurance Is Vital for a Quality 5G Customer Experience
Information Resources | 4/21/2020

This paper examines ways service assurance systems can help improve the 5G customer experience.

IDC Vendor Spotlight: Enhancing the Customer Experience Through Data-Driven Assurance, AI and Automation
Information Resources | 4/21/2020

This paper explains how customer experience managment matters and what inhibits a good customer experience.

Powering Profitability With the Three As: Automation, AI & Analytics
Information Resources | 4/21/2020

Download this white paper to find out how Automation, AI & Analytics can help CSPs improve profit margins, break down siloes & improve efficiency.

Three Strategies to Reduce B2B Churn in Telecom
Information Resources | 4/21/2020

For many, the path to profitable B2B growth starts with creating a frictionless customer experience. Download this E-Book to discover how to lay the foundation for scalable growth with your enterprise customers.

Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of ServiceNow Customer Service Management for a Communication Service Provider
Information Resources | 4/21/2020

This Forrester Total Economic Impact(TM) study of ServiceNow Customer Service Management provides a framework to help communications service providers (CSPs) evaluate the potential financial benefits of investing in the solution. Forrester interviewed a global Tier 1 operator with experience of using the solution to understand the benefits, costs and risks associated with its investment.

eBook: Engineering the 5G World – Design & Test Insights
Information Resources | 4/7/2020

This eBook provides the information you need to master the complexities of 5G and bring your products to market successfully.

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