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Driving Customer Loyalty Through Network Service Quality – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 3/31/2015

This white paper reviews the finding of recent Heavy Reading research into wireless CSP attitudes to and plans for driving customer loyalty through control of network service quality. It discusses the features needed in a next-generation CEM solution that will support a real-time understanding of the impact of the network on individual customers' experience, enabling CSPs to take appropriate actions to maintain both loyalty and profitability.

NFV's Biggest Barrier: Overcoming the Operations Challenge – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 3/30/2015

This paper adopts the MEF's LSO terminology and explores LSO's purpose, relationship with ETSI NFV MANO and required set of capabilities.

MULTISCREEN VIDEO DEPLOYMENT STUDY: A Report on Service Provider Perspectives
Information Resources | 3/30/2015

In an exclusive study for ARRIS, Heavy Reading sought to determine where pay TV providers stand with multiscreen video today, and where they plan to take it over the next few years. The study looks at how much multiscreen video usage service providers are seeing from their customers and how providers plan to monetize their multiscreen offerings.

Huawei’s Telecom Transformation Plan: Five Initiatives – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 3/30/2015

Huawei Technologies is using Mobile World Congress 2015 as a venue for making a number of announcements regarding new solutions and product updates. This paper examines five areas that Huawei is focusing on.

Never Mind the IoT….Here Comes the Third Wave
Information Resources | 3/25/2015

The paper discusses the various attributes and capabilities that a product needs to possess to be successful in the rapidly growing IoT market. It also talks about how a distributed architecture can be leveraged for successful IoT deployments.

Warehouse-based DC Service Solution
Information Resources | 3/24/2015

4.5G – For the Next Five Years
Information Resources | 3/23/2015

5G to a Super Connected World
Information Resources | 3/20/2015

The ROADS to Providing Peak Service Experience
Information Resources | 3/19/2015

Next-Generation Platforms for Telecom Cloud Services – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 3/19/2015

This white paper explores the benefits of deploying a telecom cloud infrastructure for both carriers and their customers and examines the changes in modular platform development required to meet the demands of virtualized environments.

Whitepaper: Deploying Virtual Network Functions – The Complementary Roles of TOSCA & NETCONF/YANG – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 3/17/2015

The agile and automated management of virtualized network functions (VNFs) throughout their lifecycles is a key goal for network functions virtualization (NFV). This white paper focuses on the first phase of the VNF lifecycle: the agile deployment and fulfillment of VNFs in the cloud.

The Value of the Hyperscale Cloud: Understanding the Benefits for NFV – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 3/17/2015

Hyperscale cloud has been developed by the Internet giants to support the creation and delivery of software-based services at blistering speed, and at the lowest possible cost. Since software is the foundation for service innovation in the 21st century, those players that master this capability will eat markets - the achievement to date of Amazon, Google, Facebook, et al.

Report: Validating Cisco’s Service Provider Virtualization & Cloud Portfolio
Information Resources | 3/16/2015

Light Reading asked the European Advanced Networking Test Center to visit Cisco Systems in San Jose, put itself in the shoes of a CSP and conduct a series of validation and verification exercises on a number of Cisco cloud, SDN and virtualization platforms. Read the EANTC team's blow-by-blow account of how they analyzed, verified and used Cisco's technology in the same way as a network operator team, and the results of their findings.

Questions Every Service Provider Should Ask When Evaluating Identity Access Management
Information Resources | 3/16/2015

Service provider networks are complex and heterogeneous. As a result, service providers have unique requirements for securing their networks. This solution brief outlines questions service providers must ask when evaluating Identity Access Management strategies and approaches.

Information Resources | 3/13/2015

This whitepaper is a primer for anyone wanting to explore the evolution path of LTE and the key capabilities introduced by evolving standards that define LTE Advanced. It discusses the versions that have been introduced into the market, explores their advantages and history, and the regions where they are gaining traction.

MWC 2015 Show Report
Information Resources | 3/12/2015

This report provides some insights into the opportunities and challenges facing mobile operators today based on the presentations given, and discussions had, at this year's MWC. We hope you find it of interest.

The F5 LTE Roaming Reference Architecture
Information Resources | 3/10/2015

When deploying LTE networks, service providers must deliver a robust messaging infrastructure, implement advanced roaming policies, and adhere to regulations-all while managing costs.

Infonetics Research Whitepaper: Four Diameter Use Cases for Operators to Consider when Planning for IMS
Information Resources | 3/10/2015

The Diameter protocol is a peer-to-peer protocol enabling IMS and LTE (and some 3G) network elements to communicate. As LTE networks begin to deploy and grow, a key challenge is scaling the signaling and control plane due to the increasing number of Diameter messages passing among network elements. A host of products incorporating DRA and DEA functionality have been developed to address the scaling of the all-IP signaling and control plane.

Implementing NFV: Tips & Traps – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 3/10/2015

Network functions virtualization (NFV) has made remarkable progress on many fronts. This includes market acceptance, architecture definition and supporting specifications. This whitepaper focuses on this topic, examining NFV implementation requirements as well as common tips and traps that operators must consider as they move head-long into the NFV implementation phase.

Building the Carrier Grade NFV Infrastructure – White Paper
Information Resources | 3/10/2015

How do you achieve the most reliable Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) infrastructure available? Wind River(R) Titanium Server guarantees 99.9999% (six nines) reliability, and this white paper explains how.

NFV: Beyond Virtualization
Information Resources | 3/10/2015

Virtualization by itself is not enough to deliver the full potential and value of the NFV architecture. Service provider costs and complexity increase with virtualization alone. Realizing the benefits of NFV requires a management and orchestration system to enable an adaptive network infrastructure.

Realizing Operators Digital Vision
Information Resources | 3/6/2015

Overcoming the Delivery Challenges of ABR Streaming – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 3/5/2015

For a number of years, service and content providers have sought the best way to make the dream of multiscreen video a reality by streaming live video, on-demand content and Internet video programming to laptops, connected TVs, tablets, game consoles, smartphones and other video-capable devices. The next-generation technology designed to overcome these hurdles is adaptive bit-rate (ABR) streaming over HTTP.

ICT Transformation Roundtable Executive Summary
Information Resources | 3/5/2015

Bridging the Gap Between Physical & Virtual Networks: Combining OSS & NFV MANO for Successful Next- Generation Operations – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 3/3/2015

This white paper discusses the new operational requirements for NFV and argues that operators cannot afford to apply these simply to VNFs, in isolation from the rest of the network. It looks at the need for a next-generation OSS stack that can converge virtual and physical network operations, based on a common service model and common capabilities. It suggests a starting point for such a transformation and a key area of focus.

Heavy Reading White Paper: Platforms for Accelerating the Virtual Infrastructure
Information Resources | 3/3/2015

This white paper explores the requirements for delivering line-speed performance in a virtual infrastructure environment and reviews an exciting solution to this challenge that is based on a 2U chassis with four Intel(R) Xeon(R) series processors.

Service Chaining in Carrier Networks – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 3/2/2015

Service chaining is an emerging set of technologies and processes that enable operators to configure network services dynamically in software without having to make changes to the network at the hardware level. By routing traffic flows according to a "service graph," service chaining addresses the requirement for both optimization of the network, through better utilization of resources; and monetization, through the provisioning of services that are tailored to the customer context.

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