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Carrier Cloudification: What Every Telecom Executive Needs to Know
Information Resources | 3/30/2017

Canonical has the solutions and expertise to help telcos make the move from the rigid business models of the past to delivering revenue-generating services much faster.

Revelations: Nominum Data Science & Security Report (Fall 2016)
Information Resources | 3/27/2017

This report shows how profit-motivated attackers outpace defenders as they continue to evolve their attacks, and investigates the largest threats that affect organizations and individuals, including ransomware, DDoS, mobile malware, IoT-based attacks and more.

Google’s Big Enterprise Cloud Bet
Information Resources | 3/23/2017

In this special report, Enterprise Cloud News looks at the factors driving Google's successes and failures, and whether it's a good idea for enterprises to look to Google as a cloud partner.

Bringing Virtual Probes and Analytics Together For the Next Generation Mobile Network
Information Resources | 3/23/2017

Telecom operators have begun to implement Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) in their mobile core networks - but monitoring and analytics functions are not also being virtualized. How can telecom bring virtual probes and analytics together?

Innovation in Communications Services: Breaking With the Past Without Waiting for the Future
Information Resources | 3/21/2017

This paper explores a "third way" transformation path for service providers that leverages their existing domain name server (DNS) infrastructure as a means of delivering innovative, new services to their customers.

Subscribers Demand New Communication Methods from Service Providers
Information Resources | 3/21/2017

This paper highlights the results of a study of consumer attitudes about new way for CSPs to communicate with customers, examining existing approaches and emerging methods such as in-browser messaging, which appear in a subscriber's web browsing window.

Digital Transformation Requires a "Subscriber-First" Approach
Information Resources | 3/21/2017

This new, survey-based report from Ovum examines the benefits of leveraging DNS to enable CSP digital transformation. It explores the changing business needs of CSPs and how DNS contributes to a "subscriber-first" approach.

Broadband Outlook 2016
Information Resources | 3/21/2017

This report highlights the "digital transformation paradox" that has kept service providers from capitalizing on the digital trends their networks have enabled, and discusses how DNS enables CSPs to achieve digital transformation and deliver an enhanced subscriber experience.

Understanding the SDN-Driven IP & Optical Renaissance
Information Resources | 3/21/2017

This white paper provides a detailed look at the new SDN-based IP and optical integration renaissance, including the market drivers, technology enablers, primary applications and use cases, leading operator success stories, and work yet to be done.

Building Your Own CDN For Video Delivery: Why, When, And How.
Information Resources | 3/16/2017

Self-Built TV CDNS A Frost and Sullivan White Paper (2017). "....as content volumes grow, the cost of owning and operating a private CDN begins to look more attractive than pay-as-you-go..."

Video Platform Infographic
Information Resources | 3/14/2017

Our Video Platform infographic provides a wealth of valuable data, from video consumption rates in the home to current OTT market numbers and anticipated consumption by 2020. It also shows the incredible increase in VOD consumption from 2010 to 2015.

Direct-to-Consumer Solution Brief
Information Resources | 3/14/2017

In order to stay competitive, content providers must develop an effective direct-to-customer (D2C) strategy. That means asking some critical questions. What are they and where can providers get answers? Our Direct-to-Consumer Solution Brief explains.

Study Available: Airtel and Viavi Research Smartphone Performance Analysis in Indian Mobile Market
Information Resources | 3/14/2017

Bharti Airtel and Viavi Solutions conducted a study based on measurement and analysis of 8,000 distinctive stock keeping units (SKUs) of 3G and 4G Smartphone performance in Delhi City, India, using big data sourced from the live Airtel network. Download the complimentary white paper to see how location intelligence can be used to confirm that user experience varies from device to device under the same network conditions.

Virtual Probes for NFVI Monitoring
Information Resources | 3/6/2017

As operators transition to NFV, monitoring solutions need to adapt. This white paper discusses how to monitor traffic and service performance in new hybrid networks by deploying vProbes that cover both physical and virtual interfaces.

WTTx- Quick Win for Home Broadband Business
Information Resources | 3/2/2017

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