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Challenges of Power Measurement During 100G Service Turn-up
Information Resources | 4/27/2015

EXFO's latest whitepaper, entitled "Challenges of Power Measurement During 100G Ethernet Service Turn-up," describes how traditional turn-up activity differs from today's approaches, 100G service deployment challenges, and how an intuitive OSA-which is typically not used in Ethernet turn-up activities-can actually become an essential and cost-effective toolkit for field engineers.

Deployment Strategies for 40G/100G: Trade-Offs and Impacts
Information Resources | 4/27/2015

When it comes to deploying high-speed 40 Gbit/s or 100 Gbit/s technologies, today's operators must choose which type of architecture will support the new wavelengths. Will they opt for a "brownfield" deployment, which uses an existing network, or a "greenfield" deployment, which employs new or unused fibers?

DNS Security for Service Providers: An Active Approach at L7 - by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 4/8/2015

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the distributed naming system best known for translating easily recognized domain names into numeric IP addresses, enabling servers and other computing and networking resources to look up and associate with one another.

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